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Nabisco Toytown Carnival
   Nabisco - 1949

Notes: Cards were designed as "color and cut out" stand-ups from Shredded Wheat 
packages, three 4: x 7-3/8" cards per box. "A complete circus-carnival in miniature" 
could be built, with or without the layout suggested on the visual checklist card. 

 No.    Title

    1   Bus
    2   Ticket Booth
    3   Main Entrance
    4   Side Shows
    5   Cotton Candy
    6   Circus Ring
    7   Tilting Clown
    8   Clown
    9   Clown with Dog
   10   Performing Horses
   11   Performing Elephants
   12   Clown with Umbrella
   13   Ice Cream Stand
   14   Fortune Teller
   15   Punch and Judy
   16   Trained Pony
   17   Lion Cage
   18   Gorilla Cage
   19   Calliope
   20   Soda Stand
   21   Slide
   22   Giant Swing
   23   Ferris Wheel
   24   Photo Studio
   25   Rocket Trip
   26   Parachute Jump
   27   Strength-O-Meter
   28   Merry-Go-Round
   29   Weight Guesser
   30   Shooting Gallery
   31   Balloons
   32   Hot Dog Stand
   33   Peanut Stand
   34   Camel Ride
   35   Elephant Ride
   36   Suggested Layout (checklist)

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