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Rocks o' Gum Bubble Gum
   Topps - 1971

Notes: These 55 round, unnumbered candy lids feature cartoon caricatures and 
captions. Much of the artwork appears to be by comic book great Wally Wood 
(or possibly one of his assistants). Also of note, artwork on one of the lids features 
Topps executive Woody Gelman. The lids were placed atop paper cups that held 
the gum. The series was also issued in Canada under the O-Pee-Chee mark.

Rocks o' Gum is often described as a test issue, but complete sets are readily found. 
The Topps Archives website notes that the artwork was reused in its Gum Berries 
release in 1972. Thanks much to Jim Walls for the original list!


   And just what prompted your decision to study mythology, Mr. Green?
   Bill's okay ... He's just a little bit square!
   Billy, is that an airplane tattooed on your forehead?
   Billy's teacher says he ought to have an encyclopedia!
   Bob - If you don't stop playing those drums I'll go out of my mind!
   But I did shave this morning Boss!
   Can I make the five thirty train if I cut through your cow pasture?
   Crunchies - Free! Atomic Submarine
   Cultivation methods in this area are hopelessly outdated.
   Doctor, I have the feeling that people are taking advantage of me!
   Doctor, it hurts me to breathe. In fact, my only trouble now is with breathing.
   "Going down"
   Good grief! ..... I need glasses!!!!
   Hair spray
   "Harold, I will not marry you -- so quit hanging around!"
   Herman! I hope I didn't see you looking at Joe's paper!
   Hey - How did Mom find out that you didn't really take a bath?
   Honestly Howard ... Sometimes I think you're afraid of your own shadow!
   How come your hippie boyfriend shaved off his walrus mustache?
   How do you divide fifteen apples evenly between four students?
   I don't expect to see you in court again! Why? Are you retiring?
   "I love you, Eileen ... You're a living doll!"
   I think your brother must be shy  He hasn't been out of that chair all afternoon!
   I thought I heard a mouse squeak!
   I'm going to open a pet shop.. Next time you see me I'll be among all the dumb little animals!
   I'm sorry ... I thought you were somebody else!!!
   I'm sorry ... Mr. Gelman can't talk to you. He's tied up at the moment.
   I'm sorry you can't see the doctor now. He's practicing!
   I've come to ask for your daughter's hand
   If your father earned four hundred dollars a week, and gave your mother half, what would she have?
   Is she a tough teacher?
   "It's the new, improved model!"
   Lady I haven't eaten in four days!
   Listen to this. "You're admired by girls for your good looks and personality!"
   Miss Jones! I've never seen you without glasses before! Why - you're beautiful!
   My Cousin Bertha is so fat it takes two pennies to weigh her!
   Name five things that contain milk.
   Now, if I had two hot dogs and you had two hot dogs, what would we have?
   "Okay, Sundog, reach! This town isn't big enough for the two of us!"
   ""Pardon me ... do you have any spare parts?
   Say, you don't seem to be bothered by the mosquitos around here at all. Don't you ever shoo them?
   So there's a monster on the television ... So what?
   ... "So use new 'Boo'! ... And wash your sheets a whiter white!"
   Teddy - I heard you played baseball today instead of going to school!
   That's funny, ... I don't feel a draft!
   "Waiter! There's a man in my soup!"
   What a beautiful child! He has his mother's eyes and his father's nose!
   What did you learn in school today, Roy?
   What do elephants have that no other animals have?
   What's a nice girl like you doing in a plate like this?
   What's that in my soup?
   When I told you to wipe that grin off your face, that's not what I meant!
   Why do you refer to your girl as "my little bargain?"
   Why do you think you have to go on a diet?
   Will you boys in the back of the room stop passing notes?

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