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Garbage Pail Kids/Wacky Packages 2017
Philly Non-Sports Card Show Limited Edition
   Topps - 2017

Notes: This special series, limited to 500 copies, was released exclusively at the April 2017 
Philly Non-Sports Card Show in Allentown PA, USA.

  No.   Title          "b" No.                       Artist

  1a    ROCKY N. Roll     1b   LES Vegas             Layron DeJarnette
  2a    Overdone DAVY     2b   Cracked CROCKETT      Joe Simko
  3a    Ceasing CLARK     3b   Can't Move KENT       Jeff Zapata

4 of 6  3-Thing Binder - Wacky                       Smokin' Joe
5 of 6  Le Stinky Boot-ique - Wacky                  Neil Camera
6 of 6  Slop Headers Card Holders - Wacky            Chad Scheres

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