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Ultraverse Edition: SkyBox Master Series
   SkyBox - 1994

Note:  All artwork is by Dave Dorman. The printed set mistakenly credits all of the UltraFlash 
foil cards to Mike Barr and Adam Hughes; the list below provides the corrected creator and character-design credits. Thanks much to Dan Danko and David Rosciszewski for updates!

Box: 36 packs of 6 cards.
Common sets: approx. 2.94 per box if collation were perfect.

No.   Title             Creator                                   Character Design

  1   Aeon              Dan Danko                                 P. Craig Russell
  2   Anything          Gerard Jones                              Walter Simonson
  3   Archimage         Mike Barr                                 Terry Dodson
  4   Arena             Mason / Strazewski                        Roger Robinson
  5   Atom Bob          Steve Engelhart                           Rick Hoberg
  6   Blind Faith       Danko / Conroy                            Keith Conroy
  7   Bloodstorm        Steve Gerber                              Aaron Lopresti
  8   Boneyard          Barr / Ulm                                Hoang Nguyen
  9   Book              James Hudnall                             Chris Wozniak
 10   Boom Boy          Gerard Jones                              Walter Simonson
 11   Choice            James Hudnall                             Jim Callahan
 12   Contrary          Gerard Jones                              Martin Egeland
 13   Lost Angel        Gerard Jones                              Ben Herrara
 14   Death Dance       James Hudnall                             Chris Wozniak
 15   Death Mask        Engelhart / Mason                         Darick Robertson
 16   Deathwish         Engelhart / Ulm                           Rick Hoberg
 17   Doc Virtual       Dan Danko                                 Kyle Baker
 18   Dropkick          James Hudnall                             Hoang Nguyen
 19   ElectroCute       Steve Engelhart                           Darick Robertson
 20   Erik Johnson      Windor-Smith / Ulm                        Barry Windor-Smith
 21   Firearm           James Robinson                            Howard Chaykin
 22   Freex             Gerard Jones                              Walter Simonson
 23   Gate              James Hudnall                             Chris Wozniak
 24   Gaunt             Dan Danko                                 Kelley Jones
 25   General Rayder    Windor-Smith / Ulm                        Barry Windor-Smith
 26   Ghoul             Gerber / Mason / Olbrich / Ulm            Pérez / Pelletier
 27   Grenade           Steve Engelhart                           Rick Hoberg
 28   Guise             Mike Barr                                 John Statema
 29   Hardcase          James Hudnall                             Dave Gibbons
 30   Heater            Mason / Strazewski                        David Ammerman
 31   Hellion           Ammerman / Dinehart                       David Ammerman
 32   Kismet Deadly     Mike Barr                                 Terry Dodson
 33   Lady Killer       Steve Engelhart                           Rick Hoberg
 34   Lord Pumpkin      Dan Danko                                 Tim Eldred
 35   Mangle            Engelhart / Ulm                           Darick Robertson
 36   Mantra            Mike Barr                                 Adam Hughes
 37   Masque            Kanalz / Moore                            Jerome Moore
 38   Meathook          James Hudnall                             Darick Robertson
 39   Mosley            James Robinson                            Cully Hamner
 40   Naiad             Steve Engelhart                           Rick Hoberg
 41   Neuronne          Steve Engelhart                           Rick Hoberg
 42   Notch             Mike Barr                                 Terry Dodson
 43   Number 89         Jones / Strazewski                        Norm Breyfogle
 44   Outrage
 45   Plug              Gerard Jones                              Walter Simonson
 46   Pressure          Gerard Jones                              Walter Simonson
 47   Prime             Jones / Strazewski                        Brett Blevins
 48   Prototype         Mason / Strazewski                        David Ammerman
 49   Quixote           Dan Danko                                 Kyle Baker
 50   Ranger            Mason / Strazewski                        Roger Robinson
 51   Rhiannon          Steve Engelhart                           Kyle Hotz
 52   Ripfire
 53   Rivermen          Steve Gerber                              Aaron Lopresti
 54   Rubble            Mann / Kanalz                             Jerome Moore
 55   Rune              Windor-Smith / Ulm                        Barry Windor-Smith
 56   Rush              Gerard Jones                              Ben Herrara
 57   Shadowmage        James Hudnall                             Hoang Nguyen
 58   Slayer            Campbell / Mason / Olbrich / Ulm / Danko  Jerome Moore
 59   Sludge            Steve Gerber                              Kevin Nowlan
 60   Smoke             Kanalz / Moore                            Jerome Moore
 61   Solitaire         Gerard Jones                              Jeff Johnson
 62   Spectral          Steve Engelhart                           Darick Robertson
 63   Sweet-Face        Gerard Jones                              Walter Simonson
 64   Tech              James Hudnall                             Hoang Nguyen
 65   The Night Man     Steve Engelhart                           Darick Robertson
 66   The Operator      James Hudnall                             Scott Benefiel
 67   The Solution      James Hudnall                             Hoang Nguyen
 68   The Strangers     Steve Engelhart                           Hoberg / Robertson
 69   Topaz
 70   Torso
 71   Tugun             Steve Engelhart                           Rick Hoberg
 72   Twilight          Dan Danko                                 P. Craig Russell
 73   Tyrannosaur       Steve Engelhart                           Rick Hoberg
 74   UltraForce
 75   Veil              Mason / Strazewski                        David Ammerman
 76   Vestige           Cox / Danko                               Glen Brown
 77   Warstrike
 78   Wrath             David Ammerman                            David Ammerman
 79   Yrial             Steve Engelhart                           Rick Hoberg
 80   Zip-Zap           Steve Engelhart                           Darick Robertson
 81   Mundi             James Hudnall                             Howard Chaykin
 82   The Alternate     James Hudnall                             Howard Chaykin
 83   The Entity        James Hudnall                             Tim Eldred
 84   Rune's Prophecy
 85   The Squad         James Hudnall                             Gibbons / Calahan
 86   Jumpstart         Steve Engelhart                           Hoberg / Robertson
 87   Break-Thru I
 88   Break-Thru II
 89   Amber's Destiny   Gerber / Mason / Olbrich / Ulm            Pérez / Pelletier
 90   Checklist


UltraFlash Foil Cards (1:12 packs, art by Dave Dorman)

 U1   Solitaire Flash     Gerard Jones / Jeff Johnson             Adam Hughes
 U2   Prototype Flash     Mason / Strazewski                      David Ammerman
 U3   Prime Flash         Jones / Strazewski                      Brett Blevins
 U4   Hardcase Flash      James Hudnall / Dave Gibbons            Adam Hughes
 U5   Sludge Flash        Steve Gerber / Kevin Nowlan             Adam Hughes

Hololithograms (1:36 packs, art by Dave Dorman)

 H1   UltraForce Flash    Mike Barr                               Adam Hughes
 H2   Warstrike Flash     Mike Barr                               Adam Hughes

Autographed Card (2400 signed)

--    Dave Dorman

Original Painting (75 available)

---   (Painting)
---   (Original Art Exchange Card)


P0    Tyrannosaur
P01   Book (1994 Capitol City Retailer Conference)
P02   Heater (1994 HWDC Sixth Annual Sales Conference)
P03   Solitaire (11th Annual Diamond Retailers Seminar)
P04   Dropkick (Diamond)
P05   Yrial
C1    Sludge
H1    Mantra
UF1   Prime (Ultraforce #1 comic)
---   (4-card panel, 8-3/8" x 10-7/8"; Previews)
---   Heater / Solitaire / Mantra / Sludge
        (4-card panel; Diamond Seminar; framed and numbered to 2000)

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