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Comic Book All Stars Series 2
   ComiXology - 2016

Notes: Cards were distributed at the 2016 New York Comic Con; promo codes on card 
backs can be redeemed for a free online comic. Certain artists scheduled signings at the 
ComiXology booth, but I don't have a list. Thanks to David Rosciszewski for assistance! 
Further information and scans are posted at the Beckett website.

 No.    Artist                           Role

  01    Margaret Atwood                  Writer            All Star Rookie
  02    Chuck Palahniuk                  Writer            All Star Rookie
  03    Charlie Adlard                   Artist
  04    Pénélope Bagieu                  Writer/Artist
  05    Alison Bechdel                   Writer/Artist
  06    Natacha Bustos                   Artist
  07    Sophie Campbell                  Artist
  08    Jim Cheung                       Artist
  09    Cliff Chiang                     Artist
  10    Johnnie Christmas                Artist
  11    Kevin Eastman                    Writer/Artist
  12    Neil Gaiman                      Writer
  13    Agnes Garbowska                  Artist
  14    Larry Hama                       Writer
  15    Dean Haspiel                     Writer/Artist
  16    Joe Hill                         Writer
  17    Jamal Igle                       Writer/Artist
  18    Phil Jimenez                     Writer/Artist
  19    Marjorie Liu                     Writer
  20    Grant Morrison                   Writer
  21    Jimmy Palmiotti                  Writer
  22    Amy Reeder                       Writer/Artist
  23    Gabriel Rodriguez                Artist
  24    Marguerite Sauvage               Artist
  25    Gail Simone                      Writer
  26    Louise Simonson                  Writer
  27    Walter Simonson                  Writer/Artist
  28    Charles Soule                    Writer
  29    Chip "Li'l Slugger" Zdarsky      Artist
  30    Franco & Art Baltazar            Writers/Artists
  31    Team March

  --    Artist Checklist

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