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Comic Book All Stars Series 3
   ComiXology - 2017

Notes: Cards were handed out individually at the 2017 San Diego Comic Con; promo codes on card 
backs can be redeemed for a free online comic. Certain artists scheduled signings at the ComiXology 
booth; I didn't see the schedule, but those with observed signed cards are noted with an "s" (but were 
likely joined by others).

   No.    Artist

    --    ComiXology Tenth Anniversary (cover card/checklist)

    01    Natasha Alterici
    02    Gabriel Bá
    03    Jordie Bellaire
    04    Tamra Bonvillain
    05  s Paul Dini                      Writer
    06    Emil Ferris
    07    Roxane Gay
    08  s Victoria Jamieson
    09  s Jock                           Artist/Writer	
    10    Joëlle Jones
    11    Victor LaValle
    12    Sonny Liew                     Writer/Artist
    13    Daviud Mack
    14    Fábio Moon
    15    Ryan North
    16  s Bryan Lee O'Malley             Writer/Artist
    17    Wendy & Richard Pini
    18    Rick Remender
    19  s Eduardo Risso
    20  s Jeff Smith
    21    Jenn St-Onge
    22    Richard Starkings
    23  s Sana Takeda                    Artist
    24    Mariko Tamaki
    25    Jill Thompson
    26    Magadlene Visaggio
    27    Kevin Wada
    28  s Team Marley's Ghost            We're fully occupied ...
    29    Team Valiant High

IMDb: Kevin Smith's Heavy Hitters

    01    Laura Allred
    02    Becky Cloonan
    03  s Geoff Johns                    Writer, Producer, DC Chief Creative Officer
    04    Jim Lee
    05    Emma Ríos
    06    Bruce Timm                     Artist, Animator, Producer

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