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Cool Checklist Links!

Well boys and girls, there's absolutely no way that a general set of checklists can keep track of everything that's out there. You might have noticed that a lot of collectors are fanatics about their areas of interest! So the time became ripe to add a page that has links to some of the other great checklists in the web universe.

Here are a few of my favorites from people who might know a lot more about their subject matter than I do! A lot of work has gone into these pages, and I'm proud to send you in their direction. When there, expect to find great information on other collectibles and links to other sites and special Web Rings.

(Link to "Specialty Card" Sites Below)

There are a lot of great collectibles web pages out there, but in order for me to put a link to one of them here, I decided that it had to offer trading-card checklists that can be accessed as lists, or that featured an entire card set, and are not just a graphics display of a few scanned images. Those are nice, though.

But I've now come to the conclusion that there are some great sites that are devoted to non-sports cards specialties, and they are worth linking even if they just have "lists of sets" and not inside-set checklists. So I'm starting a section below, and will pretty it up and break it out on its own when it reaches a decent size. Please feel free to suggest great sites that focus on a narrow or cross-cutting specialty.

Amok Times Star Trek Collectibles

Lynne Stewart has collected an immense amount of information about the Trek universe, as you can see from this very special site. To see checklists, click on the link to Checklists.

Vintage Non-Sports Cards Chat Board

This is a *huge* and growing resource for people who favor the older cards. Not only are there extensive discussions among collectors, ably moderated by Tom Boblitt, but Dan Calandriello hosts some huge galleries of card images. To top it off, there are links to the online indexes for the American Card Catalog and to many of the subset specialty websites.

Star Wars

You'll never believe just how much merchandise and how many card sets have been issued around the world, celebrating the first three movies and the extended universe found in books and comics. Check out Cathy Kendrick's awesome site and follow the buttons to reach checklists and images of Trading Cards, Collectible Game Cards, and non-card items.

The Star Wars Collector's Bible

This neat site contains a wealth of information on all "known" promotional Star Wars merchandise, from restaurants, bags of chips/crisps, etc. for U.S. markets. Some of these promotions were available internationally, at times in slightly different forms. Not only are cards included, but all types of tazos, medallions, and oddities.

The Canadian Star Wars Gallery

This site showcases Canadian Star Wars memorabilia, and has good information and scans of the Canadian O-Pee-Chee issues of Star Wars cards and other related items.

Comic Card & Sticker Checklists

Amalia Barrios has built quite a few checklists featuring comic art, including Marvel, X-Men, Spider-Man, plus a good selection of DC and non-comics sets too! She's made a good start on some of those pesky international sets. To check it out, go to the "Comic Card & Sticker Checklist" link after connecting to the page.

Garbage Pail Kids

Barren Aaron's GPK Reference Guide is the most complete for the genre, and has neat scans, information on packaging, bits of trivia, and checklists for most of the hard-to-come-by overseas series. (Well, it's "overseas" if you're in America ...)

Track & Field and Road Racing Cards

Kevin Biolsi is pushing more than 200 sets related to track and field, road racing, athletics, and running cards. (I used to be a runner, but I don't remember why!)

David E. Porto and Tony Vela have built a tremendous resource that now can legitimately claim to be "The Best Information Site of Wrestling Trading Cards on the Net", with sets from 1889 through last week! Why are wrestling fans more prolific list-keepers than other folks?

Vintage Wrestling Card Archive

Steve Thoemke and Rob England conspired to identify every wrestling- related card ever produced, from the 1880s. They are not tracking all of the brand-new sets, but the archives are impressive.

Star Wars Sketch Cards

Keith Jakubowski relies on the Force to compile accurate lists and to gather super images of sketch cards produced for Topps Star Wars card series, and has obtained scans directly from the artists in many cases!

Cigarette & Trade Cards

Franklyn Cards is probably the premier resource in the internet universe for information on tobacco cards and other trade cards. There's a huge amount of information and commentary, plus a selection of checklists too. (Warning ... spend too much time there, and you'll be hooked!)

Disney Cards

For a great resource with specifics, rumors, and scans for all series of Disney-related card sets (some of which are available only at theme parks, visit!

Kensitas Silk Flowers

Don Wearmouth offers a gorgeous website with lists and images for the "silks" that were distributed with Kensitas cigarettes in the 1930s. These silk issues are one of the most prized collectibles in the genre of "Mostly British" tobacco, tea, and trade cards.

Monster Cards

Curator Kurt set out to recapture his youth by trying to rediscover many of those lost monster treasures of yesteryear. One thing led to another and he wound up trying to catalog every monster set he could find. The Monsterwax site doesn't have too many true checklists, but it has some great lists of sets and sample images.

Spider-Man Cards

Jonathan Couper hosts, which covers more than just the cards, but because he is in New Zealand and is a fanatic for the subject matter, you might find lists that aren't available elsewhere!

Vintage Movie Cards

Troy Kirk has lovingly prepared a site devoted to card sets featuring movies or movie stars from the Cigarette Card era. Don't expect to see any set published much outside the range of 1920 through 1960! But view the illustrated checklists to get an idea of how amazing was the artwork in the early stages of the hobby.

Wacky Packages (John Mann)

John Mann's Wacky Packages Page contains everything (well, almost) that is knowable about these famous slabs of cardboard. Scroll down to the section that has checklists and scanned images from every series.

Wacky Packages (Greg Grant)

Greg's Wacky Packages site might contain even _more_ information of interest to the Wacky collector, with extensive images and downloadable checklists provided

PSA Set Registry

The Professional Sports Authenticator markets grading services, mostly for sports cards but also for the most-valuable non-sports cards. One service they offer is listings of card sets to allow a collector to sell graded cards or merely to brag about their collections. Most of the listed sets predate 1955, and include a selection of older tobacco card sets.

Sketchagraphs, Case Inserts, and Others

Robert Kohlbus' NonSport Card Collector page had a wealth of info and news of interest to the hobby, and his links at the left of the page pointed to some of the toughest checklists to compile: Lists and descriptions of "all" promo cards and case inserts. He also offered lists and scans of Marvel Sketchagraph cards. This site is shut down, but we're trying to get the resources revived.

Decipher CCGs (Star Trek, Star Wars, etc.)

Cologne Trading Card Shop provided the most extensive listing I've seen for a huge range of Collectible Card Game series. They also provided the German names for most of the Magic: The Gathering series and "spoiler lists" for each issue, where applicable. The site disappeared recently, but I'm keeping this space reserved in hopes that it will show up at a different web address again.

Top Cow Cards and Comics

You don't have to read German to enjoy this site, which is in the process of posting extensive scans of cards and comics related to the major Top Cow francises (Witchblade, Darkness, Fathom, etc.). Click on the menu link to "Cards" to see the checklists of images. Also of interest is a cross-reference to the works of specific artists.

Spawn Cards and Collectibles

The IrishSpawn hosts, and has loads of lists and scans for just about every Spawn-related card set, and also tattoos, CCG cards, phone cards, etc. etc. Nice resource for the Spawn afficiando!

Godzilla and Friends

Rodan's Roost has a large selection of stuff all about the big guy. Click on the "Trading Cards" button to view images of just about every card that has been produced in this universe. Using images as a checklist is very useful for people who don't read Japanese fluently!

Subscription Card Sets

Jon Hardgrove has embarked on the tough task of tracking down information on every "subscription" set, those where you received a supplement to your set every month or so; usually a box or manual and other materials was provided with your initial subscription.

Carlo Brozzo's Place for Collectors

Carlo Brozzo maintains card lists for a bunch of CCGs, and is building lists of sets that are in specific formats, like all widevision sets, "all CCGs ever released," and collecting tips. A nice developing resource here!

American Cardzillion Vending Cards

John "GrnRngr" Green provides extensive checklists for all known cards distributed in vending machines by Bandai America, most commonly in Toys 'R Us stores.

Magic: The Gathering Checklists

The Wizards of the Coast site is also a great resource for tracking down just about anything in the huge world of Magic and related ARC card games. Also found there are checklists for Pokemon, Hercules, Xena, and several other CCGs, plus a searchable database for artists appearing on Magic cards. This site tends to be updated frequently, but click on one of the Trading Card Games categories at the left and follow the links to the checklist pages.

Power Plant Trading Cards

industcards creates custom trading and reference cards for public relations, marketing, and educational applications. Last time I checked they had 191 different cards available in their Power Plant series, usually distributed in sets of five or in bulk for your favorite dam or edifice. A gallery of card images is provided at the website.


This section is the start of a list of links to interesting websites that deal with specialty collections or types of non-sports cards, even if they don't contain actual checklists. It's a work in progress.

"Cop Cards"

Bill Cowan is compiling the immense list of special card series that were issued by various police departments and associations, mostly in the U.K.. These cards often featured crime-stopper or traffic safety tips and featured photos of the municipality's major attractions. Resource Page

This new site offers articles, blogs, and a place to post card want- lists and have-lists. If we're lucky, it will grow into a great help to the collecting community.

Playboy Trading Cards

Don Troy provides a lot of set-composition information for a whole variety of Playboy-related adult card sets. Information on other adult sets were available at his old web location and may show up as links soon.

Liebig Trade Cards and Chocolate Cards (Collectomania-Belgium)

Trade card site for Liebig's Extract of Meat collectors chromos and all chocolate trade card collections from all over the world. Host Albert Van den Bosch is compiling complete lists of sets for these specialties!

Playboy Trading Cards

Don Troy also provides a lot of data for Playboy cards published by all manufacturers over time.

Star Wars and Babylon 5 Card Images

Andy Dukes posts a wonderful and pretty complete set of images for chase cards from all Star Wars and Babylon 5 card sets, with more offerings coming in the future!

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