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Inspector Gadget (Cheerios)
   General Mills - 1999

Notes: This series features photos from the 1999 live-action Walt Disney movie starring 
Matthew Broderick. The cards, which are standard size with blank backs, had to be cut 
out from the backs of Frosted Cheerios cereal boxes (and possibly other General Mills 
cereals). They came three to a box. Thanks much to Jim Walls for the list!

No.   Description

  1   Mild-mannered John Brown becomes Inspector Gadget
  2   Claw (a.k.a. Sanford Scolex)
  3   Scientist Dr. Brenda Bradford
  4   Penny
  5   The Gadgetmobile
  6   Claw's scientist Kramer
  7   Robogadget - menace to society
  8   Penny makes a call using Inspector Gadget's "handy phone"
  9   Gadgetmobile interior
 10   Inspector Gadget's suit
 11   Inspector Gadget rescues Brenda from Claw's lab
 12   Claw seeks revenge
 13   Inspector Gadget leaps into action
 14   Claw in his office
 15   Go-go gadget helicopter

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