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Vampires Lust - Sexy Girls - Futuristic Warriors Boxed Set
   Studio E - 2010

Notes:This boxed set features 15-card expansions from three previous adult-oriented 
sets, with new images. (Cards contain nudity.) "Hits" include special cards from previous 
Studio E card sets; the list below shows only the items from a single box. Further 
information and scans are posted at the Studio E website.

  No.   Description                       Original Set

Vampires Lust

    1   (reclining shiny red)
    2   (fanged blonde)
    3   (red lace, brown hair)
    4   (blonde in black vs. brown in red)
    5   (spilled blood from wine glass)
    6   (brown in red vs. blonde with dagger)
    7   (red and black with cape)
    8   (in red lounging with boots)
    9   (in black with dagger and drawer)
   10   (supine looking up)
   11   (spilled blood brown and blonde's stockings)
   12   (in black by iron fence)
   13   (in black by wall with sword)
   14   (brown hair with sword to floor)
   15   (brown hair R arm on wall)

Sexy Girls

    1   (blue strap sandals)
    2   (light blue lingerie and fur)
    3   (auburn chain-and-medallion belt)
    4   (brown hair face and chest)
    5   (hands on top of head)
    6   (blonde with L hand to neck)
    7   (brown hair with hands to forehead/cheek)
    8   (brown reclining looking up)
    9   (black mesh clasped at neck)
   10   (blonde looking over R shoulder)
   11   (dark blonde on beach sand)
   12   (blonde R profile)
   13   (blonde blue background)
   14   (sand castle behind)
   15   (blonde pushups)

Futuristic Warriors

    1   (sunglasses, raygun, shoulder braces)
    2   (squatting with weapon aimed R)
    3   (L knee up, rifle, control room)
    4   (tattoo framing L eye, weapon raised)
    5   (sitting on red, blaster aimed)
    6   (leading robot over desert)
    7   (L side, black vest, weapon down)
    8   (blonde before rocky crags)
    9   (blonde full body in rocky desert)
   10   (blonde with robot, black/gold)
   11   (brown and white hair with weapons)
   12   (silver collar, black shorts)
   13   (gray breastplate)
   14   (camo firing rifle and tank gun)
   15   (loungi8ng with large weapon, control room)

"Random Hits" (3-4 per box; from previous Studio E products)

     Autograph Cards

 TF-1   Taylor Wane And Friends           2004 Taylor Wane & Friends
 TK-B   Teanna Kai                        2003 Asian Ecstasy (album card)
 TK-S   Teanna Kai                        2003 Asian Ecstasy (case-topper)
 DN4    Art of Dave Nestler               2007 Art of Dave Nestler

     Sketch Cards

     Panty Cards

     Kiss Cards

     Promo Cards

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