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Spider-Man: Homecoming (Walmart)
   Upper Deck - 2017

Notes: This series exclusive to Walmart shares some of the lower inserts as the Hobby release but has different 
"base" cards, as shown in a different list. Further information and scans are posted at the Cardboard Connection 

Pack: 10 cards.

  No.    Title / Card Text                                     Description

Foil Base Cards (Walmart exclusive)

         Parallels include Red Foil (1:pack), Blue Foil (1: pack).Cards are untitled, and card-back text is
         shown. Many text passages are used on multiple cards, thus a short description is shown at the right.

RB-1     Spider-Man Homemade Suit - Because Peter Parker al    (gray sleeves L arm out)
RB-2     Iron Man - After being confronted about the collat    (Iron Man flying)
RB-3     Spider-Man - Spider-Man started out solo like most    (hanging upside down)
RB-4     Spider-Man - Peter Parker's life changes after he     (squatting, R hand down)
RB-5     Vulture - After an unfortunate turn of events put     (Vulture)
RB-6     Spider-Man - Peter hides his secret identity from     (airborne R hand fwd)
RB-7     Midtown School is for the best and brightest kids     MSST (horizontal)
RB-8     Spider-Man - Peter may hide his super powers, but     (swinging arms up)
RB-9     Spider-Man - Peter's friends and aunt think that h    (crawling forward)
RB-10    Vulture - Because the Vulture is not alone in his     (Vulture, horizontal)
RB-11    Spider-Man - Unlike most Super Heroes, Spider-Man     (flying R arm out through legs)
RB-12    Iron Man & Spider-Man - Tony Stark tracked down Sp    (Iron Man behind)
RB-13    Spider-Man - Being a teenager is complicated enoug    (back arched)
RB-14    Spider-Man Homemade Suit - When Peter decides to m    (gray sleeves L arm out)
RB-15    Vulture - The Vulture takes risks only as a last r    Vulture (V)
RB-16    Spider-Man - Like many kids his age, Peter enjoys     (falling back first, horizontal)
RB-17    Midtown School may be a school for the best and th    Midtown School of Science & Technology (circle)
RB-18    Spider-Man - Peter's aunt and friends cannot help     Spider-Man (pennant)
RB-19    Spider-Man - Spider-Man tries to make time for his    (swinging, front fwd)
RB-20    Vulture - The Vulture's former employees are now h    2016 Vulture (green circle)
RB-21    Spider-Man - After the Super Heroes' Civil War, mo    Spider-Man (insect eyes)
RB-22    Iron Man & Spider-Man - Tony Stark is impressed by    (red Iron Man, blue Spider-Man)
RB-23    Spider-Man - Spider-Man dreams of becoming a glamo    Spider-Man (head and R shoulder, circle)
RB-24    Spider-Man Homemade Suit - Spider-Man invents gadg    (gray sleeves L arm out)
RB-25    Vulture - The Vulture and his men successfully sta    Vulture (horizontal)
RB-26    Spider-Man - Even Spider-Man is astonished that he    (Spidey face, circle)
RB-27    Midtown School's best train for and compete in the    Midtown School of Science & Technology (shield)
RB-28    Spider-Man - Although Spider-Man has been fighting    (spider logo)
RB-29    Spider-Man - To keep May from worrying too much, S    Spider-Man (multiple text face)
RB-30    Spider-Man & Vulture - Spider-Man and the Vulture     (Spidey vs. Green Goblin, horizontal)
RB-31    Spider-Man - Most people are unaware that Spider-M    Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man (circle)
RB-32    Iron Man & Spider-Man - Peter Parker pretends to h    Spider-Man Homecoming (vertical strip)
RB-33    Spider-Man - Spider-Man started out solo like most    Spider-Man (head and R shoulder)
RB-34    Spider-Man Homemade Suit - People started recordin    (hoodie)
RB-35    Spider-Man & Vulture - Spider-Man fights the Vultu    (Vulture over Spider-Man face)
RB-36    Spider-Man - Peter hides his secret identity from     Spider-Man (climbing brick wall)
RB-37    Peter Parker uses the school's labs to research ne    Queens New York - Spidey (pennant)
RB-38    Spider-Man - Peter may hide his super powers, but     Spider-Man (notebook art)
RB-39    Spider-Man - Peter's friends and aunt think that h    (upper body gray shards)
RB-40    Spider-Man & Vulture - Can Spider-Man learn to mas    (Green Goblin in eye)
RB-41    Spider-Man - Unlike most Super Heroes, Spider-Man     (web portal)
RB-42    Iron Man & Spider-Man - While Happy Hogan works as    Iron Man / Spider-Man (horizontal)
RB-43    Spider-Man - Spider-Man tries to make time for his    Homecoming - Queens, New York
RB-44    Spider-Man Homemade Suit - Spider-Man keeps his fi    Web Crawler (airborne gray pants)
RB-45    Spider-Man Homecoming - Spider-Man wants to stay t    Spider-Man (squatting, horizontal)
RB-46    Spider-Man Homecoming - While Spider-Man waits for    Spider-Man (head and R shoulder)
RB-47    Spider-Man Homecoming - With Earth having received    Spider-Man Homecoming Queens, New York
RB-48    Spider-Man Homecoming - When unexpected trouble hi    (blue outline above city)
RB-49    Spider-Man Homecoming - As Spider-Man chases after    Homecoming 2017, horizontal)
RB-50    Spider-Man Homecoming - While Spider-Man tries to     Spider-Man Homecoming (tall rectangle)


Civil War Images Cards (1:2.5 packs, also found in Hobby packs)

 CW1     Spider-Man follows the Winter Soldier and Falcon i    (climbing at 3:00)
 CW2     After Spider-Man pins down the Winter Soldier and     (squatting atop clock)
 CW3     Back outside, Spider-Man continues to follow Iron     (slinging through sky)
 CW4     Spider-Man yanks on his web lines, pulling Captain    (approaching bus)
 CW5     Captain America cuts Spider-Man's web line to make    (slinging from ground, horizontal)
 CW6     Spider-Man next shoots at Captain America's lower     (slinging from ground, horizontal)
 CW7     When Captain America asks what else Iron Man told     (head and chest, horizontal)
 CW8     When Ant-Man suddenly becomes a giant and flings W    (slinging through sky)
 CW9     Spider-Man returns to the enormous Ant-Man quicker    (swinging horizontal)
 CW10    After Captain America turns down the chance to end    (Captain America shield, horizontal)
 CW11    When Spider-Man inquires about Falcon's wings and     (climbing over escalators, horizontal)

Spider-Men Cards (1:88  packs, also found in Hobby packs)

 SM1     Spider-Man
 SM2     Ultimate Spider-Man
 SM3     Spider-Man 2099
 SM4     Sensational Spider-Man
 SM5     Scarlet Spider
 SM6     The Scarlet Spiders
 SM7     Ezekiel
 SM8     Dark Spider-Man
 SM9     Spider-Man Noir

Spider-Man Decathlon Cards (1:0.94 packs, also found in Hobby packs)

         Cards show trivia questions on front and answers to questions from another card on back.

 SD1     Q01: In which comic did Spider-Man make his debut?
 SD2     Q02: Which famous writer and artist duo created Sp
 SD3     Q03: Who is the villain in Amazing Spider-Man Vol.
 SD4     Q04: The Lizard is the reptilian alter ego of whic
 SD5     Q05: What was Quentin Beck's profession before he
 SD6     Q06: The Green Goblin teamed withn which villain g
 SD7     Q07: Who arranged for Mac Gorgon to transform into
 SD8     Q08: How did Mary Jane first greet Peter Parker?
 SD9     Q09: Who first invented the Spider-Slayer robots?
 SD10    Q10: What is the name of the half-dozen foes who f
 SD11    Q11: Which of Spider-Man's enemies almost married
 SD12    Q12: Which popular anti-hero debuted in Amazing Sp
 SD13    Q13: Which Daily Bugle reporter was framed to look
 SD14    Q14: During which comic event did Spidey find the
 SD15    Q15: As of 2017, how many people have used the Gre
 SD16    Q16: J. Jonah Jameson's son, John, transformed int
 SD17    Q17: Whose blood cured Spider-Man when he grew fou
 SD18    Q18: Which three alter egos did Richard Fisk use t
 SD19    Q19: Where did Peter Marker and many of his friend
 SD20    Q20: Which Avenger convinced Spider-Man to unmask
 SD21    Q21: Which of Peter Parker's professors cloned Par
 SD22    Q22: Which of Spidey-s loves was given luck-alteri
 SD23    Q23: Which Spider-Clone once took over for Peter P
 SD24    Q24: Which foe did Spider-Man ask to help stop Car

Artist Sketch Cards (1:1000 packs)

         Abdul Ghofur
         Achilleas Kokkinakis
         Adam Harris
         Ahjay Cerezo
         Al Milgrom
         Albert Morales
         Alex Webb
         Alfredo Lopez Jr.
         Angel Velasquez
         Anthony Helmer
         Arturo Romero
         Brendon and Brian Fraim
         Brian Balondo
         Cathy Razim
         Charles Drake
         Chris Willdig
         Clint Langley
         Crees Hyunsung Lee
         Daniel Benitez / Arturo Ramirez
         Danny Kidwell
         Diana Greenhalgh
         Dominic Racho
         Doug Snodgrass
         Eli Hyder
         Emma Burges
         Eric Fournier
         Eric Hutchison
         Ethan Castillo
         Holden Leung
         Ian Quirante
         Jaime Lopez
         Jake Sumbing
         Jamal Igle
         James Nguyen
         Jason Adams
         Jason Montoya
         Jason Saldajeno
         Jeff Mallinson
         Jeff Meuth
         John Sloboda
         Jon-Peter Buzio
         Jordan Morpeth
         Jorge Costa
         Ken Racho
         Kevin Andreine
         Kevin McCoy
         Lance De Boyer
         Leo Perez
         Luiz Campelo
         Lydi Li Tubillara
         Mark Stegbauer
         Marlo Argunos
         Marlon Fernandes
         Mathew Dariol
         Matt Blairstone
         Matt Hebb
         Matthew Sutton
         Mitch Ballard
         Nate Xopher
         Nicole Ruman
         Omid Maksoos
         Patricio Carrasco
         Patrick Giles
         Paul Hanley
         Peejay Catacutan
         Radioactive Rabbit
         Raymundo Racho
         Remy "Eisu" Mokhtar
         Reynaldo Acevedo
         Rich Hennemann
         Ruben Enriquez
         Thiago Vale
         Tim Shinn
         Todd Aaron Smith
         Todd Purnell
         Will White
         William Bowen Donley III

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