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GPK 2017 Classic
   Topps On Demand - 2017

Notes: This "On Demand" set was available at the Topps website for a one week 
period. Print run of 156 was based on "pre" sales.

Box: Set of 40 stickers + 1 artist sketch card.

       "a" Title                   "b" Title

 1a    Combover GROVER       1b    Nose HARRY
 2a    Clothespin WYNN       2b    Soiled SCOTT
 3a    Wipeout WALLY         3b    Crashed NASH
 4a    BIRDIE Bath           4b    Stagnant STELLA
 5a    KAY Keys              5b    GRANT Piano
 6a    WALTER Fall           6b    Barrel BARRY
 7a    Brainy BENNY          7b    Frozen FRED
 8a    Jumping JACK          8b    Candlestick RICK
 9a    JAKE Eyes             9b    Snake IRA
10a    Red JED               10b   Baby's Got MACK
11a    Handy HANS            11b   Eyeball SAUL
12a    Vege T. ABEL          12b   Eatin' ETHAN
13a    Gnarly CHARLIE        13b   The Gold RUSS
14a    Letter MANNY          14b   JACQUES Jacket
15a    Blackhead BETTY       15b   Squeeze LOUISE
16a    Dam SAM               16b   Tooth RUTH
17a    Good & EVIN           17b   Bad CHAD
18a    Dispose AL            18b   Garbage CANDY
19a    Crust A. SEAN         19b   Cracked ZACK
20a    PEARL E. Whites       20b   DENNY- Tures

Artist Sketch Cards

       Bobby Blakey
       Brent Scotchmer
       Cecilia Granata
       Chad Scheres
       Daniel Goodroad
       J. David Acevedo
       J. Hammond
       Jamison King
       Jasmine Contois
       Jason Crosby
       Joey Fitchett
       John Monserrat
       K. Grimm
       Kelly Greider
       Kevin Lea
       Lily Z. Mercado
       Magnus VonRobotsson
       Matt Maldonado
       Matt Steffens
       Matt Stewart
       Michael Barnard
       Neil Camera
       Pat Chaimuang
       Patrick Giles
       Rich Molinelli
       Rickey Kipfer II
       Rö 'el emetcho' Garcia
       Rory McQueen
       Simone Arena
       Vincenzo "Chenduz" D'Ippolito
       Wilson Ramos Jr.

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