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Jeff Allender's House Of Checklists e-mail Jeff

What's This All About?:    Welcome to the House of Checklists! We try to maintain the largest and best listings for all of those non-sports cards (fantasy art, comic art, entertainment, science fiction, nostalgia, fine art, and novelty cards) you've been searching for, now that Mom no longer makes you throw them out.

If you wish to do a search for specific information across all of the checklists, I recommend that you use a web-search engine such as Google, and put your search term(s) followed by in the search box.

Please be patient if you have questions or contributions; I quite often need to pay attention to the day job and other conveniences of life!

Recent Checklist Updates:   All checklists that were changed during the previous period are listed on this page. Some of the changes may have been very minor.

New-Card Preview before the March/April update:   (Preliminary checklists for recently issued sets):    American Horror Story Preview Set,   Archer Seasons 1-4,   Babes of the Dead,   Bench Warmer 2014 Gold Update,   Bench Warmer 2014 Happy Easter,   Bench Warmer 2014 Happy Mother's Day,   Bench Warmer 2014 Halloween,   Bench Warmer July 4, 2014,   Bench Warmer St. Patrick's Day 2014,   Bench Warmer 2014 Las Vegas Industry Summit,   Blakes 7 Series 2,   Chevy Trading Cards Series 1 (2013),   Chevy Trading Cards Series 2 (2013),   Contemporary Pinups: Pinups and Pitbulls,   Cowboys and Indian Girls,   Dark Zodiac Diaries Superpacks 2,   Bianca Thompson's Dead Divas,   Divergent,   Downton Abbey Series 1 & 2,   Dreamworks Heroes Action Cards,   Garbage Pail Kids 2014 Series 1,   Legends of Marvel Series 6,   Legends of Lovecraft,   Marvel Universe 2014,   Bettie Page Collection (Leaf),   The Art of Kevin Seconds,   Legends of Star Trek 31: Chakotay,   Legends of Star Trek 32: Lieutenant Malcolm Reed,   Legends of Star Trek 33: Tom Paris,   Legends of Star Trek 34: Ensign Travis Mayweather,   Legends of Star Trek 10th Anniversary Expansion,   Star Trek Movies 2014,   The Vampire Diaries Season 3, and  X-Men: Days of Future Past Promo Set .  

What's New for January/February 2014:   WE BLASTED THROUGH the barrier of 6,000 checklists and haven't stopped adding stuff. People have asked about posting card images, but that is nearly impossible to consider for the body of sets issued over the last decade (and would be a full-time job for multiple people). So I will specialize with trying to bring completeness to the card lists. However, that team of people is working away on older card sets (few chase sets, 1/1 cards, variants, and parallels) at the Vintage Non-Sports Cards gallery. I'm adding links to their image galleries, and references to American Card Catalog index numbers, on a continuing way. Special thanks this period go to them, Matt Dunn, Terry Russell, Sean Wright, and NSU Card Talk forum!    We have twenty-two new and recent (2013-2014) mainstream sets this period:    1914 Preview Set,   The Beach Boys 50th Anniversary,   Bench Warmer 2014 Hollywood Show,   Bench Warmer 2014 Valentine,   (Larry Welz's) Cherry Series 2 Premium Packs,   Classic Mythology II Preview Set,   Doctor Who + The Daleks Invasion Earth 2150 AD Preview,   Golden Age Baseball 2013,   Kinky Clown Girls,   The Man Who Fell to Earth Preview,   Marvel NOW! 2013,   2014 U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Team & Hopefuls,   Once Bitten: Art of the Vampiress,   Portraits of Poe,   Spartacus: Vengeance Premium Packs,   Vampire Academy: Blood Sisters,   Wacky Packages Postcards Series 9,   Wacky Halloween Postcards 2013,   The Wicker Man Preview,   Best of WWE 2013,   WWE 2013 Trading Cards, and  Zombies vs. Cheerleaders 2013 .   For older cards and limited-distribution sets, we added ninety-nine checklists (plus one tobacco/tea/trade card set and 136 updates, making a total of 258 lists):   in Comic Art:  Big Thrill Booklets,   Big Chief Wahoo (Type 1),   Flaming Carrot Comics,   Famous Comic Characters (Sugar Daddy),   Famous Comic Characters (Welch),   Krazy Little Comics (Test Issue), and  Thrilling Stories;   in Cartoon Art:  Cartoon Comics,   Cartoon Adventures,   Fun Cards (Kellogg), and  Popeye (Chix);   in Disney Properties:  Crazy College Pendants and  Disneyland (1965 Blue-Back);   in Other Movies/TV:  Crazy TV,   Dark Shadows Series 1 (Pink),   Dark Shadows Series 2 (Green),   Dark Shadows Giant Pinpus,   Quentin Postcards (Dark Shadows),   Daktari,   The Flying Nun,   Flip-O-Vision: The Movie-Maker Bubble Gum,   Movie Pre-Vue Flipbooks - Series 1,   Spook Stories - Series 2 (Leaf),   Super Circus (Candy), and  Super Circus Stories (Novel);   in Animals/Nature:  Animals (Schranz unnumbered),   Animals (Schranz numbered),   Jungle King Stories,   Missouri Resource Cards Series 4, and  Rocket Ranger Stories;   in Nostalgia/History:  Adventure Pictures,   Army Air Corps Insignia (monochrome),   Army Air Corps Insignia (color),   Army, Navy and Air Corps,   America Salutes the FBI - Heroes of the Law,   American Indian Chiefs (Colonial),   American Indian Chiefs (Red Man),   American Historical Characters,   Bicentennial Daze,   Believe It Or Not! (1937),   Crime Buster Stories,   Flags of All Nations - Soldiers of the World,   Famous American Stamps (Test Issue),   Good Guys and Bad Guys,   Indian Chief Stories,   Secret Weapons Jiggleys (Military),   Western & Circus Jiggleys,   Pirate Adventures,   Pirates (Leaf),   Presidents (Bazooka 1960),   Push-Pull,   Thrilling Moments in the Lives of Famous Americans,   U.S. Navy Victories,   What's My Job?,   Who Am I? (Topps 1967), and  Wild West Adventures;   in Music/Musicians:  The Beatles Plaks,   Phoney Records Stickers (Test Set), and  Phoney Records Stickers;   in Vehicles/Transportation:  Aeroplane Series (Wischmann),   Airplanes (Cameron),   Airplane Pictures (Holloway),   Airplane Pictures (Kerr's),   Airplane Pictures (Peco Type 1),   Battleship Gum,   Drag Nationals,   Official Drag Champs,   Hot Rods (1968),   License Plates (Goudy 1936),   License Plates (Goudy 1937),   License Plates (Goudy 1938),   License Plates (Goudy 1939),   Race USA (AHRA),   Ships and Planes (Peco small), and  Ships and Planes (Peco large);   in Events-Related Sets:  Century of Progress (Chicago World's Fair),   Century of Progress (Souvenir Views),   Chicago World's Fair Postcards (Rigot), and  Chicago World's Fair Postcards (Shure);   in Products/Merchandising:  Ed Hardy Temporary Tattoos & Trading Cards, and  Ed Hardy Tattoos & Collector Cards Series Two;   and in Novelty/Miscellaneous:  Baloney Ads,   Blackstone's Magic Tricks,   College Pennant Yell Tobacco Silks (ATC),   College Pennants (Quaker),   College Pennants and Yell Stamps (ATC),   College Yells,   Loony Series (1963),   Magic Photos (Topps 1949),   Magic Pictures (Bowman 1955),   Mr. Magic Tricks,   Wacky Packages Postcards Series 1,   Wacky Packages Postcards Series 2,   Wacky Packages Postcards Series 4,   Wacky Packages Postcards Series 5,   Wacky Packages Postcards Series 6,   Wacky Packages Postcards Series 7,   Wacky Packages Postcards Series 8, and  Wacky Halloween Postcards 2012 .

What's New for November/December 2013:   Special thanks this period go to Corey Coleman, David Rosciszewski, and John Biagioni!    We have thirty-one new and recent (2012-2013) sets for this update:    Bench Warmer 2013 Hobby,   Bench Warmer 2013 Holiday,   Bench Warmer 2013 National,   Bench Warmer 2013 Thanksgiving,   Bench Warmer 2013 Treasure Chest,   Bench Warmer Toyota Grand Prix,   The Deep (Viceroy),   Beyond Stoker's Dracula,   The Big Bang Theory Season 5,   Complete Bionic Collection Premium Packs,   Blakes 7 Series 1,   Civil War Chronicles: Volume 1,   Joseph Michael Linsner's Dawn: New Horizons,   Dead Sexy: Hungry Dead Girls,   Doctor Who Alien Attax TCG,   Doctor Who Alien Attax 50th Anniversary,   Garbage Pail Kids 2013 Mini Cards,   Garbage Pail Kids MiniKins,   The Hunger Games: Catching Fire,   Insectae,   Island Dreams 3,   Legends & Lore: Maidens of Magic Myth & Mystery,   Moonshine Missies: Rebels & Hell Raisers,   Revenge Season 1,   Star Wars Force Attax: Movie Edition 2,   Star Wars Force Attax: Clone Wars Series 4,   Star Wars Illustrated: A New Hope,   Thor: The Dark World,   Topps 75th Anniversary,   The Tudors: The Final Season, and  Women of Marvel Series 2 .   For older cards and limited-distribution sets, we added ten checklists (with 294 updates [fixing all the broken links], making a total of 335 lists):   in Movies/TV:  Doctor Who Battles in Time 1: Exterminator,   Doctor Who B.I.T. 2: Annihilator,   Doctor Who B.I.T. 3: Invader,   Doctor Who B.I.T. 4: Ultimate Monsters,   Doctor Who B.I.T. 5: Devastator,   Doctor Who B.I.T.: Daleks vs Cybermen,   Doctor Who B.I.T.: The Sarah Jane Adventures,   The Monkees - Series B, and  The Monkees - Series C;   and in Star Wars:  Star Wars ADPAC Stickers .

What's New for September/October 2013:   Special thanks this period go to Richard Dunbar!    We have eighteen new and recent (2012-2013) mainstream sets this period:    The Art of Robert Aragon,   Bench Warmer 2013 Bubble Gum,   Bench Warmer 2013 Gold,   DC Comics: The Women of Legend,   Falling Skies Season Two Premium Packs,   Garbage Pail Kids Brand-New Series 3,   Grimm (Breygent),   James Bond Artifacts & Relics,   Marvel Fleer Retro 2013,   Legends of Marvel 5,   Mars Attacks Invasion,   Mighty Zombies: Capes, Cowls and Brains,   Pop Century 2013,   Psych Seasons 1-4,   Vintage Erotica Postcard Collection 1,   Wacky Packages All-New Series 11,   The Walking Dead Dog Tags Season 2 Update, and  WNBA 2013 .   For older cards and limited-distribution sets, we added thirty-one checklists (plus 47 updates and 32 new tobacco/tea/trade card sets, making a total of 128 lists):   in Marvel Comic Art:  Guardians of the Galaxy Promo Set;   in Bench Warmer:  Bench Warmer Promo Set 2013;   in Star Trek:  Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan Photo Cards and  Star Trek TNG Launch Edition Stardiscs;   in Disney-Related Cards:  Dinosaur (Disney) Photo Cards and  The Lion King Coca-Cola Set;   in Wrestling/Martial Arts Cards:  WWE Divas 2005;   in Other Movies/TV:  The Awesomes Character Card Set,   Barney's Fun Album Stickers,   A Bombshell for the Sheriff (Robin Hood),   Conan Movie Promo Set,   Modern Props,   Nightmare Trading Cards,   Paladin,   The Six-Million Dollar Man (Stickers), and  Twistory Promo Card Set;   indexed to Movies and Music:  Hit Stars;   in Music-Related Cards:  Elvis Presley (Monty Gum) and  Rock & Roll (Nu-Cards);   in Animals/Nature:  Dinosaurs Stickers (Kellogg);   in Novelty Cards:  WeirdBall (Gross Series No. 1);   in Vehicles:  1991 Formula 1 Premier Racing;   in Products/Merchandise Tie-Ins:  Barbie Photo Cards and  Barbie Stickers (1989);   and in Vehicles/Transportation:  Frontier Days (Bowman),   Frontier Days (Parkhurst),   G-Men & Heroes of the Law (Gum Inc.),   G-Men & Heroes of the Law (CG Products),   Presidents of the U.S. Flash Cards,   (Fight the) Red Menace (Bowman), and  (Fight the) Red Menace (WTW) .

How It Works:    To view the checklists in the database, please use the table of contents above (buttons) or below (links), and click on what you want to view. Some checklists groups are placed on the same page as similar groups. So you may see 2-3 categories at once, when you may have only clicked on one category, but we divided them up so that you will usually know where to find what. Use the link to the "complete list" if you're looking for card sets that cross boundaries, like comic characters that are also seen in TV and movies.

These obviously aren't all the card sets produced for these categories, but it's a pretty good mix, and I don't think it's fair to go out scouring the net to "borrow" other people's and vendor's work. We passed the 1000-checklist mark in April 2001 and the 2000-checklist mark in July 2002, and slowed down so that the latest milestone was Number 5000 in August 2010. I offer links to other major sources of checklists. Special thanks go to the "Checklist League" including (alphabetically): 856robertc, LMA, Bassam Abdul-Baki, Dan Abend (Times of Legend and Lore), Paul Abraham, Adam, Matthew Adamic, John Aldrich, Eugene Alex, Tammy Alexandre, Will Allred, Jim Ambs, Amit, Chris Anderson, Dan Anderson, Frances Anderson, John Anderson, Ralph & Beth Anderson, Andrew (ajd44), Tim Andrew, Gil Andrews, Katrina Andrews, Andy, Angelo, Carlos Aranda-Díaz, David Armstrong, Michael Arney, Dan Arnold, Todd Astroth, Jay Ayche, B1besad2, Kyle Babbitt, Jen Badham, Art Bagley, Daniel Bailey, David Baker, Helen Baker, James Baker, MF Baker, John Bakewell, Chris Balin (Syncope), Joseph Barbarotta, Doug Bargfield, Brian Barnett, Amalia Barrios, Lee J Barrie, Kip Barringer, Phil Barstow, Robin Bartel, José Luis Batres, Reginald Bauer, David Baugh, DougBav, Ian Bayley, Jonathan Baylis, Michael Beam, Bob Bearfield, Dan Beaupre, Karlene Beck, Simon Bedford, Ross Beevers, Steven Belcher, Russell Bender, Chris Benjamin, Kristin Benoit, Michelle Benoit, Michel Bergeron, Kevin Bergson (Lantrn1), Jeff Betz, Nav Bhamra, John Biagioni, Cj Biro, Jim Bishop, Erika Bixler, BJ, Alf Blatch, Martin Blofeld, Bobby131313's Collectibles, John Bogle, Ted Bolt, WD (Dave) Bonham, Jeramy Bonnelle, Matt Borchers, Rob Bosman, Mike Bothner, Tom Boucher, Matt Bowdery, Jon Bowen, Tamara Boyll-Olah, Rich Bragg, Paul Brautigam, David Brazelton, Philip Brazina, Brenda, Jimmy Brennan, Chris Brewer, Tom Breyer, Tom Breyer Jr., Brian (lickitup), Graham Brian, Andenna Briggs, Paul Briggs, Sue Brohier, Lewis Brooks, Kevin Brophy, Chris Brown, Mitchell Brown, Roderick Brown, David Bryant, btlfan, Paul Buckton (boldlygone), Kevin Buczynski, Vicki Buffolino, Trey Buntyn, Royd Burgoyne, Bill Burke, Patrick John Burke, Joe Burkey, Phil Burnett, John Burns, Bill Burroughs, Jim Bush, Roberto Bustos, Kristy Buzbee, Byrna, Catherine Byrnes, Jose Caballero, Beth Caddick, Rogers Cadenhead, Randall Cain, Shelene Caldwell, Al Calosso, Andrew Cambalik, Douglas Cambron, Gary Cameron, Colin Campbell, Don Campbell, Natalie Campbell, Capt D, The Card Cellar, cardaddict, Dan Cardiff, Christine Caria, Carla, Simon Carless, Genny Carr, Jamie Carroll, Steve Carter, Robert Carty, Cary, Martin Casas, Bruno Castelo, Mandy Castro, James Catalano (catman98821), Tanya Catterton, John Cawley, Jan Burns Cederquist, Adam Chamberlain, Alex Chan, Barbara Chance, DeWayne Chapline, Barry Chapman, Mathieu Chasse, George Chauvin, Richard Cheddie, Steve Cheng, Valentine Chhann, Chris, Dave Christensen, Ernest Chubbuck, Robert Clague, Bryan Clark, Jim Clark, Matthew Clark (The Lazy Dragon), Wendi Clark, Steve Clarke, Claude, Philip Clegg, Henry Cleveland, Angie Clough, Richard Codding, Scott Coe, Billy Cole, Chris Coleman, Jerry Coleman, Jon Collings, Jeff Compton, Matt Conroy, John Cooke, coolnordic, BJ Coontz, John Cooper, Josh Cooper, Peter Cooper (duchiesboy), Sebastian Cortez, Anthony Cote, Philip Cotton, Jonathan Couper, Bill Cowan, Greg Cox, Larry Cox, Paul Cox, Ryan Cracknell, Ian Craddy, CraftPutty, Henri Crapeau, Keith Creighton, Phil Crowhurst, Jim Crush, Leslie Cudby, Barry Culwell, Chip & Linda Curley, Tom Curley, Curtis, Lesley Curtis, Tim Cusick, David Cutler, Matt Cyganik, Rob D'Arcy, Hermana Daamen, Dan, Dan Danko, Peter A. van Dartel, Dave (grease*05), Donna Davila, Alan Davis, Phillip Dawson II, Martin Day, Jay de Kay, Debmas1, Defiant1, Bill DeFranzo, Vic DelRegno, Kay Dennis, Keith Dennis, Bob Dennison, Joshua Dent, Kyle DeRoy, Gary Devosha, H. Dewayne [Bond], Leo Diaz, Phil Dispenza, DJ, Robert Dobbs, John Dobrynine, Tony Dodds, Dan Donovan, Todd Doogan, Don Dortmun, Kevin S. Doughty (Kennywood), Natalie Doughty, Ron Dowd, Ted Dowey, Jon Doyle, Dragonfly Moon aka Donovan Keith, Carroll Drysdale, Brian Duensing, Dérik Dufour, Richard Dufresne, Rebecca Duge, Sylvian Duivens, Richard Dunbar, dungeon_of_comix (Brian), Chris Dunham, Darin Dunham, Colin Dunn, Matt Dunn, Shirley Dunwell, Philip Dushku (DrPANINI), Scott Eaves, Bob Edwards, Wayne Ehrman, James Ellerby, Chere Elliott, Jon Erle, Alex Esparon, Essnell, Joe Etcheto, David Evans, Lynn Ewald, Marcia Fanchin, Jason Farmer, Jeff Fennell, Alan Fenton, Carlos Ferrer, Diana Fibbes, Andrew Fisher, Ian Fisher, Wade Fisher, Mike Fitzpatrick, Darris Fleming, Stephan Floess, Brad Florian, Matt Ford, Frank Forrester, Bruce Fortune, Dave Foster, Brandon Fowler, Julie Anne Fowler, Jason Fox, Steve Frank (5Finity Productions), Gene Freeman, Lisa Freeman, Mike Freeman, Freeza, Al Freund, John Fuciarelli, Wanda Fuller (Tonofcards), Kay Funato, Joshua Furlong, Futuristguy, Enza G, Kevin G, GA, Rob Gaerlan, A. Galluccio, Anthony Galvin, Todd Gambrel, Natalie Gansmoe, Steve Garcia, Frank Garo, Greg Geerts, Wayne Genualdi, Tim Gervais, Dave Geyer, Clinton Gibbs, Lara Giesbers, Lee Gilbert, Mario van Ginkel, Joann Girard, Darren Glazier, Alan Glixman, Josh Glover, Ashley Glue, Ryan Gluesing, Don Glut, gmmetro, Jean-Christian Goimard, Jon Gold, Alex Goldberg, Dave Gollner, Javier Gomez, Roxanne Goode, Jim Goodwin, Karen Gorrell, Ken Gorrell, gr8pmkn, Tony Granata, John Gray, Jonathan Gray, Donald Green, Kathy Green, greencardy (Matthew), Bob Greene (paradoc), Quint Gremmen, Adam Grey, Peter Gribling, Ray Grier, Grim Jack (Wayne Paton), Clayton Grimm, grnrngr, Jim Groft, Ian (Piggy Gruntebeest), Cindy Gullicksen,, Hercules Gunter, Reiter Günter, Malcolm Guy, Diane Haagensen, Sean Hacker, Mark Hahn, Kevin Hale, Bob Hall, Judy Hall, Rick Hall, Karl Halmich, Terry Hamilton, Brian Hancock, Jens Hanke, Terry Hanks, Don Hann, A.Dee Hannah Jr., Ian Hanratty, Donovan Harris (The Enigma), Phil Hart, Edith Harvey, Steve Hatzidakis, Larry Haynes, Marian Heady, David and Abby Heath, Brian Hebert, Howard Hecht, Glen Hedgepeth, Lynne Hedges, Enrico Heine, Heinz Hell, Geoff Henderson, Henri, Betty Henry, David Hernandez, Don Hernandez, Paul Heuristchen, Darlene Hewitt, Edwina Hilner, HIM, hitechkoolaid, Alexander Hof, Paul Hohn II, Andrew Holderness, Tom Hollenbach, Stephen Hollinshead, Jim Hollister, Drew Holmes, Matt Holmes, Dan Homburg, D. Hood, Jason K. Hood, Tom Hoover, Jerry Hopfer, Cliff Hopkins, Wei How, Rich Huber, Lance Hudson, James Huffman, Dan Hughes, David Hughes, Richard Hughes, Bob Hulsart, Catherine Hutchings, Tony Hyder, Zehl IceFire, igman7, IkeaTheKillea, Irv, Irvin, Ken Jachens (cardz4u), Heather Jacob, Gilles Jacques, Isabelle (Jademaliburoad), Keith Jakubowski, Anthony "Mutt" James, William James, Rodolfo Jaquez, Steve Jefferies, Mark Jennings, Jenny, Greg Jernigan, Jess, Joe (josjkor), johnny (fx4), Aaron Johnson, Carol Johnson, Jennifer Johnson, Julie Johnson, Sarah Johnson, Chris Johnstone, Michael Jones, Todd Jordan, Beau Jorgensen, Albert Joseph, R. H. Joseph, Josh (harmful.if.swallowed), Aaron Kaiser, Henry Kampbell, Michael Kartchner, Kathy, Steve Kavalecs, Tom Keir, Kurt Kelsey (DeKay Cards), Zach Kelsey, Eric Kennedy, John Kennedy, Kennywood, Alain Kern, Jason Kettelman, Scott Kettman, kevinb_26, James Kight, Lee Kile, Roy Kilpela, Ken Kilsby, Wendi Kim, Paige Kimball, Geoff King, Gerry King, Oliver Kirsch, Lou Kisala (Sports Card Attic), Joe Kiskis (Kidforce Collectibles), Dave Kissell, Steve Kitsberg, Marlinn Klingan, Fred Klingensmith, Mike Kloc, Stephen Kmetz, Paul Knaack, John Knight, Ian Knowles, Jay Koenig, Joanna Kohlbus, Robert Kohlbus, Ash Kohli, Bob Konrad, Mike Kooiman, Greg Krieger, Uwe Krause, Erick Kruse, Michael J. Kube-McDowell, Kai Kuberka, Kurt Kuersteiner (Monsterwax), Thushan Kumaraswamy, Jonathan K., kyfhomp, Julia Labrum, Don LaCroix, Lagarnia, Melvyn Lake, Dan Lamarche, John Lancaster, Lance (madmacs1259), Barry Landesman, Dallas Lang, Joe Lang (JL Cards), Rich Langley, Richard Laniel, Richard Lankes, Mike Larkin, Joe LaRock, Jeff Lasco, Jenny Lawton, Mark Laycock, Anthony Lee, Connie Lee, Fred Leemhuis, Kevin LePore, LesleyW, Jeff Lesnik, Lessa, John Levitt, Andrew Levy, Richard Lewandowski, Todd Lewis, Anthony Liali, Hervé Liebman, LikORish-Spider, Steve Lillard, Tim Lipani, Robert Lipsey, Mark Livett, Anna Lober, Wayne Loftus, Logan, Uschi Lohnes, Patrick Long, Jay Lucas, Pete Lucas, Lucrezia, Andy Lye, Bill Lynch, Brice Mabry, Valerie Macaluso, Madmom912, Marty Maerten, Gail Main, Laurent Malgras, mandi, Leah Mangue, Lynda Manning-Schwartz, Jason Mapes (GM metro), Maple Leaf Collectibles, Paul Marchant Cards, Manny Maris, Rachel Marsh, Ashley Martin, Martine, Mary, Maurice, Antonio Maurizio La Monica, Krystyna Mayer, Milissa Maynard (Epictrader), Nick McAvaney, Jim McCartney II, Kimberley McCartney (WarriorBabe), Reagan McCoy, Blair McEachern, John McElyea (kythomp), Barbara McFall, Matt McGaw, Sandi McKim, Bryan McKinney, S McNeil, Tony Mear, J. Gordon Melton, Colin Merry, Jeri Metz, Tom Meyer, Michal, Scott Micheel, Mik'z Cardz, Mike (shtuffguy), Antony Miller, June Miller, Rachel Miller, Ben Milligan, James Mills, Chris Mixer, Thomas Mon, Alan L. Monegar, Lee Money, Ken Mook, David James Moon, Paul Moore, Andy Morgan, Nerissa Morgan, Terri Morgans, Marshall Morrise, Mike Moskowitz, Mr. Trumpets, André Müller, Sam Murphy, Gerard Napolitano (gerardscards), Frantisek Necek, Christopher Netter, Victor Newman, Keith Nicholson, Dave Nilson, Terry Nixon, Scott Noah, Kevin Noffz, Nonsport Network, JR Norris, Robert Norris, Charles Nowlin, Barrett Nunnery (barobehere), Frank O'Neill, Jeff Nelson, Thomas Null, Errol O, John Oder, Susan O'Fearna, James Ogden, Eric Ogilvie, Anna Okumoto, Joline Oleksiw, Bill Oliver, Kevin Olmsted, Onika T, Richard Law Orloski, Erik Ossenfort, Paul Otster, Dave Ott, Darren Otto, David Owens, Joe Oxrieder, Eric Padget, John Parker, Robert Parrish, Frank Parsons, Keith Patton, Paul (MeansFan), David Paul, Steve Pearson, Anders Johan Pedersen, Don Pedecini Jr., Denys Pellerin, Russell Penner, Paul Penrose, Edgardo Luis Pereles Velazquez, Leon Perilli, Tim Perkins (Paige Antiques), Tom Pernice, Hans-Dietrich Pester, Charles Peuser, Alan Phillips, Chris Phillips, Patrick Pierson, Chris Piper, David Polis, The Popeman, Pete Porco, Michael Porter, Buck Powell, Angelica Prager, Mark Pratt, Jon Preddle, Premiummadman, A Prezioso, Isidre Prior, George Psareas, Puckysaur, Qexit, Jean-Pierre Queille, Rob Quinn, Tere R., Greg Rager, Radickal Trading Cards (Dave), Raimundo, John Rand, Jessica Ratliff, Clinton Raudabaugh, Steve Rawnsley, Dave Ray, Redemption, Ed Redmon, Steve Redwood, Marvin Reesman, Stephen Reid, Joe Reinwald, Jose Reynoso, Chris Riccardo, David Rice, James Richardson, Sean Richardson, Phil Riddell, Ron Risher, Dave Rivers, Guy Robbins, Casey Roberson, April Robertson, Gary Robertson, Christian Robinson, robomole, rogambit, Sam Rogers, Ken Roland, Rongylala, Ronoven, David Rosciszewski, Malcolm Rose, Ira Rosenblatt, Dave Rosenfeld, Ed Rosenthal, Ian Ross, Charles Roth, Anthony Rotundo, Jim Rowell, Andrew Rupprecht, Stan Rushinski, Craig Rusk, Terry Russell, Johannes Ruthenberg, James Rutledge, Dan Ryan, Maree Ryan, Andrew Sadler, Eric Salo, Bob Samson, Frank Sansone, Edward Satterfield, Todd Saulter, Mark Scherzinger, Pete Schickler, Norman Schmelz, Tim Schmidt, Taylor Schock, Melvin Schuetz, Andreas Schröter (Irostratus), Eric Schulman, Roy Schulmeister, Patrick Schwab, Phil Schwartz, Hartmut Schwarz, scifijoe, Bruce Scott, Chris Scott, Lee Scott, Tony Seger, Michael Selby, Dave Seranno, Raj Shah, John Sheridan, George Sherman (George's Sports Cards), Sherrie (Non-Sport Trading, Reg Shrader, John Shutrump, Chad Sides ("Jackie Chad"), Joseph Simone, Jim Sinclair, Brian Singleton, Mitch Singleton, Brad Siuts, Mike Skinner, SKot, Debbie Smaile, Amanda Smith, Bill Smith, Brian Smith, Dori Smith, Douglas Smith, Gene Smith (Alien Entertainment), John Smith, Joseph Smith, Robert Smith, Steven Smith, Tony Smith, Eric Smoot, Johnny Snead, Lauri Soffen, Ken Somebody, Fred Somers, Anjee Sorge, Dan Soshnik, Wayne Sot, SparK (Lang Tje Siong), Jason Spencer, Mike Speth, Rick St. Pierre, Brian Stafford, Paul Starink, Angelina Starks (SciFiMom), Jim Starr, Mark Statuto, Steve Steigbigel, Jacob Stem, Robert Stenzel, Lynne Stewart, Tom Stewart, Gary Stiff, Mick Stockton, Mark Stoffer, Rich Stokes, David Stolp, Danny Stone, Kurt Storm, Jim Streich, Henry Strobel Jr., Dave Strohmenger, Peter & Gina Stroj, Alan Struthers, Stuff_guy, John Stuntz, Bob Sunday, Don Sundgren, Ian Surridge, Carl Suverncomfort, Dave Swank, M. J. Swiech (Silmapco), Syd, Paul Tachian, Rupesh Tailor, Lance Tanaka, Brian Tasker, Josh Tawhara, JC Taylor, Lisa Taylor, Nigel Taylor, Alonso Tejeda, Ian Templeton, Veera Tha Menninkäinen, Brook Thober, Jerry Thoen, Rod Thole, Douglas Thompson, Nicholas Thorp, Mike Tilford, Harris Toser, Roxanne Toser, Gordon Towe, Tower, Gary Traxler, Neil Tring, Matthias Truckenthanner, tsmeltzer, Ray Tucker, Pat Turnham, Allen Twitchell, Tom Tyczkowski, Richard Upshaw, Mike Uptegrove, Ted V., Val, Ben and Nancy Valentine, Jan Van Der Walt, Keith Vancil, Steve VandeVelde, Vegetass4583456, Serge Veillette, Tony Vela, John Velek, Chris Verdecchia, Stephen Vermac (Logan), Peter Vermaele, David Vertino, Timo Virtanen, Joost van Vondel, Chris Wagner, Terla Wagner, David Wainwright, Matthew Waits, Jon Waldman, David Walker, George Walker, Heather Walker, Mark Walker, Chris Wang, Warp 9 Cards & Collectibles, Darrell Warner, David Watson, Sheldon Wax, Ed Webb, Dirk Weber, Karin Weber, Bruce Webster, Peter Wegner, Robert Welch, Joel Welle, CD Wells, Chris Wells, Jeff Werner, Mary Wernke, Phil Weston, WGC, Gary Wheeler, Bill White, Bobby White, Eric White, Eugene White, Monica White, Kirk Wible, Al Widrowicz, Jim Wiehe, Allan Wilde, Chris Wilkinson, Sue Wilkinson, Judy Williams, Scott Williams, Jerie Wills, Angie Wincup, Robert Wincup, Windrazor, Maurice van Winsen, Brian Wise, Michael Witoski, wolfie, Eddie Wong, Don Wood, Jerry Wood, Kelly Woodford, Garry Woollaston, Wess Worden, John Worley, David Worthington, Sean Wright, Tom Wright, Henry Wu, Mark Wyman, Richard Wyman, X, Ruth Yasharpour, Steve Yoder, Yosemite Ken, Yosho, Fred Young, George Young, Jim Young, Mel Young, Ron Zakos, David Zgrabik, Larry Zhu, Aaron Zimmer, Bob & Angela Zonis, Pieter van der Zwaart, and Steve Zylak !

For checklist corrections, any card questions about card sets listed, or if you see something that's incorrect on these pages, please E-mail me.

The Background Story:    'Way back in March of 1997, I discovered the Knuckle Buster's Card Club, a terrific resource in the early days of people trading cards over the web. Previously I did my trading through the usenet newgroups and FidoNet echo (RIP). But Storm showed how linking the early web-trader pages could bring together a community of friends with similar interests. I hadn't even set up my own web page yet, but I offered to provide (then) about 160 checklists and Storm graciously consented to host my trading page for me! A lot of credit goes to   Amalia Barrios and   Mary Hughes (Ninjabread) for providing much of the inspiration.

Information for many promo and prototype cards comes from the cards I have seen, plus the guides published in Non-Sport Update and several now-defunct card-collecting magazines. I use Todd Jordan's excellent  Promo Card Encyclopedia & Price Guide when I update pages, but mostly those updates are a work-in-progress. Corrections and updates are welcomed! If you want to provide any other checklists for posting, I can put them into web format, slather you with credit and praise, and appoint you to the Checklist League.

Happy Collecting!

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