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Marvel Universe 1993 (IV)
   SkyBox - 1993

Notes:  Also distributed as a factory set with 3-D card and two foils. Contrary to 
some speculations, the 3-D card came in three variations, "red" and "green" and 
"blue." Thanks much to Gil Andrews and Jeramy Bonnelle for updates!

Back when the series was new, there was a report of a Venom promo card. If it ever 
existed, it was probably a production sample that was handed out at a show in very 
limited numbers. I have removed it from the main list.

Okay, here's a few words about the colors in the H-IV 3-D holograms. We also see a
lot of discussion about similar cards in later SkyBox sets, where people disagree on 
which colors are most "common." We originally concluded that the H-IV came in 
three variants, Red, Green, and Blue. Some thought that the Blue was just a different 
way of looking at the Green, but Joseph Simone (thanks!) acquired all three and first 
reported that they were distinctly different when placed side-by-side. MF Baker 
(many thanks!) finally came up with a plausible, complete explanation, after the 
number of confirmed color variants started to pass five, but within six distinct 
groups, allowing for different opinions and viewing possibilities:

- Plain Green: always green
- Gold/Yellow: a gold or yellow tint, but green is also visible sometimes.
- Orange/Red: anywhere from bright orange to a deep red, green is sometimes visible
- Teal: a combination of green and a light blue, green is often visible
- Deep Blue: a true blue, very little green is ever visible, almost always bright true blue
- Navy Blue: very very dark, can only see the image clearly in very bright light;
               absolutely no green visible ever, the most scarce
- Deep, Deep Red: deep dark blood red with some bright red too, more easily viewed 
              than navy blue, almost no green ever, the most scarce

SkyBox must have liked the effect and concluded this made the cards even more 
collectible. Therefore they continued the process in later sets. And the scarcity of 
each color could have varied over different parts of the print run.

Box: 36 packs of 10 cards.
Common sets: approx. 1.98 per box if collation were perfect.

   No.  Title                                   Type

     1  Hulk                                    Super Heroes
     2  Moon Knight                             Super Heroes
     3  Siege                                   Rookies
     4  Deadzone                                Super-Villains
     5  Wild Pack                               Super Heroes
     6  Silver Sable                            Super Heroes
     7  Doc Samson                              Super Heroes
     8  Deathlok                                Super Heroes
     9  Moses Magnum                            Super-Villains
    10  Warlock                                 Super Heroes
    11  Silver Surfer                           Super Heroes
    12  Quasar                                  Super Heroes
    13  Starhawk                                Super Heroes
    14  Galactus                                Super-Villains
    15  Goddess                                 Rookies
    16  Thanos                                  Super-Villains
    17  Morg                                    Super-Villains
    18  Drax                                    Super Heroes
    19  Nova                                    Super Heroes
    20  Firestar                                Super Heroes
    21  Cardinal                                Super-Villains
    22  Namorita                                Super Heroes
    23  Speedball                               Super Heroes
    24  Turbo                                   Rookies
    25  Rage                                    Super Heroes
    26  Night Thrasher                          Super Heroes
    27  Darkhawk                                Super Heroes
    28  Deadpool                                Super-Villains
    29  Cannonball                              Super Heroes
    30  Slayback                                Rookies
    31  Sabretooth                              Super-Villains
    32  Shatterstar                             Super Heroes
    33  Apocalypse                              Super-Villains
    34  Mr. Sinister                            Super-Villains
    35  Cable                                   Super Heroes
    36  Stryfe                                  Super-Villains
    37  Guardian                                Super Heroes
    38  Micromax                                Super Heroes
    39  Wildheart                               Super Heroes
    40  Captain Britain                         Super Heroes
    41  Phoenix                                 Super Heroes
    42  Nightcrawler                            Super Heroes
    43  Havok                                   Super Heroes
    44  Psylocke                                Super Heroes
    45  Strong Guy                              Super Heroes
    46  Dr. Strange                             Super Heroes
    47  Dormammu                                Super-Villains
    48  Beta Ray Bill                           Super Heroes
    49  Loki                                    Super-Villains
    50  Cobweb                                  Super-Villains
    51  Blackheart                              Super-Villains
    52  Sleepwalker                             Super Heroes
    53  Thor                                    Super Heroes
    54  Hellstorm                               Super Heroes
    55  Venom                                   Super-Villains
    56  Demogoblin                              Super-Villains
    57  Carnage                                 Super-Villains
    58  Hobgoblin                               Super-Villains
    59  Spider-Man                              Super Heroes
    60  Cardiac                                 Super-Villains
    61  Rhino                                   Super-Villains
    62  Shock                                   Rookies
    63  Daredevil                               Super Heroes
    64  Scarlet Witch                           Super Heroes
    65  Spider-Woman                            Super Heroes
    66  Splice                                  Super-Villains
    67  Iron Man                                Super Heroes
    68  Wonder Man                              Super Heroes
    69  War Machine                             Super Heroes
    70  Namor                                   Super Heroes
    71  Tiger Shark                             Super-Villains
    72  U.S. Agent                              Super Heroes
    73  Mr. Fantastic                           Super Heroes
    74  Invisible Woman                         Super Heroes
    75  Human Torch                             Super Heroes
    76  Lyja                                    Rookies
    77  Occulus                                 Super-Villains
    78  Molecule Man                            Super-Villains
    79  Dr. Doom                                Super-Villains
    80  Thing                                   Super Heroes
    81  Klaw                                    Super-Villains
    82  She-Hulk                                Super Heroes
    83  Punisher                                Super Heroes
    84  Falcon                                  Super Heroes
    85  Hardcore                                Super-Villains
    86  Nomad                                   Super Heroes
    87  Terror, Inc.                            Super Heroes
    88  Iron Fist                               Super Heroes
    89  Cage                                    Super Heroes
    90  Scarecrow                               Super-Villains
    91  Black Knight                            Super Heroes
    92  Crystal                                 Super Heroes
    93  Sersi                                   Super Heroes
    94  Thunderstrike                           Rookies
    95  Captain America                         Super Heroes
    96  Hercules                                Super Heroes
    97  Bloodaxe                                Super-Villains
    98  Red Skull                               Super-Villains
    99  Proctor                                 Super-Villains
   100  Deathwatch                              Super-Villains
   101  Lilith                                  Super-Villains
   102  Heart Attack                            Super-Villains
   103  Blaze                                   Super Heroes
   104  Basilisk                                Super-Villains
   105  Ghost Rider                             Super Heroes
   106  Darkhold Redeemers                      Super Heroes
   107  Morbius                                 Super Heroes
   108  Nightstalkers                           Super Heroes
   109  Storm                                   Super Heroes
   110  Archangel                               Super Heroes
   111  Beast                                   Super Heroes
   112  Rogue                                   Super Heroes
   113  Magneto                                 Super-Villains
   114  Gambit                                  Super Heroes
   115  Cyclops                                 Super Heroes
   116  Wolverine                               Super Heroes
   117  Bishop                                  Super Heroes
   118  Ovoids                                  Alien Races
   119  Brood                                   Alien Races
   120  Titans                                  Alien Races
   121  Badoon                                  Alien Races
   122  Asgardians                              Alien Races
   123  Skrulls                                 Alien Races
   124  Shi'ar                                  Alien Races
   125  Kree                                    Alien Races
   126  Rigellians                              Alien Races
   127  Black Axe                               Rookies
   128  Techno Wizards                          Super-Villains
   129  Motormouth                              Super Heroes
   130  Bloodseed                               Rookies
   131  Dark Angel                              Super Heroes
   132  Wild Thing                              Rookies
   133  Die-Cut                                 Super Heroes
   134  Death's Head II                         Super Heroes
   135  Death Metal                             Rookies

Unsolved Mysteries

   136  The Origin of Wolverine
   137  The Origin of Cable
   138  The Face of Darkhawk
   139  The Origin of Ghost Rider
   140  The Fate of the X-Men
   141  The Face of Doctor Doom
   142  The Sixth Member of the Infinity Watch
   143  The Secret of Spider-Man's Parents
   144  The Origin of Nightcrawler

Famous Battles

   145  Spider-Man vs Carnage
   146  Cable vs Stryfe
   147  Ghost Rider vs Lilith
   148  Silver Surfer vs Morg
   149  Wolverine vs Sabretooth
   150  Thor vs Loki
   151  War Machine
   152  Spider-Man vs Venom
   153  Punisher vs Thorn
   154  X-Cutioner's Song
   155  Spider-Man vs Sinister Six
   156  Infinity War
   157  Spirits of Venom
   158  Hulk vs Leader
   159  Ghost Rider vs Blackout
   160  Dr. Strange vs Dormammu
   161  Wolverine vs Cyber
   162  Captain America vs Crossbones
   163  Punisher vs Jigsaw
   164  Wolverine vs Venom
   165  Spider-Man vs Juggernaut
   166  Darkhawk vs Evilhawk
   167  X-Force vs Brotherhood of Evil Mutants
   168  Daredevil vs Typhoid Mary
   169  Spider-Man vs Kingpin
   170  Thor vs Bloodaxe
   171  Warlock vs Man-Beast
   172  Ghost Rider vs Blaze
   173  Hulk vs Hulk
   174  Fantastic Four vs Secret Defenders
   175  Spider-Man vs Cardiac
   176  Punisher vs Ghost Rider
   177  Wolverine vs Omega Red
   178  Cable vs Deadpool
   179  Hulk vs X-Factor

   180  Checklist


Red Foil-Stamped Cards (1:10 packs)

1-2099  Doom 2099
2-2099  Vulture 2099
3-2099  Ravage 2099
4-2099  Fearmaster
5-2099  Spider-Man 2099
6-2099  Punisher 2099
7-2099  Specialist
8-2099  Dethstryk
9-2099  Tiger Wylde

3-D Hologram Card (1:180 packs)

 H-IV   Spider-Man vs. Venom [Green]
 H-IV   Spider-Man vs. Venom [Multi (green and gold)]
 H-IV   Spider-Man vs. Venom [Red]
 H-IV   Spider-Man vs. Venom [Teal (bright blue)]
 H-IV   Spider-Man vs. Venom [Navy (dark blue)]


    0   Deathlok (Card Buyer's Guide)
  ---   Silver Sable
  ---   (foil-stamped, blank backs, 9 diff.)
  ---   (3-up panel, Capital City Conference)

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©1999, 2000, 2006, 2008, 2012 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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