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Comic Covers Stickers
   Topps - 1970

Notes: This series covers many types of comic releases, with DC products a 
major part of the mix. They came in two types: 15 "single cover" cards and 29 
cards with four comic-cover images. The wrapper is marked 1969. Thanks to 
Tom for the assist!

   Periodical Title/Subject(s)

Single Subject Fronts, Instruction Backs

   Batman Robin and Batgirl
   Detective Comics
   Enemy Ace
   Falling in Love
   Girls' Love
   Green Lantern
   Superman (Giant)
   Teen Titans
   The Unexpected
   Wonder Woman
   Young Love (26 Miles to Heartbreak)
   Young Love (Lisa St Claire)
   Young Romance (Have a Fling With)
   Young Romance (Two Different Worlds?)

Four Subject Fronts, blank backs

   Batman                 Aquaman                     Falling in Love               Hellcats
   Batman                 Enemy Ace                   Teen Titans                   Girls' Love
   Batman                 G.I. Combat                 Girls' Romances               Girls' Romances
   Batman                 Sgt. Rock                   Girls' Romances               Debbi
   Batman and Robin       Strange                     Young Love                    Action Comics (Superman)
   Batman and Robin       Young Love                  Strange                       Adventure Comics (Supergirl)
   Binky                  Batman                      Falling in Love               Young Romance
   Binky's Buddies        Girls' Romances             Batman                        Superman
   Enemy Ace              Wonder Woman                Binky                         Batman
   Girls' Love            Detective (Batman-Robin)    Tomahawk                      Teen Titans
   Girls' Love            The House of Secrets        Batman                        Jimmy Olsen
   Girls' Romances        The House of Mystery        Challengers of the Unknown    Batman and Batgirl
   Girls' Romances        The Phantom Stranger        Batman and Batgirl            Action Comics (Superman)
   Girls' Romances        Wonder Woman                Aquaman                       The Phantom Stranger
   Green Lantern          Batman and Robin            Beyond the Unknown            Girls' Romances
   Jimmy Olsen            Strange                     Jason's Quest                 Young Love
   Lois Lane              Debbi                       The Witching Hour!            Young Romance
   Lois Lane              Scooter                     Falling in Love               The Witching Hour!
   Sgt. Rock              Batman and Batgirl          Girls' Romances               Action Comics
   Teen Titans            Scooter (Giant)             Tomahawk                      Adventure Comics (Supergirl)
   The House of Secrets   Beyond the Unknown          Girls' Love                   Batman and Batgirl
   The House of Secrets   Tomahawk                    Superboy                      Girls' Love
   The Unexpected         Falling in Love             Batman                        Binky
   The Witching Hour!     Binky's Buddies             World's Finest                Wonder Woman
   The World's Finest     Scooter                     Young Love                    The Phantom Stranger
   Young Love             Adventure                   Tomahawk                      Batman and Batgirl
   Young Love             Superman                    Binky                         The House of Secrets
   Young Romance          Lois Lane                   Binky's Buddies               The Witching Hour!
   Young Romance          Superman                    The Unexpected                Challengers of the Unknown

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