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Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Promo Series
(Marvel Cinematic Universe)
   Upper Deck - 2017

Notes: This "promo" series was inserted exclusively in Hanes products sold at 
Walmart, in packs of 4 cards each. Subjects for the WP base cards generally 
match those of the RP Walmart-exclusive inserts for the later main GOTG2 
release, with different card backs and images that were changed, cropped, or 
at a different magnification. A few of the higher numbered card subjects were 
replaced with characters that were not identified in the Hanes series to avoid 
pre-movie-release spoilerws. The "scene" for the base cards is shown to help 
distinguish among multiple cards for the same character; many of the chase items 
or variants have not yet been observed "in the wild." Further information and 
scans are posted at the Cardboard Connection website.

Packs: 4 cards.

   No.    Description / Title

Base Cards

          Parallels include Base, Blue Foil (1:2 packs), and Red Foil (1:2 packs).

 WP-1     (Star-Lord mask, 2 blasters)                                base   blue    red
 WP-2     (Gamora, blade in L hand across chest)                      base   blue    red
 WP-3     (Drax, L arm fwd R arm out)                                 base   blue    red
 WP-4     (Rocket, snarling 2 blasters to his L)                      base   blue    red
 WP-5     (Groot, walking to his L, face L)                           base   blue    red
 WP-6     (Star-Lord , arms down)                                     base   blue    red
 WP-7     (Gamora, hands on belt)                                     base   blue    red
 WP-8     (Drax, arms crossed, head to thighs)                        base   blue    red
 WP-9     (Rocket, weapons L shoulder R down)                         base   blue    red
 WP-10    (Groot, walking to his R, eyes fwd, to knees)               base   blue    red
 WP-11    (Star-Lord, mask, arms down, gray weave)                    base   blue    red
 WP-12    (Gamora, R profile)                                         base   blue    red
 WP-13    (Drax, multiple exposure, horizontal)                       base   blue    red
 WP-14    (Rocket, arms crossed, full body)                           base   blue    red
 WP-15    (Groot, face fwd, upper body)                               base   blue    red
 WP-16    (Star-Lord, mask, 2 blasters, L knee up)                    base   blue    red
 WP-17    (Gamora, blade in L hand across chest)                      base   blue    red
 WP-18    (Drax, L arm fwd R arm out, to ankles)                      base   blue    red
 WP-19    (Rocket, 2 small blasters to his L, running)                base   blue    red
 WP-20    (Groot, walking to his L, eyes fwd, rainbow)                base   blue    red
 WP-21    (Star-Lord, black shield)                                   base   blue    red
 WP-22    (Nebula, black shield)                                      base   blue    red
 WP-23    (Drax, black shield)                                        base   blue    red
 WP-24    (Rocket, black shield)                                      base   blue    red
 WP-25    (Groot, black shield)                                       base   blue    red
 WP-26    Legendary Outlaw Star-Lord                                  base   blue    red
 WP-27    I am Groot (green bullet)                                   base   blue    red
 WP-28    Rocket (red circle)                                         base   blue    red
 WP-29    (Drax, silver, 2 blades face fwd)                           base   blue    red
 WP-30    (Star-Lord, arms crossed, suit)                             base   blue    red
 WP-31    Groot (walking to his R, from waist)                        base   blue    red
 WP-32    (Groot, head only)                                          base   blue    red
 WP-33    (Star-Lord mask, orange trapezoid)                          base   blue    red
 WP-34    Rocket (brown shield)                                       base   blue    red
 WP-35    (Groot, brown shield)                                       base   blue    red
 WP-36    (Star-Lord mask, head only)                                 base   blue    red
 WP-37    I am Groot! (orange circle)                                 base   blue    red
 WP-38    Guardians of the Galaxy (color Milano, vertical)            base   blue    red
 WP-39    Guardians of the Galaxy (The Milano, circle)                base   blue    red
 WP-40    (5 ships blue-gray-blue-gray-blue)                          base   blue    red
 WP-41    Guardians (gold shield)                                     base   blue    red
 WP-42    (The Milano, R wing down)                                   base   blue    red
 WP-43    (pastel Guardians, vertical)                                base   blue    red
 WP-44    (Rocket - Star-Lord - Groot)                                base   blue    red
 WP-45    (Rocket and Groot, red circle)                              base   blue    red
 WP-46    (Rocket, Gamora, Star-Lord, Drax-Groot, horizontal)         base   blue    red
 WP-47    (Gamora-Rocket, Star-Lord, Groot-Drax rainbow, vertical)    base   blue    red
 WP-48    (Drax-Groot, Star-Lord, Rocket, Gamora horizontal)          base   blue    red
 WP-49    Star-Lord - Rocket - Gamora - Drax - Groot                  base   blue    red
 WP-50    Guardians of the Galaxy                                     base   blue    red


Autograph Cards (# to 10)

 WP-DB  x Dave Bautista
 WM-SL  x Stan Lee

Awesome Mix etro Throwback Memorabilia

 RTR-1    Star-Lord [face]
 RTR-2    Gamora [1/3-R profile]
 RTR-3    Drax [face fwd]
 RTR-4    Yondu [face fwd]
 RTR-5    Nebula [face fwd]
 RTR-6    Star-Lord [mask]
 RTR-7    Gamora [1/2-L profile]
 RTR-8    Drax [yell]
 RTR-9    Yondu [smile]
 RTR-10   Nebula [1/3-L profile]

Character Die-Cut Cards

 DC-1     [Star-Lord, arms down]
 DC-2     [Gamora, arms down]
 DC-3     [Drax, arms crossed]
 DC-4     [Rocket, rifle over L shoulder]
 DC-5     [Groot, smiling]
 DC-6     [Star-Lord, mask, 2 blasters]
 DC-7     [Gamora, R elbow out]
 DC-8     [Drax, 2 blades, L arm fwd]
 DC-9     [Rocket, running and blasting]
 DC-10    [Groot, walking to his R, head to his L]

Chrome Cuts Cards

 CC-1     [Star-Lord, 2 blasters to his L]
 CC-2     [Gamora, fighting]
 CC-3     [Drax, L arm blade down, R arm out]
 CC-4     [Rocket, running to his L]
 CC-5     [Groot, walking to his L, face L]
 CC-6     [Star-Lord, arms to sides]
 CC-7     [Gamora, hands clenched at belt]
 CC-8     [Drax, arms crossed]
 CC-9     [Rocket, weapon L shoulder, R thigh]
 CC-10    [Groot, walking to his R, eyes fwd]

Silver Comic Characters Cards

 CO-1     Star-Lord [coat, head tilted]                               Marvel Preview Vol. 1 #4
 CO-2     Gamora [blaster raised]                                     Strange Tales Vol. 1 #180
 CO-3     Drax [2 blades face fwd]                                    Iron Man Vol. 1 #55
 CO-4     Rocket [riding bomb]                                        Marvel Preview Vol. 1 #7
 CO-5     Groot [axe and blaster]                                     Marvel Preview Vol. 1 #7
 CO-6     Yondu [2 big blasters]                                      Marvel Super-Heroes Vol. 1 #18
 CO-7     Nebula                                                      Avengers Vol. 1 #257
 CO-8     Mantis                                                      Avengers Vol. 1 #112
 CO-9     Thanos                                                      Iron Man Vol. 1 #55
 CO-10    Star-Lord [red cloak, flying]                               Marvel Preview Vol. 1 #4
 CO-11    Gamora [sword over head]                                    Strange Tales Vol. 1 #180
 CO-12    Drax [R arm raised]                                         Iron Man Vol. 1 #55
 CO-13    Rocket [2 big blasters]                                     Marvel Preview Vol. 1 #7
 CO-14    Groot [1/3-L profile]                                       Tales to Astonish Vol. 1 #13
 CO-15    Yondu [shooting arrow from bow]                             Marvel Super-Heroes Vol. 1 #18

Video Code Card (1:pack)

    --    Marvel Movie Rental Included (VUDU online redemption)

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