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The Jungle Book Lenticular Cards
   Con Agra Frozen Foods - 1997

Notes: These cards were distributed one-per-package in Kids Cuisine meals and show scenes 
from the animated Disney film. Thanks muchto Jim Walls for the original list!

 No.    Caption

   1    Bagheera the panther found Mowgli in the hull of a shipwrecked boat deep in the forest.
   2    One morning Mowgli awoke to the dawn patrol of elephants rumbling beneath him.
   3    After an argument with Bagheera about returning to the man-village ...
   4    As Baloo floated lazily down the river with Mowgli lying on his stomach ...
   5    The monkeys delivered Mowgli to King Louie, the orangutan.
   6    Baloo's plan was to disguise himself as an ape.
   7    After Bagheera and Baloo discussed the danger to Mowgli
   8    After Baloo's confrontation with Shere Khan ...

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