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Trade Card Checklists

  Tower Welcome to the wonderful world of (mostly) British trade cards, usually comprising cards distributed with commercial products, notably tobacco, tea, and food products. You won't find much information about these sets in America, though the U.S. has its own tradition of trade cards from the 19th and first half of the 20th Century. (The "Mostly British" part means that I do not exclude sets from former Commonwealth nations that are produced in the same style as the cards from the U.K.) Major thanks for this collection goes to Kyle DeRoy, who provided the lists that got it all started, and who keeps contributing today. Additional thanks go to major recent contributors, Maple Leaf Collectibles and John Rand! Below, sets are listed within groups by publication date. The "complete list of checklists" shows these cards in alphabetical order by set name. For a list of fascinating sites with information on trade cards, I recommend visiting the links from the home page for the Cartophilic Society of Great Britain (links are at Reference/Links); for lots of esoteric information and commentary, don't miss Franklyn Cards. I am adding links to specialty trade-card collecting pages as I compile them; please feel free to visit my temporary links list and offer suggestions!

  The one new set for January-February 2017 is: Chamber of Horrors (1989).

The two new sets for March-April 2016 were: Buses and Trams (1999 Rowland) and Medals of the World (1999 Rowland).

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