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   Perna Studios - 2017

Notes:Thanks to Brian Kutz for the assist! Further information and scans are posted at 
the Perna Studios website.

Pack: 5 base + 1 spot foil card + 1 sketch art card.
Set pack: 20 base + 1 spot foil + 1 sketch (100-150 made).

No.   Title                       Artist

Base Cards

  1   Earth Elemental             Juri H. Chinchilla
  2   Air Elemental               Stacey Kardash
  3   Fire Elemental              Norvien Basio
  4   Water Elemental             Jeena Pepersack
  5   Earth Elemental             Richard Cox
  6   Air Elemental               Collette Turner
  7   Fire Elemental              Anthony Tan
  8   Water Elemental             Amy Clark
  9   Earth Elemental             Helga Wojik
 10   Air Elemental               Eric McConnell
 11   Fire Elemental              Mick & Matt Glebe
 12   Water Elemental             Hanie Mohd
 13   Earth Elemental             Samantha Johnson
 14   Air Elemental               Athina P. Konstantinidou
 15   Fire Elemental              Achilleas Kokkinakis
 16   Water Elemental             Andre Toma
 17   Earth Elemental             Yuriko Shirou
 18   Air Elemental               Oliver Castaneda
 19   Fire Elemental              Juri H. Chinchilla
 20   Water Elemental             Mick & Matt Glebe

Spot Foil Chase Cards (1:pack)

SF1   Earth Elemental             Soni Alcorn-Hender
SF2   Air Elemental               Soni Alcorn-Hender
SF3   Fire Elemental              Soni Alcorn-Hender
SF4   Water Elemental             Soni Alcorn-Hender

TY metal promo variant (limited to 30, also in packs)

 --   4 Elements                  Lynne Anderson

Limited Edition Metal Chase Cards

EMC   Earth Elemental             Priscilla Petraites
FMC   Fire Elemental              Alcione Silva

Lenticular Chase Card

EL    Fire Elemental              Meghan Hetrick

Redemption Cards (# to 20)

--    (set of 4 metal color variants to spot foil cards)

Artist Sketch Cards (1:pack)

      Achilleas Kokkinakis
      Alcione Silva
      Alexis Hill
      Alfret Le
      Amy Clark (Anderson)
      Anastasia Catris
      Andre Toma
      Anthony Hochrein
      Anthony Tan
      Arwenn Necker
      Athina Poda Konstantinidou
      Benjamin Glendenning
      Can Baran
      Chris Foreman
      Chris Meeks
      Collette Turner
      Craig Yeung
      Dan Borgonos
      Daniel Wong
      Danielle Ellison
      Danielle Gransaull
      Elaine Perna
      Eric McConnell
      Gabrielle Bruer
      Hanie Mohd
      Helga Wojik
      Ingrid Hardy
      Irma "Aimo" Ahmed
      Israel Arteaga
      Jake Sumbing
      James "Bukshot" Bukauskas
      Jason Saldajeno
      Jeena Pepersack
      Jofel Berondo Cube
      Jose Carlos Sanchez
      Juri H. Chinchilla
      Kevin Sharpe
      Leon Braojos
      Liz Chesterman
      Loren Bobbitt
      Luro Hersal
      Lynne Anderson
      Matthew Sutton
      Mel Uran
      Mick and Matt Glebe
      Mike Hartigan
      Norvien Basio
      Oliver Castaneda
      Peejay Catacutan
      Priscilla Petraites
      Puis Calzada
      Rene Cordova
      Samantha Johnson
      Sanna Umemeoto
      Sean Pence
      Sha-Nee Williams
      Stacey Kardash
      Ted Dastick Jr.
      Tony Perna
      Walter D. Rice
      Yuriko Shirou

Metal Sketch Cards (limited to 36 total; by Faerie Metal Photography)

      Alexis Hill                 1
      Amy Clark                   2
      Chris Meeks                 1
      Collette Turner             1
      Craig Yeung                 2
      Danielle Gransaull          2
      Elaine Perna                2
      Eric McConnell              2
      Hanie Mohd                  2
      Helga Wojik                 2
      Ingrid Hardy                1
      Jeena Pepersack             2
      Juri H. Chinchilla          1
      Lynne Anderson              1
      Mel Uran                    2
      Mick and Matt Glebe         2
      Oliver Castaneda            2
      Priscilla Petraites         2
      Samantha Johnson            1
      Sean Pence                  1
      Stacey Kardash              2
      Tony Perna                  2


 P1   Fire Elemental              Lynne Anderson (Philly Non-Sports Card Show Spring 2015)
 P2   Air Elemental               Amy Clark      (Philly Non-Sports Card Show Fall 2016)
 P3   Water Elemental             Craig Yeung    (Philly Non-Sports Card Show Spring 2017)
 P4   Earth Elemental             Tony Perna
 TY   4 Elements                  Lynne Anderson (purchase incentive)

 P1   (thick double-sided metal variant)
 P2   (thick double-sided metal variant)
 P3   (thick double-sided metal variant)
 P4   (thick double-sided metal variant)
 TY   (metal, plain finish, limited to 30)
 TY   (metal, silver finish, limited to 25)

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