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The Little Shop of Horrors
   Attic Cards - 2017

Notes: The series was launched through a Kickstarter campaign, and was preceded by a 
Preview Set in 2016 (see separate list). Further information and scans are posted at the 
Attic Kickstarter page.

Collector's Box: Base set, 1 autograph or sketch or printing plate, 
9 Finest Art cards. 10 boxes/case.

 No.    Card Title / Caption

Base Cards

    1   The Little Shop of Horrors / Checklist
    2   "I thought maybe you could give me a cut rate?"
    3   "Who could be a dentist on Skid Row?"
    4   "It's alright, I'll eat them here."
    5   "You're Fired!"
    6   "If Mr. Mushnick doesn't like it, he's going to fi
    7   "I named it Audrey Junior."
    8   "If you can nurse it back to health, you both can
    9   "I know that Audrey Junior will be the sweetest th
   10   "You opened up just like you do every night at sun
   11   "Blood? You like blood!?"
   12   "You are the most magnanimous person in the whole
   13   "I want you to call me Dad."
   14   "Look what happened to my plant, Dad." "Who are yo
   15   "I'll sit up all night with that plant, it'll be h
   16   "Feed me... Feed me!"
   17   "but I'm already anemic."
   18   An Accidental Death
   19   "Maybe just a snack."
   20   "What do you call that salad?" "Cesarean."
   21   Mushnick Sees Too Much
   22   "Try to eat something. It will calm your aggravati
   23   "Hi Gravis, $85 worth of business already and we'v
   24   "You, come with me."
   25   "How come the plant is now so big?"
   26   "Seymour, you've got a bad tooth?"
   27   "You're trying to kill me!"
   28   A Dentist Is Slain
   29   A Surprise Patient
   30   "Now, no novacaine. It dulls the senses."
   31   "I can truly say I've never enjoyed myself so much
   32   "This should be enough for anybody."
   33   "Now we were on the case."
   34   "Oh boy, look at that."
   35   "Don't you like me to kiss you?"
   36   "We just want to ask you a few questions."
   37   "Is that plant all finished growing up?"
   38   "I happen to represent the Society of Silent Flowe
   39   "Ma, this is Audrey Fulquard. She's my girl."
   40   "to Audrey Junior." "No, to Audrey Senior!"
   41   Mushnick Standa Watch
   42   Mushnick Learns the Truth
   43   "You'll excuse there isn't more, I'm only a poor f
   44   "The money is in the plant. The big plant, Audrey
   45   "Shut up and bring on the food."
   46   "What do you call this? Chopped liver?"
   47   "Nobody ever volunteers."
   48   A Ceremony for Seymour
   49   "It's starting to open!"
   50   The Victims Are Discovered
   51   Seymour on the Run
   52   "You won't find him here in the toilets."
   53   "I'll feed you. I'll feed you like you've never be
   54   "I didn't mean it."

Finest Art Chase Cards

 FA4    Gravis Mushnick

Autograph Cards (metal stock)

        Jackie Joseph Is Audrey Fulquard
        Jonathan Haze Is Seymour Krelboyne

     Short Print Autograph Cards (1:4 boxes)

        Jonathan Haze Is Seymour Krelboyne (toilet)
        Jonathan Haze Is Seymour Krelboyne (inside Audrey)
        Dual Autograph: Jackie Joseph / Jonathan Haze

Sketch Cards (at least 2:case)

        Achilleas Kokkinakis
        Ingrid Hardy
        Jason Crosby
        Meagan O'Leary
        Mick & Matt Glebe
        Tim Proctor
        Tony Keaton

Kickstarter Stretch Goal Additions

        Finest Art Card set: Linen Stock
        Finest Art Card set: Metal Stock
 FA4    Finest Art Cards Artist Signed: Jennifer Allyn (# to 40)


  P1    Premium Trading Cards That Don't Cost ... (Philly Non-Sports Card Show)

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©2017 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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