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Blood Drive: The Parody Collection
   Sidekick Trading Card Publishing - 2015, 2017

Notes: Like bats? This series debuted with a convention exclusive / preview set and as a 
complete Special Edition set exclusive to the Spring 2017 Philly Non-Sports Card Show. 
The latter is a boxed set of "vintage style trading cards" with art, design, and text by Iron 
Dead Studios. Selected images are posted at the retrodrive website.

  No.    Title

LIMITED EDITION BOXED SET (Philly Show Spring 2017)

   01    Somebody Stop Me!
   02    '89 Bat-Fanatic
   03    Incredible Bulk
   04    Hellbat
   05    '78 Bat of Steel
   06    Swamp Bat
   07    Spat
   08    Berserker Bat Rage
   09    Spider Sense?
   10    Klowning Killer
   11    Bat's in Big Trouble
   12    Treats N Tricks
   13    Nightly Fright
   14    '88 Amorphous Mayhem!
   15    Tar-Bat
   16    Slimy Cthulhubuster
   17    Witchy Shamrock
   18    Boooooyyyyy!!!
   19    Batty's Nightmares
   20    Thirteen Ways to Die
   21    The Night He Went Batty
   22    One Scream or Two?
   23    Candybat, Candybat, Ca-
   24    Battywise the Clown
   25    Heckraiser?
   26    What Chainsaw?
   27    Groovy
   28    Game Over, Man!
   29    Get to da Choppah!!!
   30    Locuteness of Bat
   31    Robo-Bat
   32    Hasta La Vista, Batty
   33    Taste the Farce
   34    Mimetic Battyalloy
   35    Archaeologist's Dream
   36    The Batness
   37    The Walking Bat
   38    Breaking Bat
   39    Amok Bat
   40    The Fastest Bat Alive
   41    Bat Who?
   42    The Truth Is Batty
   43    Mighty Bat
   44    Picture It, Sicily, 1922...
   45    Vigilante Bat
   46    Got Mushrooms?
   47    Sonar the Bathog
   48    Adventures of Blink
   49    Fightin' the Good Fight
   50    Lombat
   51    B.J. Batzkowicz
   52    Bat Invaders
   53    Arcade Bat
   54    Battydore 64
   55    By the Power of Numbskull!
   56    Are You Serious?
   57    Silverbats? Maybe?
   58    Cowaabunga
   59    ...Under the Sea
   60    Battyjuice, Battyjuice, B-
   61    Be Do Bee Do the Hell?
   62    Dude, Sweet!
   63    Rotoscope Radar
   --    Darth Batter                 (sticker)


    1    Franchesca Despereaux
    2    The She-Creature
    3    Eduardo / The Creature
    4    Gordon Briscoe / The Wolf
    5    Blood Drive
   --    Mr Funnybones (printed suger-free gun stick)


 P1-A    Taste the Farce ((c)2015; Philly Non-Sports Card Show)
 P2-A    '89 Superhero Worship ((c)2015; Philly Non-Sports Card Show)
 P3-A    Slimy Cthulhubuster ((c)2015, Kickstarter Spring of 2016)
 P4-A    Bat Out of Hell ((c)2016, Kickstarter Spring of 2016; Philly Non-Sports Card Show)
 P5-A    Locuteness of Bat ((c)2016, Kickstarter Spring of 2016; Philly Non-Sports Card Show)
   --    Little Bat. Big Imagination. Epic Parody. (orange foil, 2016)

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©2017 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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