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Three Stooges Theater Trading Cards
   RRParks Cards - 2017

Notes: This series features poster art and lobby cards, and serves as a sequel to the 
Chronicles of The Three Stooges series. It was distributed both as a Kickstarter 
campaign and as a hobby release through dealers.    Further information and scans 
are posted at the RRParks Cards website.

Box: 24 packs of 10 cards.
Common sets: approx. 2.03 per box if collation were perfect.

    No.    Title / Film

      1    Punch Drunks
      2    Hoi Polloi
      3    Disorder in the Court
      4    Whoops I'm an Indian
      5    Slippery Silks
      6    The Sitter Downers
      7    Cash and Carry
      8    Healthy Wealthy and Dumb
      9    Mutts to You              [nail clipping]
     10    No Census No Feeling      [flying]
     11    Boobs in Arms             [cannonball]
     12    So Long Mr. Chumps
     13    All the World's a Stooge
     14    An Ache in Every Stake
     15    Cactus Makes Perfect
     16    What's the Matador        [holding horn]
     17    Matri-Phony
     18    Sock-a-Bye Baby
     19    Dizzy Detectives          [statue bust]
     20    Back from the Front
     21    I Can Hardly Wait
     22    Phony Express             [Screwiest Badmen]
     23    A Gem of a Jam            [hands to heads]
     24    No Dough Boys
     25    Booby Dupes               [Fishy Business]
     26    Idiots Deluxe
     27    If a Body Meets a Body
     28    Micro-Phonies             [spray paint]
     29    Beer Barrel Polecats
     30    A Bird in the Head
     31    The Troubledoers
     32    Monkey Businessmen        [Atoms]
     33    Out West                  [Howlingest Mix-up]
     34    Sing a Song of Six Pants
     35    The Hot Scots
     36    I'm a Monkey's Uncle
     37    Crime on Their Hands      [ape]
     38    Hokus Pokus               [on floor]
     39    Fuelin' Around
     40    Malice in the Palace      [Santas, scimitar]
     41    Vagabond Loafers
     42    Punchy Cowpunchers
     43    Hugs and Mugs             [Spring to New Fun]
     44    Three Little Pigskins
     45    Movie Maniacs
     46    Playing the Ponies
     47    Tessels in the Air
     48    Mutts to You              [red]
     49    No Census, No Feeling     [tricycle]
     50    Boobs in Arms             [Laughing Gas]
     51    I'll Never Heil Again
     52    Some More of Samoa
     53    What's the Matador        [horse]
     54    Dizzy Detectives          [mustaches]
     55    A Gem of a Jam            [x-ray]
     56    Phony Express             [Maddest Badmen]
     57    Booby Dupes               [Beauties and the Beasts!]
     58    Micro-Phonies             [magazine]
     59    Three Loan Wolves
     60    Half-Wits Holiday
     61    Out West                  [shootin' up]
     62    Brideless Groom
     63    All Gummed Up             [blowing bubbles]
     64    Pardon My Clutch
     65    Fiddlers Three
     66    Heavenly Daze
     67    Mummy's Dummies
     68    The Ghost Talks!
     69    Hokus Pokus               [flagpole]
     70    Malice in the Palace      [Santas, cleaver]
     71    Dunked in the Deep
     72    Hugs and Mugs             [Riotous Comedy]
     73    Love at First Bite
     74    Three Hams on Rye
     75    A Snitch in Time
     76    Baby Sitters Jitters
     77    Scrambled Brains
     78    The Tooth Will Out
     79    Pest Man Wins
     80    Listen, Judge
     81    He Cooked His Goose
     82    Three Dark Horses
     83    Up in Daisy's Penthouse
     84    Loose Loot
     85    Spooks
     86    Pardon My Backfire
     87    Bubble Trouble
     88    Musty Musketeers
     89    Knutzy Knights
     90    Scotched in Scotland
     91    Of Cash and Hash
     92    Belam in Paradise
     93    Wham-Bam-Slam
     94    Blunder Boys
     95    Creeps
     96    For Crimin' Out Loud
     97    Scheming Schemers
     98    Muscle Up a Little Closer
     99    Les Rois du Rire
    100    Dizzy Detectives          [gorilla and cops]
    101    Idle Roomers
    102    Three Pests in a Mess
    103    Monkey Businessmen        [wheelchair]
    104    All Gummed Up             [boot]
    105    All Gummed Up             [birthday cake]
    106    Crime on Their Hands      [broom]


Stooge Retro-Stalgic Continuation Cards (1:1.6 packs; sepia tone)

    223    No Census No Feeling
    224    Healthy Wealthy and Dumb
    225    Whoops I'm an Indian
    226    Matri-Phony
    227    All the World's a Stooge
    228    So Long Mr. Chumps
    229    Sock-a-Bye Baby
    230    Back from the Front
    231    I Can Hardly Wait
    232    Booby Dupes
    233    A Gem of a Jam
    234    Phony Express

           The following were also repeated as box cutouts.

    235    Idiots Deluxe
    236    Fuelin' Around
    237    Vagabond Loafers
    238    Dizzy Doctors
     --    Header Checklist Card

Faux Scratch 'n Sniff Cards (1:3 packs)

     #5    Tarantula
     #6    Wet Stooge
     #7    Turtle
     #8    The Great Outdoors

Tobacco-Style Subset (1-1/2" x 2-3/4", in strips)

     81    Rhythm and Weep
     82    Loco Boy Makes Good
     86    Calling All Curs
     87    You Nazty Spy

     83    Even as I O U
     84    Saved by the Belle
     85    Booby Dupes

     88    How High Is Up?
     89    The Sitter Downers
     90    Three Pests in a Mess

     91    Men in Black
     92    Wee Wee Monsieur
     96    Les 3 Stooges sur Orbite
     97    The Three Stooges in Orbit

     93    Yes, We Have No Bonanza
     94    In the Sweet Pie and Pie
     95    A Duckibng They Did GO

     98    The Three Stooges in Orbit
     99    Have Rocket, Will Travel
    100    Les 3 Stooges contre Hercule

Mini Clip Out Cards (printed on box)

    167    Cookoo Cavaliers
    168    I'll Never Heil Again
    169    No Census No Feeling
    170    Crash Goes the hash
    171    Out West
    172    Sing a Song of Six Pants
    173    Hugs and Mugs
    174    Herrie in Wyoming
    175    All the World's a Stooge
    176    Ants in the Pantry

Classic Moments Metal Box-Topper Cards

      1    The Three Stooges
      2    Woman Haters
      3    Punch Drunks
      4    Men in Black
      5    Pardon My Scotch
      6    Three Little Beers
      7    Hold That Lion!
      8    The Three Stooges - Shemp Larry Moe
      9    The Three Stooges - Joe Larry Moe


Limited Edition Gold Metal Cards

      1    Uncivil Warriors
      2    Woman Haters
      3    Dizzy Doctors
      4    Playing the Ponies
      5    Termites of 1938

Limited Edition White Metal Cards

      1    Whoops I'm an Indian (teepee)
      2    Whoops I'm an Indian (3 in buckskin)
      3    Whoops I'm an Indian (Moe speaking to crowd)
      4    Whoops I'm an Indian (with girls on shore)

Printing Plate Cards (2:master set)

     --    (4 each fronts cyan, magenta, yellow, black)
     --    (4 each backs cyan, magenta, yellow, black)

Meet the Publishers Promo Pack

     --    Richard Parks (RRParks Cards)
     --    Blood Drive: The Retro Collection (RetroDrive)
     --    The Monster Times (RRParks Cards)
     --    Inked Nightmares: Krampus (Attic Cards)
     --    Attic Card Company, LLC
     --    Bobby Ray Akers Jr. (RetroDrive)
     --    Byron Winton (
     --    Face Cards (
     --    Welcome to .. Trading Card Coalition Promo Card Set (paper insert)


1 Promo    Dizzy Doctors
2 Promo    Whoops I'm an Indian
3 Promo    Last Days to Pre-Order (

Promos for Other Series

        Chronicles of The Three Stooges

Promo #1   Idle Roomers (The MCTOS Radford Theatre)
Promo #2   We Want Our Mummy (The MCTOS Radford Theatre)
Promo #3   Mummy's Dummies (The MCTOS Radford Theatre)
     --    Happy Halloween from The Three Stooges, The MCTOS Radford Theatre,
             and RRParks Cards (4-card panel with header the Promos #1-3)

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