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The Incredible Hulk (TV Series)
   F.K.S. Publishers - 1979

Notes: There is no text on the front of each card, only a picture. The first 33 pictures are live
action shots taken from a movie or television episode while the remaining 147 are comic book-like 
images. The backs include the card number and the set title: "THE INCREDIBLE HULK". Most 
card backs also include a story line to go along with the picture on the front of the card. When 2 or 
more cards are needed to complete the image, the card backs do not include a story line. The cards 
measure 45 mm x 64 mm (1.77" x 2.52"). Any grammatical or spelling issues are taken from what's 
printed on the cards. Thanks to Albert Joseph for the list!

Pack: 6 cards.

 No.   Text on back

  1   Doctor David Banner and his wife Laura. Their life together was
      perfect. Until one tragic day, a fatal car crash brought Laura's
      life to an end. Helpless, too weak to save her, Doctor Banner 
      tried in vain to free her from the burning car.
  2   Now, Doctor Banner's sleeping hours were haunted by recurring visions
      of that same tragic accident. Over and over again in Banner's dreams,
      Laura died. And every time Banner was powerless to help. He was only 
      one man.
  3   And since this tragic accident he had buried himself in his work at
      the Institute, trying to tap those incredible reserves of strength 
      which all of us have, but few of us may use. If he had been able to 
      use that strength, he could have saved his wife.
  4   On this particular day Banner and his associate, Elaina Marks, seem as 
      far from the truth as ever. Presently Elaina asked: "Can you face 
      today's interview, David?"  "I guess so," David Banner replied. 
      "Would you bring the tapes in?"
  5   Elaina had set up the video recorder to play back the interviews to 
      Doctor Banner. The first woman who had been interviewed had had, it 
      turned out, an experience very similar to that of Doctor Banner. 
      Except that the woman had lifted the car, with her bare hands.
  6   Later that night David Banner, working late in his lab, stumbled 
      across something that he had missed before. On the days that his 
      subjects had performed their feats of great strength there had been a 
      high incidence of gamma radiation present in the atmosphere.
  7   In an effort to re-create the conditions under which people had 
      performed great feats of strength, Doctor Banner allowed himself to be 
      bombarded with gamma radiation. The generators whirred into life, 
      injecting massive doses of gamma rays into Banner. But he felt no 
  8   But even though he adjusted the machinery to deliver a near-fatal 
      amount of gamma radiation, the result was still the same...
  9   Just like so many experiments before. A great wave of frustration 
      swept over David Bruce Banner. And even as his anger grew, an awesome 
      transformation took place.
 10   A raging green monster. A mighty behemoth that men will come to call 
      The Incredible Hulk. Dazed and confused, the creature broke out of 
      the laboratory, pushing his way through the walls as though they were 
      made of paper, and striding out into the early morning air.
 11   quadriptych of The Hulk meeting a little girl - no story line
 12   quadriptych - 2 of 4 - no story line
 13   quadriptych - 3 of 4 - no story line
 14   quadriptych - 4 of 4 - no story line
 15   The shout of the child attracted her father... who happened to be 
      armed! The shot was well-placed. It struck the creature squarely in 
      the shoulder. The monster growled in pain and advanced menacingly 
      towards the father of the child. The man felt the panic rising up 
      inside him.
 16   Though wounded and in pain, The Incredible Hulk leaped towards the man 
      with the speed of an express train. He picked the man up as though he 
      was weightless and hurled him, with deadly accuracy, so that he landed 
      in the lake within feet of his daughter.
 17   Some distance away, The Incredible Hulk stopped by the lakeside, his 
      anger subsiding with each passing second. He stooped and, as if driven 
      by some inexplicable instinct, began to bathe his wounded shoulder in 
      the cool, refreshing lake water.
 18   It was at that moment he noticed his reflection in the water. The 
      creature was puzzled, seeing his own face for the first time. He 
      stretched out his huge hand, as if seeking to touch the reflection... 
      as if seeking to learn more of the nature of the face before him.
 19   Yet, even as the monster stared at his own reflection the outline of 
      his face began to shimmer and change. The head decreased in size and 
      the green hue began to dissipate. The whole form began to shrink. 
      Within seconds The Incredible Hulk was gone and...
 20 was Doctor David Bruce Banner's face that looked up from the 
      surface of the lake. The face wore a puzzled expression. "Where am 
      I?"  asked Doctor Banner of nobody in particular. "What happened to 
      me?" It was obvious that Banner had no memories of his actions as The 
 21   Soon he was back at the secluded laboratory Elaina had been astounded 
      at the speed with which the bullet wound had disappeared. Since the 
      Doctor hadn't been able to remember what had happened to him, they 
      decided that they should run some tests with Banner locked inside a 
      steel chamber.
 22   Before long Doctor Banner was dozing fitfully. But, just as on the 
      previous night, the dream came again... and Banner was awake. The 
      change had already begun. In the space of a few heartbeats David 
      Bruce Banner would be gone, and in his place would stand the awesome 
      green monster The Hulk.
 23   Pushing his way through the steel walls of the chamber that imprisoned 
      him, The Hulk began to advance towards the only other person in 
      sight... Elaina!  Somehow, by speaking gently to the creature she knew 
      to be Doctor Banner, she managed to calm him enough to induce the 
 24   The two left the lab to have a meal and discuss the implications of 
      their discovery, but they did not leave unobserved. Reporter Jack 
      McGee decided to investigate some of the strange goings on in the 
      laboratory in greater detail. Unfortunately, the man's blundering 
      search upset some explosive chemicals.
 25   By the time Doctor Banner discovered McGee at work it was too late. 
      Both men were unaware of the impending explosion, as Banner escorted 
      McGee to the door. "I think you know something about the creature and 
      it's your duty to report it," said McGee. "Don't make me angry," 
      replied Banner.
 26   At that moment a mighty explosion shattered the silence of the night. 
      Banner forgot McGee and ran back to the lab... but he could not enter 
      for the flames. Rushing round to the other side of the building, he 
      peered through a window and saw - "Elaina!"
 27   diptych of Doctor Banner facing the flames - no story line
 28   diptych 2 of 2 - no story line
 29   For the second time that night David Banner disappeared in favour of 
      the growling green monster called The Incredible Hulk. And where 
      Banner was unable to pass through the flames, they were no more than a 
      passing annoyance to The Hulk.
 30   ...sweeping her into his arms as if she were no heavier than a rag 
      doll. Yet, even as he carried Elaina from the blazing building, the 
      ground rocked with a mighty explosion... an explosion which destroyed 
      the lab and its contents completely.
 31   The Hulk had been too late. Even though he had managed to get Elaina 
      out of the lab, her injuries were too great for her survival. And as 
      she died the roar of anguish from the tortured creature who had lost 
      his only friend was so loud that the very ground trembled.
 32   Then, slowly, he turned away, unable to do anything more for the only 
      human to show him kindness. The Hulk wandered aimlessly off into the 
      forest... lost and confused... like a powerful but lonely child.
 33   Epilogue: A stranger walks away from two graves. One is his own. One 
      contains the only friend he had in the world. For Elaina marks it is 
      the beginning of eternal, dreamless sleep. For Doctor David Bruce 
      Banner it is the beginning of a nightmare without end.

Second Story

 34   quadriptych of Dr. Banner looking at a circus - no story line
 35   quadriptych - 2 of 4 - no story line
 36   quadriptych - 3 of 4 - no story line
 37   quadriptych - 4 of 4 - no story line
 38   Banner entered the ring of caravans that marked the perimeters of the 
      circus grounds. He decided to ask the first person he came across 
      about the possibility of work. Soon, he saw a circus hand cleaning a 
      rifle and tried to talk to him. But the man pretended not to hear.
 39   "A very strange place, this," thought Doctor Banner as he left the man 
      to his rifle-cleaning. "I'll try to find some one else to ask.
 40   "Hey! Just what do you think you're doing," shouted Banner, trying to 
      grab the trainer's arm. "Mind your own business, rube," replied the 
      man. "This is my circus and I'll do what I like!
 41   "Rights! What do you know about rights, meddler!" screamed the trainer 
      as he brought his club down in a short arc onto Doctor Banner's head.  
      The blow made Banner stagger, and stars began to dance before his eyes.  
      He pitched forwards onto the ground.
 42   But the crack on the head did not so much hurt the Doctor as make him 
      angry, causing his heart rate to rise.  This, in turn, triggered a 
      reaction in his radiation-laden blood cells and a terrible 
      transformation began.  Banner's skin took on a greenish hue...
 43   ...his frame grew larger, splitting his clothes apart at the seams. An 
      expression of sheer agony etched itself across his face, as though the 
      pain of transformation was too much to endure. Within seconds the 
      change would be complete and in Banner's place would stand...
 44   The Incredible Hulk! Like a confused and angry child the Hulk looked 
      around to get his bearings. He seemed to remember that a long time ago 
      a strange bald man was trying to hurt him with a stick.  As this was 
      happening the animal trainer cowered on the ground. All this was too 
      much to take in.
 45   Even as The Hulk picked him up bodily and hurled him into a pile of 
      packing crates the trainer was hardly conscious of what was happening 
      to him. Somehow, the whole chain of events seemed like a bad dream. 
      Almost immediately the Hulk lost interest in the trainer and began 
      lashing out at everything in sight.
 46   Circus hands scattered as The Hulk smashed packing crates, piles of 
      wood, fences, in fact anything within his reach. The cry for help went 
      up. Circus people came running in response to the shouting. Among them 
      was the man that Banner had seen earlier with the rifle.
 47   As the crowd gathered, The Hulk noticed the man with the rifle. "Hah!" 
      thought The Hulk to himself. "Puny humans try to hurt Hulk with dumb 
      rifle. Hulk not frightened of stupid gun." But what The Hulk didn't 
      know was that this was no ordinary rifle.  It did not fire bullets...
 48 fired special darts. Each dart was loaded with enough 
      tranquiliser to stun an elephant for an hour. Three struck The Hulk 
      squarely in the shoulder. He did not even notice the sensation of the 
      darts entering his flesh, but already the drug was at work.
 49   The seconds passed. The Hulk continued his spree of destruction. Then, 
      as if struck from behind by a giant, invisible fist, the green man-
      monster keeled over. Unconscious with the massive dose of tranquilising 
      drug The Incredible Hulk was helpless at the hands of his enemies.
 50   quadriptych of The Hulk being hauled away - no story line
 51   quadriptych - 2 of 4 - no story line
 52   quadriptych - 3 of 4 - no story line
 53   quadriptych - 4 of 4 - no story line
 54   Meanwhile, not too far away, a government safety inspector is on his 
      way to examine the safety precautions in force at the circus.  The man 
      is calm. His mind wanders. He thinks of his family, little suspecting 
      the unusual events that are occurring at his destination.
 55   Shortly after the cage door had shut behind him, The Hulk had awakened 
      from his drug-induced sleep. The tigers were wary of this strange 
      creature that now shared their domain. The Hulk growled at the tigers 
      and advanced towards them menacingly.
 56   As the tiger leaped towards The Hulk he plucked the animal out of mid-
      air as though it were nothing larger than a domestic tabby. Gripping it 
      in a mighty bear-hug he applied just enough pressure to frighten the 
      animal. Somehow.
 57   As the cruel circus owner stands watching The Hulk battle for his life 
      with the caged tigers, a circus hand runs up and tells him of the 
      arrival of the safety inspector. The bald-headed man scowls 
      impatiently. Another meddler was the last thing he needed at a moment 
      like that.
 58   When the circus owner arrived at the spot where the inspector was 
      waiting he was a changed man. Gone were the scowls and the grimaces. 
      The owner was a polite and considerate host. His act had so fooled the 
      inspector that he was able to lead his guest away from the spot where 
      The Hulk battled for his life against the big cats.
 59   Back at the tiger cage, The Hulk stood with his back against the wall 
      of the cage. In their brief struggle with the green giant the tigers 
      had learned that not all prey is easy prey. They cowered in a corner 
      away from The Hulk. And with the end of the fighting The Hulk began to 
 60   The green colour of The Hulk's skin began to fade and was replaced by 
      the flesh tones of Doctor Banner. And as the transformation was 
      completed, it was an exhausted Bruce Banner that slumped to the floor 
      of the tigers cage, weakened from the exertion of his ordeal.
 61   The big cats somehow sensed that their prey was helpless again. They 
      seemed aware the green, raging monster they had fought minutes earlier 
      was no longer a force to be reckoned with. They advanced toward Banner, 
      growls rumbling in their throats.
 62   Meanwhile, in showing the inspector around the circus grounds the owner 
      had become overconfident and careless. He had strayed too close to the 
      tigers cage. The inspector heard the sounds of the growling coming from 
      the cage and insisted that they investigate.
 63   Helpless to stop the inspector the circus owner was forced to trail 
      behind the visitor. But as the inspector turned the corner of the cage 
      a look of horror spread across his face to see that the tigers were not 
      the sole occupants of the cage. He turned to the circus owner, ill-
      concealed fury in his voice...
 64   "Great Scott, man!" exclaimed the inspector, "Get that fellow out of 
      that cage. He'll be killed. What sort of circus are you running here 
      anyway.  I see I shall have to make a full report about this. You! You 
      with the hose..."
 65   ...Turn that water on these animals while the others get that man out 
      of the cage." The man the inspector was shouting a turned from hosing 
      down the elephants to see what the stranger was shouting about. As he 
      realised what was happening he rushed across to hold the tigers at bay.
 66   As the cold water struck the big cats they let out squeals and ran to 
      the back of the cage. Like all cats tigers are not fond of water and 
      this fact gave the circus hands the chance they needed to allow Doctor 
      Banner to escape from the tigers cage.
67   After making sure that Banner was safe the inspector addressed the 
      cruel circus owner. "This circus will be closed down immediately 
      pending a full investigation. You must be insane to lock a man in a 
      cage with those starving animals. He's not a wild beast..."
 68   At those words Doctor David Bruce Banner turned away and stared into 
      space for a few moments. "Perhaps, inspector, there is a wild beast in 
      all of us," said Banner half to himself, half aloud. "The wild beast 
      that is born out of uncontrollable rage."

Third Story

 69   quadriptych of The Hulk in a forest fire - no story line
 70   quadriptych - 2 of 4 - no story line
 71   quadriptych - 3 of 4 - no story line
 72   quadriptych - 4 of 4 - no story line
 73   quadriptych of Dr. Banner asleep on the forest floor - no story line
 74   quadriptych - 2 of 4 - no story line
 75   quadriptych - 3 of 4 - no story line
 76   quadriptych - 4 of 4 - no story line
 77   Banner's deep sleep is abruptly shattered by a loud noise. "What's 
      that? Sounds like the screech of car tyres. It's stopping just over 
      there." The forest animals scatter at the sound. Banner rises to 
      investigate, moving towards a small clearing at the end of a dirt 
 78   Three men emerge from the vehicle. Each of them takes from the boot of 
      the car a heavy petrol can. "I want this area clear so that my company 
      can move in next week.
 79   From his hiding place Banner gasped at the sight. "They're going to 
      burn down the forest just to get the land for expensive buildings. I've 
      got to stop them or thousands of animals will die."
 80   "Get ridda that nut," barked the boss and Banner suddenly found himself 
      the target for three pairs of heavy fists. He tried to put up a 
      struggle but it was no use, he was hopelessly outnumbered.
 81   The boss and his henchmen surveyed the unconscious figure of Banner on 
      the forest floor. "We can't have any witnesses, boys. People must think 
      this forest fire is an accident." The boss thought for a moment. "Throw 
      this animal-lovin' creep into the fire.
 82   Banner's prostrate form was roughly dragged to the area where the fire 
      was to start by one man. The other two continued to douse everything 
      with petrol. A lighted match was then thrown into a pool of the 
      volatile liquid and flames leaped towards the sky.
 83   Long minutes passed before Banner began to come round. He felt so hot. 
      Smoke filled his lungs causing violent coughing. His eyes opened to be 
      nearly blinded by the brightness of the flames leaping from tree to 
      tree all around him. The forest was ablaze. Only one thought rushed 
      through his head. "The animals. They'll be roasted alive. What can I 
      do? I can't save them all."
 84   Helplessness and frustration overwhelmed him. Anger at the money-hungry 
      property developers flared. Anger - the one thing that Banner feared 
      above all else. It was too late. His pulse-rate quickened. His heart 
      pounded. Adrenalin was pumped into his system at an alarming rate and 
      within him a transformation began that could not be reversed.
 85   The chain reaction continued to build, fuelled by the gamma radiation 
      he had absorbed so long ago now, or so it seemed. His body expanded at 
      a fantastic rate until Banner's restrictive clothes could no longer 
      contain it. They were simply shredded under the onslaught of the 
      awesome forces that racked his body. His skin began to take on a green 
      tinge. And still the anger built until. . .

Marvel Universe Characters

 90   THOR
 93   HULK - quadriptych of Banner transforming into The Hulk
 94   HULK - quadriptych - 2 of 4
 95   HULK - quadriptych - 3 of 4
 96   HULK - quadriptych - 4 of 4
 99   THE WASP
104   DR. DOOM
105   LOKI
106   HULK - quadriptych of The Hulk's crushing strength
107   HULK - quadriptych - 2 of 4
108   HULK - quadriptych - 3 of 4
109   HULK - quadriptych - 4 of 4

116   . . .a gigantic creature stood where Doctor Banner had been. THE 
      INCREDIBLE HULK, the most powerful being ever to walk the face of the 
      Earth, was free once more!
117   The Hulk looked about him. His slow wits trying to make sense of the 
      situation he found himself in. All about him the fire roared. Small 
      creatures fled before it in terror. In the deepest recesses of Hulk's 
      small brain a spark of Banner's consciousness remained.
118   .... Somehow he knew that if he could contain the fire in a small area 
      and stop it from spreading the rest of the forest, and the animals, 
      could be saved. He grasped the pine tree in both hands and, using it as 
      an impromtu bat,  began striking the other trees.
119   quadriptych of The Hulk holding a pine tree above his head
120   quadriptych - 2 of 4 - no story line
121   quadriptych - 3 of 4 - no story line
122   quadriptych - 4 of 4 - no story line
123   Green muscles rippled pouring power into every swing of the trunk. It 
      scythed through the other trees as if they were so much matchwood. 
      Trunks, branches, twigs all splintered under the blows. "Hulk get rid 
      of stupid wood. Stop fire getting to it," he grunted.
124   Time didn't mean anything to The Hulk, he just knew he was finished 
      when the job was complete. He dropped the remnant of the pine tree, all 
      that remained after his awesome task, and surveyed the scene. A vast 
      swathe of flattened forest was visible, a natural firebreak.
125   Hulk watched the last of the small creatures dart across the gap he had 
      created. Soon the flames had consumed all they could and, having no 
      place else to go, withered and died. Only charred stumps remained.
126   Three sinister figures approached the scene. "Whatcha reckon happened? 
      said one. "Beats me," replied another, "one minute the fire was going 
      great, then suddenly it dies on us. The Boss sure ain't pleased. He 
      wants us to find the reason or we'll be for the high jump - off the 
      nearest cliff, if I know the boss." They continued forward, nervously. 
      A thick smoke haze obscured much of the detail in front of them.
127   They stumbled across the firebreak. "Hey, this wasn't here when we set 
      the fire." "Who - or what - made this? Looks like somebody drove an 
      earthmoving machine through here." A few yards off The Hulk stepped out 
      of the smoke. He saw the men as soon as they saw him. "Cripes, Joe, 
      what's that thing?" Lord knows, Hank. It's big, it's green, and I ain't 
      hangin' around to find out!"
128   "You men who try to hurt Hulk's furry friends," Hulk bellowed, 
      recognition flooding in from Banner's subconscious. "Come back here, 
      Hulk want to smash!" The henchmen had no intention of turning round and 
      fled even faster at the sound of Hulk's guttural voice. Fear gripped 
      them. This was something their oh-so-brilliant boss hadn't obviously 
129   Panic does wonders for any escape. Within seconds the men were in their 
      car and the boss made fully aware of the situation. "Hurry, you 
      cretins, get this car moving. I don't want to be here when that thing 
130   The reason for the villains immobility was, of course, The Hulk. He had 
      the rear of the car in his vice-like grip. His arms, functioning like 
      twin fork-lift trucks, lifted the entire back of the car off the 
      ground. The back wheels spun in the air.
131   ... lift the whole vehicle off the ground! Tortured metal twisted and 
      groaned under The Hulks grip. From inside the car came screams of agony 
      mixed with recognition as the passengers saw just who was responsible 
      for their predicament. "Boss, what a we goin' to do?" yelled someone.
132   quadriptych of The Hulk flipping the car
133   quadriptych - 2 of 4 - no story line
134   quadriptych - 3 of 4 - no story line
135   quadriptych - 4 of 4 - no story line
136   Spurred on by the faint memories of what Banner had seen earlier that 
      day, The Hulk stomped round to the back of the car, tore open the boot 
      as if it were made of cardboard, and proceeded to scatter the empty 
      petrol cans.
137   The distant wail of police car sirens stirred uneasy memories within 
      The Hulk. Memories of men in uniforms with guns who were always chasing 
      The Hulk, never giving him a moment of peace. His job done, he turned 
      and walked back into the forest.
138   The police, summoned to the scene by the smoke from the early stages of 
      the fire, soon overcame their initial amazement at finding a car with 
      three men inside wedged between three trees.  The empty petrol cans 
      scattered around the area by The Hulk proved to be evidence enough.
139   Powerful blades cut through the car roof and the men staggered out into 
      the waiting arms of the law where they were only too pleased to confess 
      to all their crimes if only the police would keep the huge green man 
      away from them. The boss, in a last-minute bid for freedom, tried to 
      blame the whole thing on the "Giant green man" who forced them to do 
      his bidding.
140   The police sergeant laughed at his story. "Giant green man'.. sure. And 
      where has he got to now then?" The boss was just too shaken up by the 
      whole affair to try and answer that. The evidence was just too 
      overwhelming against him. His visions of a quick killing on the 
      property market was shattered. He and his men were handcuffed and 
      bundled into the waiting police cars.
141   Deep in the forest The Hulk was happier than he had been in a long 
      time. He was surrounded by the small, furry creatures he had fought to 
      save. They crawled over him or sat quietly by him, their trust 
      implicit. "Why can't men leave Hulk alone?" Maybe Hulk stay here with 
      little friends who like him. This is nice quiet place. No one bothers 

Fourth Story

142   quadriptych of David Banner walking away from a house.
143   quadriptych - 2 of 4 - no story line
144   quadriptych - 3 of 4 - no story line
145   quadriptych - 4 of 4 - no story line
146   As Doctor Banner drew close to the house, he spotted an elderly man 
      seated in an old rocking chair on the front porch. "Howdy stranger," 
      said the old man. "Don't get many new faces round here. Folks in these 
      parts call me Pa."
147   Soon, Pa and Doctor Banner were enjoying a hearty supper of farmhouse 
      stew when there was a knock at the front door of the house. "Now who in 
      tarnation would that be at this time of night?" mumbled Pa.
148   In through the door stepped a well-dressed man. With him were the two 
      meanest-looking characters the Doctor had ever laid eyes on. "Oh," said 
      Pa, "It's you, Brady. What's the matter? Did some of your oil wells run 
      dry?". "That's not a very nice thing to say, Pa. I just came to see if 
      you had considered my offer to buy this run-down, old farmhouse of 
149   "Sell my home? Not to the likes of you, Brady. I'm not stupid. I know 
      why you want my land. Now take your thugs and get off my property," 
      shouted Pa. Brady looked at Pa for a few moments then said: "You'll be 
      sorry you didn't take me up on my offer, Pa. I'll be back. And I won't 
      be alone.
150   Doctor Banner sat in silence for a short time, then asked Pa what all 
      that was about. "They're not nice men, young Bruce. Brady and his cheap 
      oil outfit want my land. They know that there's oil in these here parts 
      and they aim to get it, by hook or by crook," said Pa. "Mostly by 
      crook," he added, chuckling.
151   The next morning, Bruce Banner had just finished dressing when he heard 
      the roar of an engine outside the old farmhouse. Then a voice shouted: 
      "You better come on out, Pa. We don't want to have to tear the house 
      down with you inside it." The doctor stood perfectly still for a few 
152   Doctor Banner rushed to the window and looked out. What he saw in front 
      of the house caused the anger to begin rising within him. Desperately 
      he tried to keep his heartbeat steady. "It can't happen now," he 
      thought to himself. "Pa needs my help. If I change now he might be 
      hurt. I'll call the police. They can take care of these people."
153   Just as Doctor Banner was forcing himself to remain calm there came a 
      gunshot from outside the house. Brady and his thugs were trying to 
      frighten the old man into leaving house by shooting at it. That, of 
      course, was their first big mistake. Shooting at a house with Doctor 
      Bruce Banner in it would only make him angry. And Brady and his men 
      wouldn't like Banner when he was angry!
154   Doctor Banner felt the change coming over him. It was too late to fight 
      it now. Once his heart beat had speeded up a terrible transformation 
      would take place. A transformation the could not be stopped by anything 
      or anyone. Doctor Banner whirled round holding his head. As the change 
      began to take hold he felt his mind slipping away. He stopped fighting 
      and allowed the monster to surge over him.
155   Bruce Banner's body began to grow larger and more bulky. As his arms 
      and legs became more muscular the shirt and trousers he was wearing 
      began to rip. For how can clothes made for a slim man of six foot 
      contain a raging monster over seven foot tall and weighing over half a 
156   THE HULK! A raging green monster, born in the fury of a mighty 
      explosion. Already the memories of Bruce Banner had faded. The Hulk did 
      not know where he was and this made him even angrier. Then through the 
      clouded depths of the Hulk's simple mind came a voice.
157   Slowly it dawned on the Hulk that he was inside the house and his 
      enemies were outside. He looked around to see how he might reach the 
      bad men and smash them. The window! That's where they were. On the 
      other side of the window!
158   As The Hulk landed on the other side of the window he saw the 
      bulldozers that were awaiting the order of Brady to demolish the little 
      farmhous. At last The Hulk had foes he could smash!
159   The bulldozer was almost on top of The Hulk. He could see the cruel 
      confidence on the face of the driver. Surely nobody, no matter how 
      large and green, could hope to stand in the path of such a powerful 
      machine and live.
160   Suddenly, The Hulk stooped down and grasped the bulldozer. Incredulous 
      disbelief registered on the driver's face. What was this insane 
      creature trying to do? In the space of a single heartbeat he had his 
      answer. The Hulk hoisted the bulldozer into the air and held it there.
161   quadriptych of The Hulk holding a bulldozer over his head.
162   quadriptych - 2 of 4 - no story line
163   quadriptych - 3 of 4 - no story line
164   quadriptych - 4 of 4 - no story line
165   A bulldozer, though strong, is not built to be manhandled by a creature 
      with the awesome strength of The Hulk. With the shrieking sound of 
      rending metal the mighty machine began to buckle and break up.  The 
      Hulk's strong fingers dug into the steel to effect a better grip. Brady 
      and his men could only stand and stare helplessly.
166   Then, as if tired of this display of weightlifting, The Hulk hurled the 
      bulldozer towards those who stood watching. Men and pieces of machinery 
      scattered in all directions. The once-mighty bulldozer was now just so 
      much scrap metal, bent and twisted beyond all recognition. The Hulk 
      straightened up again and turned to face his enemies.
167   Brady's men were terrified. They had come to do the relatively simple 
      job of evicting one lonely old man from his home. They had not expected 
      to have to fight a raging green monster with the strength of a hundred 
      men. Brady ordered his men to jump The Hulk together. Nobody moved. "We 
      came to demolish a house," called one of the men, "not to be 
168   Brady ordered the other bulldozer to advance. Reluctantly the driver 
      obeyed. He had already seen a similar machine torn to pieces by this 
      green brute and he was more than a little frightened. As the bulldozer 
169   Surely this ape-like monster would be exhausted after the efforts 
      needed to destroy one bulldozer. Surely he couldn't stand up to 
      another. The Hulk bared his teeth in rage. Still these puny insects 
      were trying to hurt him.
170   The driver of the second machine gunned the engine and began to move 
      towards The Hulk more rapidly. He didn't believe The Hulk had the 
      strength to step out of the way much less damage his bulldozer. "Mister 
      Brady will be pleased that I finished off this monster.
171   quadriptych of The Hulk smashing yet another bulldozer.
172   quadriptych - 2 of 4 - no story line
173   quadriptych - 3 of 4 - no story line
174   quadriptych - 4 of 4 - no story line
175   The driver of the bulldozer, miraculously unharmed by The Hulk's blow 
      sat amidst the ruins of his machine in a daze. He was not really sure 
      what had happened. One minute he was thinking of the rewards that would 
      be his for ridding Mr. Brady of this monster, the next he was sitting 
      on the ground.
176   All this was too much for Brady's hired thugs. They had just seen the 
      monstrous green ally of the old man demolish two bulldozers with no 
      more effort than they would have needed to swat a troublesome insect. 
      They knew that if they stayed there much longer they would be next on 
      The Hulk's list.
177   Even as Brady reached for his gun The Hulk grabbed him and lifted him 
      off the ground. In a voice that sounded like thunder the creature began 
      to speak to Brady. "Hulk very angry at little man. Hulk not want to see 
      you round here again or Hulk will get even angrier.
178   Contemptuously, The Hulk hurled Brady into a nearby drinking through. 
      "There," rumbled the Green Giant, "Hulk thought little man was all wet. 
      Now Hulk knows for sure. Only thing is, Hulk sorry to throw rubbish 
      like little man into poor animals drinking water." And with that the 
      Hulk turned back to Pa who had been watching and beckoned him over.
179   "Hulk says friend not have worry now. Hulk takes care of little man for 
      friend. Little man won't bother friend any more, will he?" growled The 
      Hulk to Brady. Brady, still speechless with fright, could only shake 
      his head. Pa laughed to see the one man he feared helplessly floating 
      in the drinking through. He was sure that he would be left alone now.
180   Then The Hulk turned to Pa. "Hulk's work here finished," he growled. 
      "Hulk grateful to friend, though Hulk not know why. Hulk thinks he 
      remember Pa being kind to him. Now there's no one left for Hulk to 
      fight, so Hulk just leave. Bad men won't come back now. So Hulk's 
      friend can take it easy." And with those words the mighty green monster 
      turned and walked off down the hill in the summer sunshine.

 --   (card album)

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