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Just Desserts
   Looney Labs - 1997

Notes: This card game was produced as a boxed set with the caption, "No Soup, 
No Salad, No Entree." Further information and scans are posted at the Looney Labs 

   Title                                Card Type

   Ambrosia Salad                       Desserts
   Apple Pie à la Mode                  Desserts
   Apple Turnover                       Desserts
   Baked Alaska                         Desserts
   Baklava                              Desserts
   Banana Pudding                       Desserts
   Banana Split                         Desserts
   Belgian Waffle                       Desserts
   Black Forest Cake                    Desserts
   Boston Cream Pie                     Desserts
   Bread Pudding                        Desserts
   Butter Pecan Ice Cream               Desserts
   Cake Donut with Sprinkles            Desserts
   Candied Ginger                       Desserts
   Candied Yams                         Desserts
   Caramel Nut Torte                    Desserts
   Carrot Cake                          Desserts
   Cheesecake                           Desserts
   Cherry Pie                           Desserts
   Chocolate Angel Food Cake            Desserts
   Chocolate Candy Bar                  Desserts
   Chocolate Chip Cookies               Desserts
   Chocolate Covered Marshmallows       Desserts
   Chocolate Cream Pie                  Desserts
   Chocolate Dipped Strawberries        Desserts
   Chocolate Eclair                     Desserts
   Chocolate Fondue                     Desserts
   Chocolate Frosted Donuts             Desserts
   Chocolate Mousse                     Desserts
   Chocolate Sandwich Cookies           Desserts
   Cinnamon Roll                        Desserts
   Coconut Custard Pie                  Desserts
   Coconut Macaroons                    Desserts
   Coffee Cake                          Desserts
   Creme Brulee                         Desserts
   Crispy Rice Treats                   Desserts
   Devil's Food Cupcakes                Desserts
   Fortune Cookies                      Desserts
   Fruit Cake                           Desserts
   Fruit Salad                          Desserts
   Fudge                                Desserts
   Gingerbread Dudes                    Desserts
   Glazed Donut                         Desserts
   Hot Fudge Sundae                     Desserts
   Ice Cream Cake                       Desserts
   Ice Cream Cone                       Desserts
   Ice Cream Sandwich                   Desserts
   Lemon Square Cookies                 Desserts
   Mint Chocolate Milk Shake            Desserts
   Napoleon                             Desserts
   Neapolitan Ice Cream                 Desserts
   Oatmeal Raisin Cookies               Desserts
   Orange Sherbet                       Desserts
   Peach Cobbler                        Desserts
   Peanut Brittle                       Desserts
   Peanut Butter Cookies                Desserts
   Peanut Butter Cups                   Desserts
   Pecan Pie                            Desserts
   Pineapple Upside Down Cake           Desserts
   Pound Cake                           Desserts
   Profiterole                          Desserts
   Pumpkin Ice Cream                    Desserts
   Pumpkin Pie                          Desserts
   Rhubarb Crumble                      Desserts
   S'mores                              Desserts
   Shoo Fly Pie                         Desserts
   Spice Cake                           Desserts
   Strawberry Ice Cream                 Desserts
   Strawberry Shortcake                 Desserts
   Sugar Cookies                        Desserts
   Tapioca Pudding                      Desserts
   Toasted Marshmallows                 Desserts
   Vanilla Ice Cream                    Desserts
   Walnut Brownies                      Desserts
   Yellow Cake                          Desserts
   Zucchini Nut Bread                   Desserts

   Agent 17                             Guest Cards - Red
   Bob Fruitcake                        Guest Cards - Purple
   Boston Guy                           Guest Cards - Green
   Candice                              Guest Cards - Purple
   Fuzzy                                Guest Cards - Green
   Granny                               Guest Cards - Teal
   Inga                                 Guest Cards - Green
   Mary Ann                             Guest Cards - Teal
   Mojo                                 Guest Cards - Teal
   Mr. Healthy                          Guest Cards - Orange
   Mrs. Jenkins                         Guest Cards - Red
   Nature Girl                          Guest Cards - Orange
   Roland                               Guest Cards - Green
   The Astronaut                        Guest Cards - Purple
   The Dude                             Guest Cards - Yellow
   The Emperor                          Guest Cards - Yellow
   The Hermit                           Guest Cards - Yellow
   The Hippie                           Guest Cards - Orange
   The Little Boy                       Guest Cards - Red
   The Little Girl                      Guest Cards - Red
   The Lumberjack                       Guest Cards - Yellow
   The Professor                        Guest Cards - Teal
   The Tourist                          Guest Cards - Orange
   Wally                                Guest Cards - Purple

   How to Play (folded)                 Box Inserts
   Looney Labs Games (folded)           Box Inserts

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