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Inceptions 2
   Dustra Productions - 2017

Notes: Base card numbering continues from series 1. Thanks much to Brian Kutz 
for the original list! Further information and scans are posted at the Dustra website.

Pack: 8 base cards + 1 sketch.

No.   Artist                    Characters / # sketched

Base Cards

 16   Lynne Anderson            Asmideus, Cyberpunk, Cyberotica, Meeka, Paranoia, Eleta, Spectra, Moondancer, Winter & Sunni
 17   Mick, Matt & Kathy Glebe  Kane and Lazarus
 18   Mick & Matt Glebe         Detective Buckles, Idola, Ropper & Dimples
 19   Luro Hersal               Yyem
 20   Samantha Johnson          The Emporer and his Shadow
 21   Frank A. Kadar            Anunnaki Supreme Leader, Mynyster, Bracchus, Commander Chaynes and Men in Black
 22   Hanie Mohd                Labbit, Noie, Addilicia, & Ilyncia
 23   OpticNerve                Rand Broodblade, Celosia, Gobbo, and Rosie

Sketch Card Artists

      Amy Clark                 10
      Axebone                   10
      Bill Maus                 12
      Danielle Gransaull        10
      Frank Kadar               10
      George Webber             12
      Hanie Mohd                15
      Helga Wojik               10
      Ingrid Hardy               2
      James Linares             10
      Luro Hersal               15
      Lynne Anderson            20
      Matt & Mick Glebe         10
      Molly Brewer               6
      OpticNerve                20
      Samantha Johnson           5
      Sha-Nee Williams          15


--    Helga Wojik               From Poogaton with Love

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©2017 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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