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Horrible Imaginings
   Horrible Imaginings - 2017

Notes: Cards promote the September 2017 film festival and podcast, and were
distributed at a very difficult scavenger hunt at San Diego Comic Con 2017. 
Cards bear the caption "Imaginings from the Past" and the year of film release.

    Film                         Year

    The Manitou                  2013
    The Howling                  2013
    Evil Dead II                 2012
    Valley of the Sasquatch      2015
    Long Pig                     2011
    Dellamorte Dellamore         2015
    Dead Hooker in a Trunk       2010
    Styria                       2014
    The Taint                    2011
    Gut                          2012
    Zero Killed                  2012
    Bluebeard                    2015
    Spider Baby                  2012
    The Beyond                   2010
    You're Killing Me            2015

    (2 others)

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