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Joe 90 (Gerry Anderson Collection)
   Unstoppable Cards - 2017

Notes: Thanks to John Biagioni and David Rosciszewski for assistance! Further 
information and scans are posted at the Unstoppable website.

Box: Base set + foils + 1 high insert. # to 1499.
Case: 10 boxes each of Fireball XL-5, Joe 90, Stingray, Supercar.

  No.    Title                              Episode

     1   Joe 90 Official Trading Cards Set
     2   Pilot                              The Most Special Agent
     3   Ready to Shoot                     Hi-Jacked
     4   Sam Loover                         Splashdown
     5   Transfer                           Operation McClaine
     6   Reporter                           Three's a Crowd
     7   Virtuoso                           International Concerto
     8   Diver                              Big Fish
     9   Counterfeiting                     The Unorthodox Shepherd
    10   Mineshaft                          Relative Danger
    11   Deadly                             Business Holiday
    12   Tied Up                            King for a Day
    13   Brain Pattern                      Double Agent
    14   Ready for Lift-Off                 Most Special Astronaut
    15   Recovery                           Arctic Adventure
    16   Protection                         The Fortress
    17   Explosive Cargo                    Colonel McClaine
    18   Balloon                            Project 90
    19   Race                               The Race
    20   Armed                              The Professional
    21   Sheriff                            Lone-Handed 90
    22   Jet                                Attack Of The Tiger
    23   Experimental                       Talkdown
    24   Trapped Train                      Breakout
    25   Virus                              Mission X-41
    26   Launch                             Test Flight
    27   Deity                              Child of the Sun God
    28   Hoverliner                         Trial at Sea
    29   Crooked                            See You Down There
    30   Upset                              The Birthday
    31   Evil                               Viva Cordova
    32   Joe 90 [L profile]
    33   Joe 90 [R profile]
    34   Joe 90 [sitting]
    35   Joe 90 [glasses]
    36   Professor McClaine [labcoat]
    37   Professor McClaine [gray suit]
    38   Professor McClaine [blue suit]
    39   Sam Loover
    40   Shane Weston
    41   Big Rat
    42   Jet Air Car
    43   The Cottage
    44   Behind the Scenes [clapper]
    45   Behind the Scenes [camera and Joe]
    46   Behind the Scenes [stripes]
    47   Behind the Scenes [bed]
    48   Behind the Scenes [red sweater]
    49   Behind the Scenes [launcher]
    50   Behind the Scenes [EVA]
    51   Behind the Scenes [adjusting puppet]
    52   Behind the Scenes [firefighting]
    53   Checklist (1-42)
    54   Checklist (43-54, foils)


Silver Foil Cards (6:box)

   F1    Joe in Big Rat
   F2    Joe Flying
   F3    Sam, Joe and Mac
   F4    Professor McClaine
   F5    Joe Relaxes
   F6    Joe as an Angel

Autograph Cards (1 autograph or sketch or stamp  or printing plate pair per box)

  EM1    Elizabeth Morgan as the Voice of Dorina Cordova        Viva Cordova
  GF1    Gary Files as the Voice of Jim Grant                   Talkdown
  GF2    Gary Files as the Voice of Reverend Joseph Shepherd    The Unorthodox Shepherd
  GF3    Gary Files as the Voice of Ben Shazar                  King for a Day
  GF4    Gary Files as the Voice of Dr. Willie Loover           Relative Danger
  JW1    Jeremy Wilkin as the Voice of 8107 Co-Pilot Hal        International Concerto
  JW2    Jeremy Wilkin as the Voice of Colonel Malner           International Concerto
  JW3    Jeremy Wilkin as the Voice of Dr. Blakemore            Operation McClaine
  MT1    Mike Trim - Designer
  MT1    Mary Turner - Puppet Coordinator
  SR1    Shane Rimmer as the Voice of Colonel Henderson         Business Holiday
  SR2    Shane Rimmer as the Voice of Kent                      Most Special Astronaut

Genuine Mint Postage Stamp Cards

  PS1    Most Special Agent                 1st

Printing Plate Cards (Base, Foil)

   --    8 each (cyan, magenta, yellow, black; front and back)

Sketch Cards (# as SK1)

         Alex Mines 
         Andrew Lopez 
         Anthony Skubis
         Bekah & Adam Cleveland
         Bobby Breed
         Bruce Gerlach
         Chris Henderson 
         Clinton Yeager
         Dan Curto
         Danielle Adams
         Danielle Ellison
         Danny Hayman 
         Dave Fowler
         Dennis Gortakowski
         Don Pedicini Jr.
         Edgar A. Hernandez
         Graham Bleathman
         J Hammond
         Jack Chattox
         Jamie Richards
         Jason Westlake
         Joe McClaine
         Kevin Meinert
         Kevin P. West
         Kitty-Lydia Dye
         Laura Inglis
         Louise Draper
         Marc Ducrow
         Marcia Dye
         Matt Stewart
         Matthew Parmenter
         Mike Hannan
         Mike McHugh
         Nolan Dykstra
         Paul Cowan
         Phil Hassewer
         Rich Molinelli
         Rory McQueen
         Scott Fellowes
         Solly Mohammed
         Sue Thomas
         Vincenzo "Cheduz" D'Ippolito
         Westley Smith

Case-Topper Bonus Pack

 --      1x Artist Sketch Card
            Graham Bleathman
            Louise Draper
            Westley James Smith
 --      1x Autograph Card (# to 75)
 JWC0       Jeremy Wilkin as Captain Ochre
 JWCB       Jeremy Wilkin as Captain Black
 PR3     5x Terminator 2 Promo Card
 PR3     5x The Saint Promo Card
 PR3     5x The Prisoner Promo Card
 PR1     5x Space 1999 Series 2 Promo Card
 PR1     5x Captain Scarlet 50 Years Promo Card

Master Box (sold separately)

  --     Base Set of 54
  --     Foil Set of 6
  --     Autograph Set
  --     1x Artist Sketch Card
  --     1x Pair printing plates
  --     1x Stamp card
  --     Promo Set:
  PR1       Space 1999 Series 2
  PR3       The Prisoner
  PR3       The Saint
  PR3       Captain Scarlet 50 Years
  PR3       Terminator 2

Collectors Binder (sold separately; limited to 300)

  --     Gerry Anderson Collection (album)
  --     Box Design Promo Inset Cards
  B1        Supercar
  B2        Fireball XL5
  B3        Stingray
  B4        Joe 30

Print Proof Set (in Unstoppable Cards 2017 Yearset)

    --    (Base cards 1-54)


B4       Joe 30 (binder insert, also listed above)
ASP1     Dealer Promo (AMS-78)
CCP1     Dealer Promo (The Cyber Cellar)
DTP1     Dealer Promo (Derek's Trading Cards)
EMP1     Dealer Promo (Acme 3000)
GP1      Dealer Promo (Gazza Games)
HC-PR1   Coming Soon (British Horror Collection case incentive; # to 100)
MBP1     Dealer Promo (Trytradingcards)
MP1      Dealer Promo (Mitchy9210, limited to 50)
OCP1     Dealer Promo (Of Course Collectables)
PCP1     Dealer Promo (Premier Cards; limited to 30)
PR4      Coming in 2016 (# to 100; incentive with The Lost Worlds of Gerry Anderson)
RAP1     Dealer Promo (Radickal Trading Cards)
RKP1     Dealer Promo (Roman Krause)
RP1      Dealer Promo (Rydeclive)
TCP1     Dealer Promo (Dean Rogers Top Cards)
WEB1     The Gerry Anderson Collection (website exclusive)
YS1      Coming in 2016 (Unstoppable Yearbox; # to 125)

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©2017 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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