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Mystery Science Theater 3000 Pin Cards
   Zen Monkey Studios / Satellite of Love LLC - 2017

Notes: These are included because the major attraction is lapel pins,  but they are distributed 
on themed and illustrated (blank back) cards, which can be collectibles in their own right. Main 
sequence pins are color enamel. The majority of the pins (1"-2" in height) and cards were seen 
in quantity beginning at New York Comic Con 2017. Further information and scans are posted 
at the Zen Monkey website.

    Title                Event

    Bonehead Insignia
    Cute Servo
    Gypsy's Head
    It Stinks!

    Crow                 NY 2017 Limited Edition (500)
    Tom Servo            NY 2017 Limited Edition

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©2017 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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