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Howdy Doody Magic Trading Cards
   Burry's Cookies - 1951

Notes: American Card Catalog reference is D44. Inserted in cookie packages in two-
card perforated panels, each 2-1/8" x 2-7/8" card depicts a character on the front and 
instructions for a magic trick on the back. The set was also issued by Ogilvie Oats 
and Howdy Doody Frozen Treats, sometimes with different backs than the Burry's 
set, and by Kraft Daisy-Fresh Caramels (with black-and-white pictures on the backs 
for coloring) and Colonial Howdy Doody Napkins (with blank backs). Thanks much 
to Jim Walls for the original list!

 No.    Title / Magic Trick

   1    Howdy Doody / Paper Bridge
   2    Clarabell / The Paper Sword
   3    Dilly Dally / The Interlocking Rings
   4    Mr. Phineas T. Bluster / The Expanding Hole
   5    Howdy and the Princess Canoeing / The Crawling Coin
   6    Howdy Doody Leads the Parade / Disappearing Coin
   7    Howdy Doody and Buffalo Bob / Walking Through Card
   8    Flub-a-Dub Steals the Show / Magnetic Knives
   9    Flub-a-Dub / Two to One
  10    Princess Summerfall Winterspring / Wrong Way Flame
  11    Howdy Doody Goes West / Self-Rising Card
  12    The Princess and Her Friends / Out from Under
  13    Big Chief Dilly Dally / The Magic Knot
  14    Clarabell Does a Self Portrait / Side by Side
  15    Howdy Doody's Air-a-Doodle / The Untouchable
  16    Howdy Doody at the Circus / The Disappearing Square
  17    Dilly Dally the Snake Charmer / Color Tell-a-Vision
  18    Howdy MacDoody / The Floating Needle
  19    Oil Well Willie / The Invisible Object
  20    Inspector / Wood Through Steel
  21    Clarabell Riding the Zingo-Cycle / Magic Strong Man
  22    The Princess Playing Her Drums / The Multiplying Digits
  23    Senor Howdy Doody / The Balancing Match
  24    Clarabell Having a Drink / Pushing a Quarter
  25    Dilly Dally Goes Hunting / The Anchored Coin
  26    Howdy Feeds Jerry Giraffe / Magnetic Forehead
  27    The Princess and Her Doll / Never Seen Before
  28    Clarabell's Juggling Act / Rising Match Box
  29    Flub-a-Dub Knits a Sweater / The Four Triangles
  30    Clarabell and Dilly Enjoy a Soda / Painless Extraction
  31    Chief Featherman / Odds and Evens
  32    Oscar / Three Magic Digits
  33    Clarabell Fixes the Scoop-Doodle / Rectangles on Rectangles
  34    Howdy Doody and the Honk-a-Doodle / The Transparent Cups
  35    Mr. Bluster Meets Mr. Walrus / The Magic Square
  36    Howdy and Dilly Fishing / Forty-Five More or Less
  37    Ugly Sam / X-Ray Eyes
  38    Pierre the Chef / Making Money
  39    Flub-a-Dub Takes a Shower / Psychic Power
  40    Howdy Doody's Magic Show / Strong Breath
  41    Howdy Doody's Totem Pole / Strong Straw
  42    Dilly and Clarabell Play Hide and Seek / Mind Over Matter

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