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Star Wars: Journey to The Last Jedi (UK)
   Topps UK - 2017

Notes:"Journey" cards span the breadth of the Star Wars canon in advance of the 
release of Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi. Base cards often have multiples 
with the same "titles," either in different subsets or within a single subset for 
popular characters.

Multpack: 5 cards + 1 Limited Edition.

  No.    Title                                                 Subset                Description

    1    Attack on Jakku                                       Story Cards           First Order red
    2    Poe Captured                                          Story Cards           First Order red
    3    Rey's Home                                            Story Cards           Resistance red
    4    Rey Meets BB-8                                        Story Cards           Resistance red
    5    Poe & Finn Escape                                     Story Cards           Resistance red
    6    Rey & BB-8 Attack Finn                                Story Cards           Resistance red
    7    Chase in the Millennium Falcon                        Story Cards           Resistance red
    8    Finn's Secret                                         Story Cards           Resistance red
    9    "Chewie, We're Home."                                 Story Cards           Resistance blue
   10    Rathtars Released                                     Story Cards           Resistance blue
   11    Supreme Leader Snoke                                  Story Cards           First Order blue
   12    BB-8's Map                                            Story Cards           Resistance blue
   13    Maz's Castle                                          Story Cards           First Order blue
   14    The Call to the Light                                 Story Cards           First Order blue
   15    Rey's Vision                                          Story Cards           Resistance blue
   16    The Last Day of the Republic                          Story Cards           First Order green
   17    First Order Attack Takooana                           Story Cards           First Order green
   18    Rey Is Hunted                                         Story Cards           First Order green
   19    The Resistance to the Rescue                          Story Cards           Resistance green
   20    Han & Leia Reunited                                   Story Cards           Resistance green
   21    R2-D2 Powered Down                                    Story Cards           Resistance green
   22    Rey's Interrogation                                   Story Cards           First Order green
   23    Rey Escapes Custody                                   Story Cards           Resistance green
   24    The Resistance Form a Plan                            Story Cards           Resistance green
   25    Han & Finn Infiltrate Starkiller Base                 Story Cards           Resistance purple
   26    Attack on Starkiller Base                             Story Cards           Resistance purple
   27    Finn vs. Kylo Ren                                     Story Cards           First Order purple
   28    Rey vs. Kylo Ren                                      Story Cards           Resistance purple
   29    The Resistance Victorious                             Story Cards           Resistance purple
   30    Journey to Ahch-To                                    Story Cards           Resistance purple
   31    Rey                                                   Outlined Logo         Resistance
   32    Kylo Ren                                              Outlined Logo         First Order
   33    Finn                                                  Outlined Logo         Resistance
   34    Rose                                                  Outlined Logo         Resistance
   35    BB-8                                                  Outlined Logo         Resistance
   36    Chewbacca                                             Outlined Logo         Resistance
   37    Stormtrooper Executioner                              Outlined Logo         First Order
   38    Captain Phasma                                        Outlined Logo         First Order
   39    Praetorian Guard                                      Outlined Logo         First Order
   40    Rey                                                   Characters            Resistance Hero
   41    Kylo Ren                                              Characters            First Order
   42    Finn                                                  Characters            Resistance Fighter
   43    Poe Dameron                                           Characters            Resistance Fighter
   44    Stormtrooper Executioner                              Characters            First Order
   45    Praetorian Guard                                      Characters            First Order
   46    Rey (lightsaber L shoulder)                           Orange Logo           Resistance
   47    Luke Skywalker & Rey                                  Orange Logo           Resistance
   48    R2-D2                                                 Orange Logo           Resistance
   49    Poe Dameron (flight suit)                             Orange Logo           Resistance
   50    Rey (scavenger)                                       Orange Logo           Resistance
   51    Chewbacca                                             Orange Logo           Resistance
   52    Rey (lightsaber R shoulder)                           Orange Logo           Resistance
   53    Finn                                                  Orange Logo           Resistance
   54    Poe Dameron (brown jacket)                            Orange Logo           Resistance
   55    BB-8                                                  Orange Logo           Resistance
   56    Rose                                                  Orange Logo           Resistance
   57    Kylo Ren                                              Orange Logo           First Order
   58    Praetorian Guard                                      Orange Logo           First Order
   59    Rey (striking)                                        Portraits             Resistance green
   60    Rey (lightsaber raised)                               Portraits             Resistance green
   61    Finn (lightsaber raised)                              Portraits             Resistance blue
   62    Finn (arms at sides)                                  Portraits             Resistance blue
   63    Poe Dameron (flight suit)                             Portraits             Resistance purple
   64    Poe Dameron (brown jacket)                            Portraits             Resistance purple
   65    Kylo Ren (hood)                                       Portraits             First Order red
   66    Kylo Ren (helmet)                                     Portraits             First Order red
   67    Luke Skywalker (tan robe)                             Portraits             Jedi cyan
   68    Luke Skywalker (brown leather)                        Portraits             Jedi cyan
   69    General Leia Organa (vest)                            Portraits             Resistance brown
   70    General Leia Organa (coat)                            Portraits             Kylo RenFirst Order red
   71    Rey                                                   White Logo            Luke SkyJedi cyan
   72    Finn                                                  White Logo            Luke SkyJedi cyan
   73    Luke Skywalker                                        White Logo            General Resistance brown
   74    Poe Dameron                                           White Logo            Resistance
   75    BB-8                                                  White Logo            Resistance
   76    Rose                                                  White Logo            Resistance
   77    Chewbacca                                             White Logo            Resistance
   78    C-3PO                                                 White Logo            Resistance
   79    R2-D2                                                 White Logo            Resistance
   80    Kylo Ren                                              White Logo            First Order
   81    Captain Phasma                                        White Logo            First Order
   82    General Hux                                           White Logo            First Order
   83    Praetorian Guard                                      White Logo            First Order
   84    Stormtrooper Executioner                              White Logo            First Order
   85    (breakers)                                            The Last Jedi
   86    (control room)                                        The Last Jedi
   87    (hill trail)                                          The Last Jedi
   88    (snow speeders)                                       The Last Jedi
   89    (Finn)                                                The Last Jedi
   90    (BB-8 and Poe)                                        The Last Jedi
   91    (Kylo throwing flame)                                 The Last Jedi
   92    (burning wasteland)                                   The Last Jedi
   93    (Luke leaves cave)                                    The Last Jedi
   94    (fighter ready to crash)                              The Last Jedi
   95    (fighter after bouncing)                              The Last Jedi
   96    (X-wing Fighters)                                     The Last Jedi
   97    (bombers)                                             The Last Jedi
   98    (TIE Fighters)                                        The Last Jedi
   99    (Millennium Falcon)                                   The Last Jedi
  100    Millennium Falcon                                     Vehicles              YT-1300F Light Freighter
  101    TIE Fighter                                           Vehicles              TIE/SF Space Superiority Fighter
  102    X-wing Starfighter                                    Vehicles              T-70 X-wing
  103    A-wing Interceptor                                    Vehicles              RZ-1 A-wing
  104    TIE Silencer                                          Vehicles
  105    AT-M6                                                 Vehicles
  106    Qui-Gon Jinn vs. Darth Maul                           Battles               Tatooine
  107    Qui-Gon Jinn & Obi-Wan Kenobi vs. Darth Maul          Battles               Theed
  108    Qui-Gon Jinn vs. Darth Maul                           Battles               Theed
  109    Obi-Wan Kenobi vs. Darth Maul                         Battles               Theed
  110    Obi-Wan Kenobi vs. Count Dooku                        Battles               Geonosis
  111    Anakin Skywalker vs. Count Dooku                      Battles               Geonosis
  112    Yoda vs. Count Dooku                                  Battles               Geonosis
  113    Anakin Skywalker & Obi-Wan Kenob i vs. COunt Dooku    Battles               The Invisible Hand
  114    Obi-Wan Kenobi vs. General Grievous                   Battles               Utapau
  115    Mace Windu vs. Darth Sidious                          Battles               Chancellor Palpatine's Office
  116    Anakin Skywalker vs. Obi-Wan Kenobi                   Battles               Mustafar
  117    Yoda vs. Darth Sidious                                Battles               Senate Building
  118    Obi-Wan Kenobi vs. Darth Vader                        Battles               Death Star
  119    Luke Skywalker vs. Darth Vader                        Battles               Cloud City
  120    Luke Skywalker vs. Darth Vader                        Battles               Death Star II
  121    Finn vs. Kylo Ren                                     Battles               Starkiller Base
  122    Rey vs. Kylo Ren                                      Battles               Starkiller Base
  123    Rey                                                   Gold Title            Resistance
  124    Kylo Ren                                              Gold Title            Resistance
  125    Poe Dameron                                           Gold Title            Resistance
  126    R2-D2                                                 Gold Title            Resistance
  127    Luke Skywalker                                        Gold Title            Jedi
  128    Chewbacca                                             Gold Title            Resistance
  129    BB-8                                                  Gold Title            Resistance
  130    Finn                                                  Gold Title            Resistance
  131    Rose                                                  Gold Title            Resistance
  132    Supreme Leader Snoke                                  Gold Title            First Order
  133    Praetorian Guard                                      Gold Title            First Order
  134    Captain Phasma                                        Gold Title            First Order
  135    Stormtrooper Executioner                              Gold Title            First Order
  136    Rey                                                   Gray Title            Resistance
  137    Luke Skywalker                                        Gray Title            Jedi
  138    Kylo Ren                                              Gray Title            First Order
  139    Stormtrooper Executioner                              Gray Title            First Order
  140    Poe Dameron                                           Gray Title            Resistance
  141    BB-8                                                  Gray Title            Resistance
  142    Chewbacca                                             Gray Title            Resistance
  143    (Praetorian Guard, face fwd)                          First Order Collage   top left
  144    (General Hux)                                         First Order Collage   top middle
  145    (Praetorian Guard, weapon up)                         First Order Collage   top right
  146    (Stormtrooper)                                        First Order Collage   center left
  147    (kylo Ren)                                            First Order Collage   center middle
  148    (Captain Phasma)                                      First Order Collage   center right
  149    (Stormtrooper Executioner)                            First Order Collage   bottom left
  150    (Flametrooper)                                        First Order Collage   bottom middle
  151    (TIE Fighter Pilot)                                   First Order Collage   bottom right
  152    (C-3PO)                                               Resistance Collage    top left
  153    (Chewbacca)                                           Resistance Collage    top middle
  154    (Admiral Ackbar)                                      Resistance Collage    top right
  155    (Poe Dameron)                                         Resistance Collage    center left
  156    (Rey)                                                 Resistance Collage    center middle
  157    (Finn)                                                Resistance Collage    center right
  158    (General Leia Organa)                                 Resistance Collage    bottom left
  159    (BB-8)                                                Resistance Collage    bottom middle
  160    (Rose)                                                Resistance Collage    bottom right


Gold Cards

  161    The Resistance
  162    The First Order
  163    Millennium Falcon
  164    X-wing Starfighter
  165    BB-8
  166    R2-D2
  167    TIE Fighter
  168    Stormtrooper

Shiny Cards

  169    Rey [lightsaber ready]                                Resistance
  170    Finn                                                  Resistance
  171    Poe Dameron [brown jacket]                            Resistance
  172    Kylo Ren [1/2-R]                                      First Order
  173    Rose                                                  Resistance
  174    Luke Skywalker                                        Jedi
  175    BB-8                                                  Resistance
  176    C-3PO                                                 Resistance
  177    R2-D2                                                 Resistance
  178    Chewbacca                                             Resistance
  179    General Leia Organa                                   Resistance
  180    C'ai Threnalli                                        Resistance
  181    Paige                                                 Resistance
  182    Admiral Ackbar                                        Resistance
  183    Captain Phasma                                        First Order
  184    General Hux                                           First Order
  185    Flametrooper                                          First Order
  186    Praetorian Guard [chain down]                         First Order
  187    Stormtrooper Executioner                              First Order
  188    Stormtrooper                                          First Order
  189    BB-9E                                                 First Order
  190    TIE Fighter Pilot                                     First Order
  191    Rey [lightsaber L shoulder]                           Resistance
  192    Kylo Ren [face fwd]                                   First Order
  193    Poe Dameron [red suit]                                Resistance
  194    Praetorian Guard [chain up]                           First Order
  195    C-3PO, R2-D2 & BB-8                                   Resistance
  196    Poe's Boosted X-wing Fighter                          Resistance
  197    TIE Silencer                                          First Order
  198    Resistance A-wing Starfighter                         Resistance
  199    AT-M6 Walker                                          First Order
  200    First Order Walker                                    First Order

Jedi Foil Cards

  201    Yoda
  202    Qui-Gon Jinn
  203    Obi-Wan Kenobi
  204    Mace Windu
  205    Kit Fisto
  206    Luke Skywalker
  207    Ki-Adi-Mundi
  208    Luminara Unduli
  209    Agen Kolar
  210    Aayla Secura
  211    Barriss Offee
  212    Stass Allie
  213    Even Piell
  214    Plo Koon
  215    Anakin Skywalker
  216    Shaak Ti

Limited Edition Cards

  LESA   Rey                       [in Starter Packs]          Resistance purple
  LEMA   C-3PO                     [in Multipacks]             Resistance yellow
  LEMB   Stormtrooper Executioner  [in Multipacks]             First Order purple
  LETA   Kylo Ren                  [in Tin]                    First Order purple
  LETB   Porg                      [in Tin]                    --
  LETC   Captain Phasma            [in Tin]                    First Order

Collector's Tins (39 cards + 1 Limited Edition Card)

   --    (BB-8, Chewbacca, Kylo Ren)
   --    (Rose, Poe Dameron, Executioner Stormtrooper)
   --    (Rey, Finn, Stormtrooper)

Starter Pack

   --    (pack of 8 cards)
   --    Collector Binder
   --    Poster Checklist
  LESA   Rey

Display Poster (1:4 boxes)

   --    On Sale Here!

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