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Halloween 2017 Collection
   RRParks Cards - 2017

Notes: A Kickstarter campaign featured four (or more) separate series, and a variety of 
extra cards for master-pledge levels. Check the index pages for continuity on recurring 
series. Further information and scans are posted at the RRParks website.


Trick or Treat Series Five
Monster Choke 'n Gag Series Four
Chronicles of the Grim Reaper Series Three
N104 Duke's Comic Characters
(Secret Surprise) Monster Card Set
Halloween 2017 Special Cards

   RRParks Cards - 2017

           Fronts show a color image, backs show two color images

    No.    Title/Caption

       1   A Happy Halloween  [lady and jack-o'-lantern]
       2   (witch and flying shrimp)
       3   A Merry Hallowe'en  [cat in jack-o'-lantern]
       4   A Thrilling Hallowe'en
       5   Charms of the Witching Hour
       6   A Happy Hallowe'en  [kid and jack-o'-lantern]
       7   Hallowe'en Greetings
       8   Hallowe'en  [graveyard figures]
       9   (bat, jack-o'-lantern, candles)
      10   Hallowe'en  [kids carving big pumpkin]
      11   Hallowe'en  [witch, broom, cat, fireplace]
      12   Hallowe'en  [pumpkinhead and pie]
      13   (kids, ghost, mirror)
      14   Hallowe'en Greeting  [kids and jack-o'-lantern]
      15   A Merry Hallowe'en  [cat, 4 jack-o'-lanterns]
      16   Greetings at Hallowe'en
      17   Hallowe'en  [slicing cake]
      18   Hallowe'en  [devil's candy cocktail]
      19   Hallowe'en  [witch's cauldron dinner party]
      20   Hallowe'en Greeting  [Curioser and Curioser]

      --   (wrapper)

        PROMO CARDS (3" x 3-1/2")

      17   Hallowe'en  [slicing cake]                           (The Wrapper)
      18   Hallowe'en  [devil's candy cocktail]                 (The Wrapper)
      19   Hallowe'en  [witch's cauldron dinner party]          (The Wrapper)
      20   Hallowe'en Greeting  [Curioser and Curioser]         (The Wrapper)

   RRParks Cards - 2017

           Cards are 1-5/8" x 2", with black-and-white film stills with 
           captions on both sides.

    No.    Title/Caption

        Single Cards and Three-Card Perforated Panels in Pack

      77   A TABLET? Really? You idiot ... I said I wanted a
      78   Listen, this is awkward, THREE's A CROWD ... the g
      79   NO! It was  FIGURE OF SPEECH!
      80   FOOL! I said 'Toss that loogie overboard' ... not
      81   Okay, THAT was awkward .. neither of us can ever t
      82   Ouch! OUCH! I thought doing it would only grow hai
      83   Who'd a thunk vaping would be so freakin' complica
      84   We make holes in teeth ... We make holes in teeth
      85   Okay, Doc ... I'll do it but like I say ... I real
      86   "What's my eBay password?" You're in contact with
      87   Nitwit, Look what you've done... Didn't I tell you
      88   She fainted when she saw mhy morning wood ...
      89   Ecch! OW! Daddy -- please, this isn't working... j
      90   Santa Claus, it is NAUGHTY to exaggerate THAT much
      91   Yup... it was either this or design furniture for
      92   Betty, don't make a scene .. don't let the Coopers
      93   Jim! 60,000,000 miles from earth and YOU used the
      94   IDIOT! I said toss a LOOGEY overboard... NOT LUIGI
      95   No, it's not my business what you're doing with a
      96   Oh Lord! Whoof! I knew I'd have days like this aft
      97   No, stupid -- the chili isn't all that spicey... I
      98   At first I didn't understand why we had to wear th
      99   No Brad -- you CAN"T use my camera again to take o
     100   I don't care WHAT the Home Depot tag SAYS it is ..
     101   Put me DOWN! Oh WHY didn't I need my sea monkeys t
     102   Yes, Arnie... you were amazing... but next time le
     103   Dang, Trevor -- how many times we gotta tell you?
     104   I will hug it and squeeze it and call it George.
     105   So what have we learned about going for a swim in
     106   It's not that... your cooking is great.. I just ne
     107   Dammit Frank! You KNOW this is NOT what I MEANT!
     108   Don't worry about my wife, she's still getting acc
     109   Oh GAWD! Either put your arms down or use deoderan
     110   This isn't what I pictured when you said 'tied up
     111   Ma, brace yourself -- that isn't a bottle of tomat
     112   Gimmie that back! It's a precious alien life form
     113   NO!!! Sure I wanted sexy rollplay but that maks ma

      --   Series Four Checklist [paper fold-out, 77-113]

        Single Cards and Three-Card Perforated Panels Outside Pack

     114   Mommy! Mommy! I made BOOM BOOM!
     115   Oh NO you DINNINT !
     116   A dog's mouth is the second cleanest part of his b
     117   I hate paying full price when I go to a 3D movie!
     118   A wise-guy, eh? Just what did you replace her sham
     119   The next time I ask you to play 'smell my finger'
     120   Chill out Dahmer, it's just some leftover chicken
     121   Yes, well, this is what you get when you feed a la
     122   You only THINK you look sophisticated Kathy...but
     123   Yes, daddy -- I did get the vase gift from you ...
     124   Wait... what do I need THIS for? I'm GAY!
     125   Yes, I ordered the garlic, herring & peanut butter
     126   Why yes, yes indeed. My hair stylist IS H. R. Gige
     127   Welcome to Super Cuts!
     128   He's turned entirely to Oh ...ECCH! Lau
     129   Oh ...ECCH! Lauri... when is the last time you tri
     130   I don't have any gum, Lobo... look, you have some
     131   Oh COOL! I found a POKEMON!
     132   You see, you see? It's a knife... for butter! I ca  [Series Four Checklist, 77-140]
     133   Oh yea, right there... that's the spot... thanks h
     134   Of course I'm a qualified doctor. It's just that y
     135   Wait! This is the wrong patient! Look what's in hi
     136   Certainly you're HOT ... but your breath would bli
     137   Valerie Bertinelli's cooking show takes a dark tur
     138   Of course I'm vegan ... I ONLY EVER eat vegetarian
     139   So I'm saying to him I'm saying "Dude, I just ate
     140   You're RIGHT! You DO have so much back acne I can


     P2    (panel with 108-102-111, 3" x 5")                    (The Wrapper)
     P3    (panel with 112-103-105, 2-1/2" x 5")                (The Wrapper)
     P4    (panel with 106-113-101, 2-1/2" x 5")                (The Wrapper)
     P5    (panel with 109-100-110, 2-1/2" x 5")                (The Wrapper)
     P6    (panel with  99-107-104, 2-1/2" x 5")

     P8    (panel with 133-114-136, 3" x 4-1/2")                (The Wrapper)
     P9    (panel with 116-118-119, 3" x 4-1/2")                (The Wrapper)
     P10   (panel with 137-122-139, 3" x 4-1/2")                (The Wrapper)
     P11   (panel with 134-125-135, 3" x 4-1/2")                (The Wrapper)

   RRParks Cards - 2017

           The series features images of colorized etchings.

    No.    Caption

 No.  1    De Kapelle der Dooden
 no.  2    Schoon uwe taal is zoet en klaar, zyg gy nochtans
 no.  3    Ach! Om dezen appelbeet, sterf ik. 'T zy my lief o
 no.  4    Zelfs de pauzen hier op aarde zyn voor my van gane
 no.  5    Ook de myters en de kappen, kan ik wonder wel betr
 no.  6    Ook zelf de kroon, ik niet verichoon.
 no.  7    Het bankertoet, speel ik voor goed.
 no.  8    Al is uw kop nog zo geleerd, gy word van ook overh
 no.  9    Schoon day het water zy een zeerweek element, raak
 no. 10    Vergifte lucht rukt menig een, op't inelfit naar d

 no. 12    Hoe zuur komt het den ryken aan als hy moet uit di
 no. 13    Mars mad zeer veel volk verflinden: Mors kan nog m
 no. 14    Ook by trotiche holvelingen. Kom ik met myn' macht
 no. 15    Die al te overdadig drinkt, wel dik wils dood ter

 no. 17    O Mensch! Uw leven is zo sterk, gelyk het pottebak
 no. 18    Wilt voor uwe ziele zorgen, want uw winde is verbo
 no. 19    Zy zyn zo zeer vermeten, dat zy den dood vergeten.
 no. 20    Als den adem is daar uit, dan is al het spel verbr

 no. 22    Myn schieten is, nooit ongewis.
 no. 23    Myn lyf is een gevankens waar in de ziel niet alty
 no. 24    Het zy den myter of den hoed, zy zyn my beide al e
 no. 25    De adel zelfs moet voor my zyn gelyk een vat van p

     --    Special Sneak Peek: N104 Duke's Comic Characters (paper promo insert)
     --    (wrapper)

        PROMO CARDS (3" x 3-1/2")

  no. 6    Ook zelf de kroon, ik niet verichoon.                (The Wrapper)
  no. 7    Het bankertoet, speel ik voor goed.                  (The Wrapper)
 no. 11    Alle konsten baten niet, by den dood, die niets on   (The Wrapper)
 no. 16    Waar dat ook de burger ga, 'k volg hem fleets can    (The Wrapper)
 no. 21    Schoon dat gy leugens weet te klappen, zult gy my    (The Wrapper)

   RRParks Cards - 2017

           Cards are reprints (with borders) of the 1887 tobacco-card 
           set from W. Duke Sons & Co. NY, which had American Card Catalog 
           index of N104.

    No.    Title/Caption

N-104-1    Boss of The Ward
N-104-2    But you ought to see the other feller
N-104-3    Cullie
N-104-4    Drunk again an glad of it
N-104-5    Get on to his Nobs.
N-104-6    Gussie
N-104-7    He's bin there before.
N-104-8    In the Soup
N-104-9    Jay
N-104-10   Jim Dandy
N-104-11   Jolly Cop
N-104-12   Lah. Lah.
N-104-13   No flies on him.
N-104-14   Off His Base.
N-104-15   Oh What a night.
N-104-16   Old Hoss
N-104-17   On the Dead Quiet
N-104-18   On the Q.T.
N-104-19   On the Rialto.
N-104-20   Put up or Shut up.
N-104-21   Rats
N-104-22   Ripper.
N-104-23   True Stripe.
N-104-24   What er i givin' us.
N-104-25   You Know.

     --    Happy Halloween 2017 (paper promo insert)
     --    (wrapper)

        PROMO CARDS (3" x 3-1/2")

N-104-1    Boss of The Ward                   (The Wrapper)
N-104-6    Gussie                             (The Wrapper)
N-104-11   Jolly Cop                          (The Wrapper)
N-104-16   Old Hoss                           (The Wrapper)
N-104-21   Rats                               (The Wrapper)

   RRParks Cards - 2017

    No.    Title/Caption

        Monster (9-card) puzzle backs

       1   Lagoon Critter                     puzzle top left
       2   Head Vampire                       puzzle top middle
       3   Werewoof                           puzzle top right
       4   Gawdziller                         puzzle center left
       5   Vampire Chick                      puzzle center middle
       6   The Monster                        puzzle center right
       7   Phantomski                         puzzle bottom left
       8   Mummy                              puzzle bottom middle
       9   Fryegore                           puzzle bottom right

        Dracula's Greatest Hits (6-card) puzzle backs

      10   Jekyll N. Hyde                     puzzle top left
      11   Tractorpsycho                      puzzle top middle
      12   Whododatvoodoo                     puzzle top right
      13   Voof Man                           puzzle bottom left
      14   Monster's Moll                     puzzle bottom middle
      15   King Ape                           puzzle bottom right

      --   (wrapper, plain white)


           Many of the cards were available at Master Pledge level for 
           the Kickstarter campaign.

Halloween 2017 Limited Edition Metal Cards (# to 46)

        Halloween Trick or Treat (Series Five)

       1   Beware! Take care!
       2   Boil and Bubble Toil and Trouble
       3   May Hallowe'en frolics engage you

        Chronicles of the Grim Reaper (Series Three)

       1   Het bankertoet, speel ik voor goed.
       2   Ook de myters en de kappen, kan ik wonder wel betr
       3   Als den adem is daar uit, dan is al het spel verbr

        N104 Duke's Comic Characters

       1   On the Rialto
       2   Jolly COp
       3   True Stripe

Chronicles of The Three Stooges Genuine Film Cell Relic Cards

           These Cards were included in multiple Chronicles series.

   FC 1    Larry, Moe and Joe Besser
   FC 2    Larry, Moe and Curly Joe DeRita
   FC 3    Larry, Moe and Curly
   FC 4    Larry, Moe and Shemp
   FC 5    The Three Stooges Go Around the World in a Daze  [three]
   FC 6    The Three Stooges Go Around the World in a Daze  [six]
   FC 7    The Three Stooges in Orbit  [telescope]
   FC 8    The Three Stooges in Orbit  [alien]

Stooge Laffs Mini Card

           Features 16 three-card perforated panels, first found in 
           Chronicles of the Three Stooges Series Four.

    --     (cards # 1 through 48 in 16 panels)

Chronicles of The Three Stooges Printing Plate Cards

           These Cards were included in multiple Chronicles series.

    --     (various)

The New 3 Stooges DVD

           This item was first found with The 3 Stooges (1959) Reissue series.

     --    Original Bazooka Classic bubble Toons

Pain O Rama (art by Pete Battaglioli)

           Panel of 3, first found in Chronicles of the Three Stooges Series Four.

     --    (cards #3 through #5)

Misprints or Error Cards

     --    (various)

Printing Plate Cards (# 1/1, signed by RRParks)

     --    Chronicles of the Grim Reaper Ser. 3
     --    N104 Duke's Comic Characters
     --    Halloween Trick or Treat Ser. 5
     --    Monster Choke n' Gag Ser. 4

Promo Cards

Promo Card 1   Happy Halloween 2017  [Jolly Cop]
Promo Card 2   Happy Halloween 2017  [Ripper]
Promo Card 3   Happy Halloween 2017  [On the Rialto]

Promo Cards (Other Series)

NSU promo card 1   Mystery Science Theater 3000  [in panel of 4]
NSU promo card 2   Mystery Science Theater 3000  [in panel of 4]
NSU promo card 3   Mystery Science Theater 3000  [in panel of 4]
NSU promo card 4   Mystery Science Theater 3000  [in panel of 4]

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