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Stingray (Gerry Anderson Collection)
   Unstoppable Cards - 2017

Notes: Thanks to John Biagioni and David Rosciszewski for assistance! Further information 
and scans are posted at the Unstoppable website.

Box: Base set + foils + 1 high insert.
Case: 10 boxes each of Fireball XL-5, Joe 90, Stingray, Supercar.

    No.    Title                                Episode

       1   Stingray Official Trading Cards Set
       2   Titan                                Stingray
       3   Agent X20                            Plant of Doom
       4   Marina and Phones                    Sea of Oil
       5   Hands Up!                            Hostages of the Deep
       6   Treasure Map                         Treasure Down Below
       7   On Patrol                            The Big Gun
       8   Bathyscaphe                          The Golden Sea
       9   Mystery Ship                         The Ghost Ship
      10   Disguise                             Count Down
      11   Captain Shore                        The Ghost of the Sea
      12   Searching                            Emergency Marineville
      13   Injured                              Subterranean Sea
      14   Loch Ness                            Loch Ness Monster
      15   Weather Station                      The Invaders
      16   Off Limits                           Secret of the Giant Oyster
      17   Rescue                               Raptures of the Deep
      18   Watch Out!                           Stand by for Action
      19   Set to Explode                       The Disappearing Ships
      20   Hideout                              The Man from the Navy
      21   Traitor?                             Marineville Traitor
      22   Shrunk!                              Tom Thumb Tempest
      23   Trapped in the Ice                   Pink Ice
      24   Plotting                             The Master Plan
      25   Explosion                            The Star of the East
      26   Guarding                             An Echo of Danger
      27   In a Trance                          Invisible Enemy
      28   Battle Stations!                     Deep Heat
      29   Winched                              In Search of the Tajmanon
      30   Popstar                              Titan Goes Pop
      31   Set Sail                             Set Sail for Adventure
      32   Jazzy                                Tune of Danger
      33   Fisher in Control                    Rescue from the Skies
      34   Fancy Dress                          The Cool Cave Man
      35   Missiles Ready                       A Nut for Marineville
      36   Prisoner                             Trapped in the Depths
      37   Out of Control                       Eastern Eclipse
      38   Christmas                            A Christmas to Remember
      39   Friend or Foe?                       The Lighthouse Dwellers
      40   The Morning After                    Aquanaut of the Year
      41   Stingray
      42   Marineville
      43   Captain Troy Tempest
      44   Phones
      45   Commander Shore
      46   Atlanta
      47   Marina
      48   Titan
      49   Agent X20
      50   Behind the Scenes [Gerry]
      51   Behind the Scenes [sitting]
      52   Behind the Scenes [kid]
      53   Checklist (1-42)
      54   Checklist (43-54, foils)


Silver Foil Cards (6:box)

     F1    Marina, Troy and Phones
     F2    Stingray
     F3    Patrolling
     F4    Troy Tempest
     F5    Ready to Launch
     F6    Marineville

Autograph Cards (1 autograph or sketch or stamp  or printing plate pair per box)

    DE1    David Elliott - Director (green)                    Plant of Doom
    DE2    David Elliott - Director (gold)                     The Invaders
    DG1    David Graham as the Voice of Admiral Jack Denver    Set Sail for Adventure
    DG2    David Graham as the Voice of El Hudat               Star of the East
    MT1    Mary Turner - Puppetry Supervisor

Cut Autograph Cards

GA1-GA12   Gerry Anderson - Co-Creator
RE1-RE3    Robert Easton - Lieutenant George Lee "Phones" Sheridan

Genuine Mint Postage Stamp Cards

    PS1    Stingray                             31p
    PS2    We Are About to Launch Stingray      97p

Printing Plate Cards (Base, Foil)

     --    8 each (cyan, magenta, yellow, black; front and back)

Sketch Cards (# as SK1)

           Adam & Bekah Cleveland
           Alex Mines
           Andrew Lopez
           Anthony Skubis
           Bobby Breed
           Bruce Gerlach
           Chris Henderson
           Clay Sayre
           Clinton Yeager
           Dan Curto
           Danielle Adams
           Danielle Ellison
           Danny Hayman
           Dave Fowler
           Dennis Gortakowski
           Don Pedicini Jr.
           Edgar A. Hernandez
           Enid Elvin Ramos
           Graham Bleathman
           J Hammond
           Jack Chattox
           Jamie Richards
           Jason Westlake
           Kevin Meinert
           Kevin P. West
           Kitty-Lydia Dye
           Laura Inglis
           Louise Draper
           Marc Ducrow
           Marcia Dye
           Mark Stroud
           Mark Wright
           Matt Stewart
           Mike Hannan
           Nick "NIK" Neocleous
           Nolan Dykstra
           Paul Cowan
           Phil Hassewer
           Phil Juliano
           Rich Molinelli
           Rory McQueen
           Scott Fellowes
           Solly Mohamed
           Sue Thomas
           Tony Miello
           Vincent "Cheduz" D'Ippolito
           Westley Smith

Case-Topper Bonus Pack

   --      1x Artist Sketch Card
              Graham Bleathman
              Louise Draper
              Westley James Smith
   --      1x Autograph Card (# to 75)
   JWC0       Jeremy Wilkin as Captain Ochre
   JWCB       Jeremy Wilkin as Captain Black
   PR3     5x Terminator 2 Promo Card
   PR3     5x The Saint Promo Card
   PR3     5x The Prisoner Promo Card
   PR1     5x Space 1999 Series 2 Promo Card
   PR1     5x Captain Scarlet 50 Years Promo Card

Master Box (sold separately)

    --     Base Set of 54
    --     Foil Set of 6
    --     Autograph Set
    --     1x Artist Sketch Card
    --     1x Pair printing plates
    --     1x Stamp card
    --     Promo Set:
    PR1       Space 1999 Series 2
    PR3       The Prisoner
    PR3       The Saint
    PR3       Captain Scarlet 50 Years
    PR3       Terminator 2

Collectors Binder (sold separately; limited to 300)

    --     Gerry Anderson Collection (album)
    --     Box Design Promo Inset Cards
    B1        Supercar
    B2        Fireball XL5
    B3        Stingray
    B4        Joe 30

Print Proof Set (in Unstoppable Cards 2017 Yearset)

    --    (Base cards 1-54)


 B3        Stingray (binder insert, also listed above)
 CCP1      Dealer Promo (The Cyber Cellar)
 DTP1      Dealer Promo (Derek's Trading Cards)
 EMP1      Dealer Promo (Acme 3000)
 GP1       Dealer Promo (Gazza Games)
 HC-PR1    Coming Soon (British Horror Collection case incentive; # to 100)
 MP1       Dealer Promo (Mitchy9210)
 OCP1      Dealer Promo (Of Course Collectables)
 PCP1      Dealer Promo (Premier Cards; limited to 30)
 PHP1      Dealer Promo (Paul Hart Trading Cards; limited to 50)
 PR3       Coming in 2016 (# to 100; incentive with The Lost Worlds of Gerry Anderson)
 RAP1      Dealer Promo (Radickal Trading Cards)
 RKP1      Dealer Promo (Roman Krause)
 RP1       Dealer Promo (Rydeclive)
 SFP1      Dealer Promo (Ed Webb)
 TCP1      Dealer Promo (Dean Rogers Top Cards)
 UMP1      Dealer Promo (Umbrella Trading Cards)
 WEB1      The Gerry Anderson Collection (website exclusive)
 YS1       Coming in 2016 (Unstoppable Yearbox; # to 125)

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©2017 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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