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Philly Non-Sports Show Promo Cards
   Reighter Shows / Non-Sport Update - 1994-2014

Notes: Special promo cards have been produced for the Philly Non-Sport Card 
Show, held twice annually, currently in Allentown PA. Further information and 
scans are posted at the Reighter Shows website.

No.   Title                                       Subtitle

  1   Frank & Phyllis Reighter                    Co-Sponsors
  2   Honoring Emergency Service Personnel        Premiere Edition 1994
  4   Zina Saunders
  5   Marlin, Harris and Roxanne Toser
  5   Sally Star
  6   Avery Vladiem                               "Countess Vladimira"
  7   Les Davis & Family                          The Wrapper
  8   Mark Macaluso
  9   "Bud" & "Lou"                               Lou Sciara Gil "Bud" Palmer
 10   The Wolf Family                             Maryann, James & Bill
 11   James Wolf
 12   Todd Jordan                                 Promo Card Update
 13   Arnie Harris                                Comic Images
 14   Jennie Matarese                             Philly Non-Sport Show
 15   Joe, Joan, Joe Lange
 16   Phyllis & Frank Reighter
 17   Emil Sitka                                  Dec. 22, 1914 - Jan. 16, 1998
 18   Gary Gerani
 19   Dee Robinson                                Dee's Cards1
 20   Paul Hart
 21   Dino Frisella                               Dart Flipcards
 22   Alan Biegel                                 Non-Sport Update
 23   Scott Thomas                                Non-Sport Update
 24   Soupy Sales
 25                       Philly Non-Sports Card Show / Philly Collectibles Show
 26   Willy Nilly In Philly
 27   Martians Amok In Philly
 28   Jeffrey Thompson                            "First in Line"
 29   Terry Chiappa                               Terry's Cards
 30   David Rosciszewski                          non-sport card collector
 31   Tony Jones                                  Zeno's Books
         [variant: misspelled "Toney"]
 32   Bill DeFranzo                               Non-Sport Update
 33   Joe & Joe Lange                             JL Cards
 34   Mike Surratt                                Mik'z Cardz
 35   Lynne Stewart                               KLM Enterprise
 36   STCardGeek                                  KLM Enterprise
 37   Celebrating 15 Years of Non-Sport Update    Non-Sport Update 1990-2005
 38   MHopOnHop's Non-Sports Cards
 38v  MHopOnHop's Non-Sports Cards                [Philly variant card]
 39   Tom Breyer, Jr. and Michael Beam
 40   Tom Wright                                  The Wright Stuff
 41   Steven Miller                               Celestial Dream Studios
 --   Celestial Dream Studios - Steven Miller     [variant, available from the artist]
 42   Albert, Gayle, Jennie, & Frank              Show Staff
 43   Kurt Kursteiner                             Monsterwax
 44   Joe Jusko                                   "Lady Killer"
 45   David Grimes
 46   Hugh Jones
 47   Dan Piraro                                  "Bizarro"
 48   Allan Caplan                                Inkworks
 49   Tom Breyer                                  Breygent Marketing
 50   Drew Friedman
 51   Ken Kelly                                   "Werewolf"
 52   Neil Camera                                 "Fantastink" (color rough)
 53   from the entire MHopOnHop family            Congratulations ... 50th Philly Show
 54   Warren Martineck                            "CAP'M BLOOD"
 55   Robert Kohlbus                              Rittenhouse Archives
 56   Bob Hulsart                                 "Batman"
 57   Joe & Joe Lange                             JL Cards
 58   Jim Kyle                                    "Never in Philadelphia"
 59   Todd Riley                        
 60   Al Wexler                                   JA Cards and Collectibles
 61   Geary Kauffman                              In Memoriam
 62   Mike Ruggeri                                In Memoriam
 63   Jocelyn "Joce" Kaligis
 64   Verna & Larry and Carol & Cliff             Harrisburg Helpers
 65   Fran Ross                                   In Memoriam
 66   David Gross                                 Unpublished Wacky Packages Painting
 67   Frances Giordano
 68   Marlin & Roxanne Toser                      Non-Sport Update
 69   Announcing ... Pop Art Con
 70   Norm Saunders
 71   Zina Saunders                               Limited Edition Giclee Art Print
 72   Robert Osifchin
 73   Phyllis Reighter                            In Memoriam
 74   A.J. Rutkowski
 75   Mick & Matt Glebe                           "The Revenans"
 76   Kevin and Graham                            Across The Pond
 77   Brian Kong
 78   Danny Fermaglich

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