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James Bond Archives - Final Edition
   Rittenhouse Archives - 2017

Notes: Thanks to David Rosciszewski for the update! Further information and scans are posted 
at the Rittenhouse website.

Box: 24 packs of 5 cards. 12 boxes/case.

  No.    Card Text / Title                                     

Die Another Day Base Set

         Parallels include Regular (unnumbered); Gold (# to 250).

    1    Release Date: November 22, 2002                        unn   250
    2    Surfing into Pukch'ong Coast, three MI6 agents, in     unn   250
    3    The helicopter carrying Van Bierk and his cache of     unn   250
    4    On his way to meet Colonel Moon in the De-Militari     unn   250
    5    As one of Colonel Moon's men inspects the diamonds     unn   250
    6    Colonel Moon orders Zao to kill 007. However, Moon     unn   250
    7    007 commandeers a hovercraft, grabs a maching gun      unn   250
    8    After thwarting Moon's henchmen as their hovercraf     unn   250
    9    Aboard the colonel's hovercraft, Bond and Moon sud     unn   250
   10    For the next 14 months, 007 is held captive in a N     unn   250
   11    After 14 months in captivity, James Bond is transp     unn   250
   12    As he starts to walk across the North Korean borde     unn   250
   13    007 is taken to a medical facility board a British     unn   250
   14    After meeting with M, 007 uses biofeedback to lowe     unn   250
   15    007 checks into the Rubyeon royale Hotel in Hong K     unn   250
   16    AFter getting clearance from his superiors to assi     unn   250
   17    007 arrives in Havana, Cuba, where he seeks out a      unn   250
   18    AFter making some calls on Bond's behalf, Raoul fi     unn   250
   19    Driving the car loaned to him by Raoul, 007 drives     unn   250
   20    After spending the night with Jinx, 007 awakens th     unn   250
   21    Having already found out the hotel room number of      unn   250
   22    Inside the Alvarez Clinic, 007 searches for Zao, b     unn   250
   23    While Bond searches for Zao, Jinx meets with Dr. A     unn   250
   24    Bond finally locates Zao, who appears unconscious      unn   250
   25    Zao knocks the gun from Bond's hand, and the two a     unn   250
   26    A fire breaks out inside the Alvarez Clinic, and Z     unn   250
   27    A helicopter with several armed men awaits Zao on      unn   250
   28    After Zao escapes, several armed guards confront J     unn   250
   29    Back in Havana, Bond and Raoul inspect the diamond     unn   250
   30    Back at MI6, M teleconferences with Damian Falco o     unn   250
   31    James Bond returns to London from Havana aboard a      unn   250
   32    A large contingent of reporters and photographers      unn   250
   33    James Bond watches as Gustav Graves revels in the      unn   250
   34    After watching Olympic fencing champion Miranda Fr     unn   250
   35    Angered by 007, Graves insists on an old fashioned     unn   250
   36    Graves and Bond settle wheir wager, while the atte     unn   250
   37    007 meets M inside an abandoned subway station in      unn   250
   38    After returning to active duty, 007 engages in a v     unn   250
   39    Q demonstrates some of his latest inventions, incl     unn   250
   40    Q brings out 007's newest vehicle, which at first      unn   250
   41    M summons Miranda Frost, a covert MI6 agent who ha     unn   250
   42    007 drives up to Gustav Graves' complex in Iceland     unn   250
   43    After Bond and Graves exchange pleasantries, Miran     unn   250
   44    Jinx soon arrives at Graves' ice palace in a red F     unn   250
   45    Zao arrives in Iceland and enters Graves' private      unn   250
   46    Back at the party, Miranda Frost seeks out 007. Wi     unn   250
   47    To his invited guests in Iceland, Gustav Graves un     unn   250
   48    AFter Graves finishes demonstrating Icarus, 007 fo     unn   250
   49    As 007 eludes capture, Miranda Frost suddenly show     unn   250
   50    Bond convinces Frost to remain with him in his roo     unn   250
   51    Jinx infiltrates Graves' complex later that evenin     unn   250
   52    AFter spending part of the night with Frost in his     unn   250
   53    Zao and Mr. Kil strap Jinx down, and Zao uses Grav     unn   250
   54    Using the laser beam function in his watch, 007 cu     unn   250
   55    007 soon comes upon Jinx, who is strapped to a tor     unn   250
   56    As 007 releases Jinx from the torture device, he q     unn   250
   57    "So you live to die another day... Colonel," says      unn   250
   58    Miranda Frost suddenly arrives, as Bond confronts      unn   250
   59    With Miranda Frost holding Bond at gunpoint, she d     unn   250
   60    007 escapes to the outside of the complex. He quic     unn   250
   61    Graves requests the presence of the North Korean g     unn   250
   62    As the intense laser from Icarus bears down on Bon     unn   250
   63    When Jinx returns to the ice palace, she is locked     unn   250
   64    Using the parachute from Graves' rocket sled, 007      unn   250
   65    007 returns to Graves' complex. He initially goes      unn   250
   66    Zao takes off after Bond in his Jaguar XKR, which      unn   250
   67    Bond an Zao engage in a deadly, high-speed chase t     unn   250
   68    Graves, Frost and their henchmen board a large tra     unn   250
   69    Despite the ice palace collapsing around them, Zao     unn   250
   70    After taking care of Zao, 007 races through the me     unn   250
   71    Bond and Jinx are brought to the U.S. Command Bunk     unn   250
   72    Robinson informs Bond and Jinx that more than 80,0     unn   250
   73    M and Falco send Bond and Jinx into North Korea to     unn   250
   74    Graves calls for his father, General Moon, who had     unn   250
   75    As Graves reveals his diabolical plot using Icarus     unn   250
   76    Graves suddenly realizes that Bond is aboard the a     unn   250
   77    Just as Jinx regains control of the aircraft, Mira     unn   250
   78    When Graves' airplane flies through the Icarus bea     unn   250
   79    Bond and Graves continue to battle aboard the now      unn   250
   80    With Graves' plane heading for a fiery crash, Bond     unn   250
   81    M, Falco and Robinson watch from the U.S. Command      unn   250
   82    Back in London, Moneypenny appears to be writing u     unn   250
   83    Bond and Jinx have landed their helicocpter in a r     unn   250


For Your Eyes Only Throwback Cards (1:9 packs)

    1    Release Date: June 24, 1981
    2    While visiting his wife's grave, 007 receives word
    3    On a routine mission in the Ionian Sea, the Britis
    4    At the Ministry of Defence, Frederick Gray learns
    5    Melina Havelock travels by seaplane to visit her p
    6    MI6 Chief of Staff Bill Tanner and Minister of Def
    7    James Bond infiltrates a heavily guarded estate wh
    8    While Gonzales' men escort Bond away, Melina Havel
    9    When gonzales' henchmen try to break into 007's Lo
   10    After parting ways with Melina, 007 returns to Lon
   11    Tanner sends Bond to Cortina, a town in the heart
   12    After meeting with Kristatos, Bond spots Melina bu
   13    AFter sending Melina back to Corfu, Bond returns t
   14    Skiing his way back into town, 007 suddently comes
   15    After escaping from Locque and his assassins on th
   16    Bond travels to Corfu, where he surprises Melina.
   17    bond dines with Kristatos at a casino in Corfu. Kr
   18    Bond charms Countess Lisl into allowing him to dri
   19    Bond and Lisl wake up the next morning and take a
   20    Bond and Columbo soon come face to face aboard his
   21    True to his word, Columbo and his men take Bond to
   22    Bond disclvers that Columbo was telling the truth
   23    Locque tries to escape by car, but 007 takes sever
   24    Bond returns to Corfu and rejoins Melina aboard he
   25    Bond and Melina board the Neptune, a two-person su
   26    After 007 disconnects the detonator from the A.T.A
   27    Upon returning to the surface with the A.T.A.C., B
   28    Tied up on the deck of her yacht and tethered to K
   29    Back board her yacht, Bond and Melina lament that
   30    Bond, Melina, Columbo and three of Columbo's men t
   31    007 successfully climbs to the top of the rocky cl
   32    With the sound of Genral Gogol's helicopter approa
   33    KJristatos momentarily gets away from Columbo, but
   34    General Gogol and his armed guard have come for th
   35    AFter thwarting Kristatos at St. Cyrils, Bond and
   36    When Melina suggests a midnight swim, Bond removes

Octopussy Throwback Cards (1:9 packs)

    1    Release Date: June 6, 1983
    2    Posing as Colonel Luis Toro, 007 infiltrates a for
    3    On a mission in East Berlin, 009 poses as a clown
    4    At MI6 headquarters in London, Moneypenny introduc
    5    At a meeting of top Russian military leaders, the
    6    Unbeknownst to General Gogol, Orlov meets with Len
    7    007 and Jim Fanning, MI6's art expert, attend an a
    8    Back at MI6, 007 reveals to M that he swapped the
    9    Upon his arrival in Delhi, 007 is met by Vijay, wh
   10    007 takes on Kamal Khan in a high stakes game of b
   11    Khan warns Bond to spend his winnings quickly, whi
   12    Armed with a variety of deadly weapons and aided b
   13    Vijay delivers 007 to a secret location in Delhi,
   14    After meeting with Q, Bond returns to his hotel la
   15    After dinner, Bond and Magda retreat to his hotel
   16    Kamal Khan is working for a woman named Octopussy,
   17    007 awakens to find himself no longer at his hotel
   18    After dinner, 007 is escorted to his room at Kamal
   19    The ever resourceful 007 escapes from Kamal Khan's
   20    007 infiltrates the palace owned by Octopussy, usi
   21    The following day, Octopussy openy explains her sm
   22    AFter meeting with M in Berlin to discuss the next
   23    007 soon discovers General Orlov's plot to steal b
   24    007 takes General Orlov's car in high-speed pursui
   25    Arriving by helicopter, General Gogol and his men
   26    Back aboard Octopussy's train, 007 tries to warn O
   27    Grischka climbs on top of Octopussy's train to hel
   28    As Octopussy's train arrives at the U.S. airbase i
   29    While eluding the U.S. airbase police, 007 disguis
   30    After learning that she has been double-crossed by
   31    As Octopussy and her team of circus-performing war
   32    Khan and Gobinda prepare to take off, with Octopus

A View to a Kill Throwback Cards (1:9 packs)

    1    Release Date: May 22, 1985
    2    On a mission in Siberia, James Bond must recover a
    3    007 shoots a flare into the cabin of the Soviet he
    4    007 returns to MI6 headquarters in London, to meet
    5    M, Q, Moneypenny and 007 attend a horse race at th
    6    M introduces Bond to Sir Godfrey Tibbett, and MI6
    7    007 dines with French detective Achille Aubergine
    8    007 pursues May Day atop the Eiffel Tower, but jus
    9    Sir Godfrey arranges an invitation for 007 to Max
   10    Later that evening, Bond and Tibbett discover an u
   11    Zorin and May Day enjoy a rigorous sparring sessio
   12    The next morning, Zorin learns Bond's true dientit
   13    With ond unconscious and Tibbett dead, Zorin and M
   14    Zorin is revealed as a KGB agent, when General Gog
   15    Aboard his own dirigible, Zorin meets with his bus
   16    007 heads for San Francisco and Fisherman's Wharf,
   17    007 soon discovers Pola Ivanova, a KGB agend with
   18    While posing as a reporter on assignment to invest
   19    Bond and Stacey go to City Hall in San Francisco t
   20    Bond and Sutton are trapped inside an elevator in
   21    AFter finding Howe's body and Bond's gun, the San
   22    Bond and Sutton drive the fire truck to Zorin's Ma
   23    Inside the mine, Stacey figures out that Zorin's p
   24    While May Day pursues Bond and Sutton, Zorin sets
   25    Reaklizing the she's been betrayed by Zorin, who s
   26    With only seconds to spare, Bond and May Day place
   27    After watching May Day foil his plot by removing t
   28    With Bond hanging perilously from a mooring rope a
   29    In a battle to the death, 007 prevails over Zorin,
   30    After thwarting Zorin's plot to permanently flood

Spectre/SkyFall Expansion Cards (1:24 packs)

  208    James Bond                                           SPECTRE                           The Complete James Bond
  209    M                                                    SPECTRE                           The Complete James Bond
  210    Q                                                    SPECTRE                           The Complete James Bond
  211    Moneypenny                                           SPECTRE                           The Complete James Bond
  212    SPECTRE                                              SPECTRE                           The Complete James Bond
  213    Blofeld                                              SPECTRE                           The Complete James Bond
  214    Mr. Hinx                                             SPECTRE                           The Complete James Bond
  215    Dr. Madeleine Swann                                  SPECTRE                           The Complete James Bond
  216    Lucia Sciarra                                        SPECTRE                           The Complete James Bond
   67    James Bond                                           Skyfall                           James Bond Archives
   68    M                                                    Skyfall                           James Bond Archives
   69    Silva                                                Skyfall                           James Bond Archives
   70    James Bond                                           SPECTRE                           James Bond Archives
   71    Dr. Madeleine Swann                                  SPECTRE                           James Bond Archives
   72    Blofeld                                              SPECTRE                           James Bond Archives
   88    James Bond                                           SPECTRE                           James Bond Heroes & Villains
   89    Dr. Madeleine Swann                                  SPECTRE                           James Bond Heroes & Villains
   90    Blofeld                                              SPECTRE                           James Bond Heroes & Villains
  BG76   Léa Seydoux as Dr. Madeleine Swann                   SPECTRE                           Bond Girls Are Forever
  BG77   Monica Bellucci as Lucia Sciarra                     SPECTRE                           Bond Girls Are Forever
  BG78   Stephanie Sigman as Estrella                         SPECTRE                           Bond Girls Are Forever
  F84    Christopher Waltz as Blofeld                         SPECTRE                           Bond Villains
  F85    Dave Bautista as Hinx                                SPECTRE                           Bond Villains
  F86    Andrew Scott as Max Denbigh                          SPECTRE                           Bond Villains

Metal and Double-Sided Mirror Cards (1:72 packs, # to 100)

      Metal Poster Cards

  M13    Release Date June 1983                               Octopussy
  M14                                                         A View To A Kill
  M15    Release Date June 1987                               The Living Daylights
  M16                                                         Licence To Kill
  M17    Release Date November 1995                           GoldenEye
  M18                                                         Tomorrow Never Dies
  M19    Release Date November 1999                           The World Is Not Enough
  M20                                                         Die Another Day
  M21    Release Data November 2006                           Casino Royale
  M22    Release Date October 2008                            Quantum of Solace
  M23    Release Date October 2012                            Skyfall
  M24                                                         SPECTRE

      Double-Sided Plexi Mirror Cards

  M3     James Bond / Auric Goldfinger                        Goldfinger
  M6     James Bond / Blofeld                                 On Her Majesty's Secret Service
  M9     James Bond / Scaramanga                              The Man with the Golden Gun
  M12    James Bond / Aris Kristatos                          For Your Eyes Only
  M15    James Bond / Brad Whitaker                           The Living Daylights
  M18    James Bond / Elliot Carver                           Tomorrow Never Dies
  M21    James Bond / Le Chiffre                              Casino Royale
  M24    James Bond / Oberhauser                              SPECTRE

Autograph Cards (1:12 packs)

   --    Alessandro Cremona as Marco Sciarra                  SPECTRE                           Full Bleed
   --    Alkis Kritikos as Santos                             For Your Eyes Only                Full Bleed
   --    Anthony Forrest as Bomb Disposal Officer             The Spy Who Loved Me              Full Bleed
 A283    Ben Whishaw as Q                                     Skyfall                           40th Anniversary
   --    Bérénice Marlohe as Severine                         Skyfall                           Full Bleed
   --    Britt Ekland as Mary Goodnight                       The Man With The Golden Gun       Full Bleed
   --    Carl McCrystal as Trukhin                            The World Is Not Enough           Full Bleed
   --    Caroline Bliss as Miss Moneypenny                    The Living Daylights              Full Bleed
   --    Christina Hui as Member of Drax's Super Race         Moonraker                         Full Bleed
   --    Christopher Bowen as Cmdr. Richard Day               Tomorrow Never Dies               Full Bleed
   --    Christopher Neame as Fallon                          Licence To Kill                   Full Bleed
   --    Claude-Oliver Rudolph as Colonel Akakievich          The World Is Not Enough           Full Bleed
   --    Daisy Beaumont as Nina                               The World Is Not Enough           Full Bleed
 A155    Daniel Craig as James Bond                           Quantum Of Solace                 40th Anniversary
   --    Daniela Bianchi as Tatiana Romanova                  From Russia With Love             Full Bleed
   --    Dave Bautista as Mr. Hinx                            SPECTRE                           Full Bleed
   --    Daz Crawford as Zukovsky's Henchman                  The World Is Not Enough           Full Bleed
   --    Deborah Moore as Flight Attendant                    Die Another Day                   Full Bleed
   --    Denise Perrier as Marie                              Diamonds Are Forever              Full Bleed
   --    Diana Lee-Hsu as Loti                                Licence To Kill                   Full Bleed
 A267    Femi Gardiner as Harem Girl                          The Living Daylights              40th Anniversary
   --    George Lazenby as James Bond                         On Her Majesty's Secret Service   Full Bleed
 A297    George Roubicek as Gemini 16 Astronaut               You Only Live Twice               40th Anniversary
   --    George Roubicek as Stromberg One Ship Captain        The Spy Who Loved Me              Full Bleed
   --    Halle Berry as Jinx                                  Die Another Day                   Full Bleed
   --    Helena Ronee as The Israeli Girl                     On Her Majesty's Secret Service   Full Bleed
   --    Jane Seymour as Solitaire                            Live And Let Die                  Full Bleed
   --    Jeanne Roland as Masseuse                            You Only Live Twice               Full Bleed
   --    Jeffrey Wright as Felix Leiter                       Quantum of Solace                 Full Bleed
   --    Jesus Ochoa as Lt. Orso                              Quantum of Solace                 Full Bleed
   --    Jimmy Roussounis as Pipeline Technician              The World Is Not Enough           Full Bleed
   --    John Wyman as Eric Kriegler                          For Your Eyes Only                Full Bleed
   --    Judi Dench as M                                      Skyfall                           Full Bleed
   --    Lawrence Makoare as Mr. Kil                          Die Another Day                   Full Bleed
   --    Léa Seydoux as Dr. Madeleine Swann                   SPECTRE                           Full Bleed
   --    Mark Dymond as Van Bierk                             Die Another Day                   Full Bleed
   --    Mathieu Amalric as Dominic Greene                    Quantum of Solace                 Full Bleed
   --    Michelle Yeoh as Wai Lin                             Tomorrow Never Dies               Full Bleed
 WA54    Naomie Harris as Moneypenny                          Skyfall                           Women of Bond
   --    Nicaise Jean-Louis as Member of Drax's Super Race    Moonraker                         Full Bleed
   --    Pavel Douglas as French Warship Captain              GoldenEye                         Full Bleed
   --    Rachel Grant as Peaceful Fountains of Desire         Die Another Day                   Full Bleed
   --    Richard Kiel as Jaws                                 The Spy Who Loved Me              Full Bleed
 A223    Roger Moore as James Bond                            Moonraker                         40th Anniversary
 A224    Roger Moore as James Bond                            For Your Eyes Only                40th Anniversary
 A225    Roger Moore as James Bond                            A View to a Kill                  40th Anniversary
   --    Roger Moore as James Bond                            For Your Eyes Only                Full Bleed
   --    Rory Kinnear as Tanner                               Skyfall                           Full Bleed
   --    Rufus Wright as Treasury Agent                       Quantum of Solace                 Full Bleed
   --    Shane Rimmer as Captain Carter                       The Spy Who Loved Me              Full Bleed
   --    Tanya Roberts as Stacey Sutton                       A View To A Kill                  Gold Signature
   --    Tom Chadbon as Stockbroker                           Casino Royale                     Full Bleed
   --    Tula as Girl at Pool                                 For Your Eyes Only                Full Bleed
 WA56    Yvonne Shima as Sister Lilly                         Dr. No                            Women of Bond

Autograph Costume Cards

   --    Bérénice Marlohe - Severine's Dress                  Skyfall                           250
   --    Ola Rapace - Patrice's Suit                          Skyfall                           250
   --    Severine's Bodyguard - Jacket                        Skyfall                           500

Wardrobe and Prop Relic Cards (1:144 packs; #-to as shown)

 MR7     Palio de Siena Scarf                                 Quantum of Solace                 200
 MR8     Opera Program Interior                               Quantum of Solace                 160
 MR9     Admissions Documents                                 Die Another Day                   185
 MR10    Hotel Key Card and Holder                            Die Another Day                    91
 MR11    Opera Invitation and Gift Bag                        Quantum of Solace                 155

 PR21    James Bond - Jacket                                  Casino Royale                     200
 PR22    James Bond - Shirt                                   Casino Royale                     200
 PR23    James Bond - Suit                                    Casino Royale                     200
 PR24    James Bond - Suit                                    Quantum of Solace                 200
 PR25    Camille - Shirt                                      Quantum of Solace                 200
 PR26    James Bond - Shirt                                   Quantum of Solace                 200
 PR27    Silva - Police Jacket                                Skyfall                           200
 PR28    Moneypenny - Jacket                                  Skyfall                           200
 PR29    M - Overcoat                                         Skyfall                           200
 PR30    James Bond - Hunting Jacket                          Skyfall                           200

Case Topper Metal Poster Card

  CT1    Release Date November 2002                           Die Another Day

Card Album (sold separately)

   --    (binder)
   P3    (Jinx in red; exclusive promo card)

Multiple-Case-Purchase Incentive Cards

   --    Maud Adams as Octopussy (Gold Signature Autograph; 6 cases)        Octopussy
   --    Christopher Lee as Scaramanga (Full Bleed Autograph; 9 cases)      The Man With The Golden Gun
   --    Archive Box (Box A and Box B; 18 cases)
         -- Sean Connery (cut signature card; Archive Box exclusive)

Dual Autograph Card (sold separately)

   --    Roger Moore as James Bond / Richard Kiel as Jaws


   P1    (Jinx in leather; general distribution)
   P2    (Brosnan; Facebook send-away)
   P3    (Jinx in red; album exclusive)

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