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Garbage Pail Kids Santa Cruz Skateboards
   Topps / Santa Cruz Skateboards - 2017

Notes:: These "sktateboard" platforms were marked GPKxSC and were found 1-per-pack 
with different scarcities. Further information and scans are posted at the Santa Cruz 

    Title                                            Scarcity

    Hazardous HAND                                   Sorta Rare
    Radioactive BOB                                  Kinda Rare
    ADAM Bomb - Nuclear Glow (black)                 Rarish
    ADAM Bomb - Filthy Rich Foil (yellow)            Extra Rare
    ADAM Bomb - Hologram Blast (blue)                Super Rare
    ADAM Bomb - Prismatic Punk (silver)              Super Duper Rare
    ADAM Bomb - Nostalgia Overload (uncut sheet)     Crazy Rare
    ADAM Bomb - 1-of-a-Kind Custom Colorways         Brain Meltingly Rare!!
    ADAM Bomb - 1-of-a-Kind Custom Art               Earth Implodingly Rare!!!

    Hazardous HAND (9" x 12-1/2" promo card; series promotion)

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