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Fireball XL5 (Gerry Anderson Collection)
   Unstoppable Cards - 2017

Notes: Thanks to John Biagioni for assistance! Further information and scans are posted 
at the Unstoppable website.

Box: Base set + foils + 1 high insert. # to 1499.
Case: 10 boxes each of Fireball XL-5, Joe 90, Stingray, Supercar.

  No.    Front Title                              Episode

     1   Fireball XL5 Official Trading Cards Set
     2   Exploring                                Planet 46
     3   Launch                                   Hypnotic Sphere
     4   Guarding                                 Planet of Platonia
     5   Piloting XL5                             Space Magnet
     6   Scanning                                 The Doomed Planet
     7   Plant Man!                               Plant Man from Space
     8   Missile Launch                           The Sun Temple
     9   Lillispatians                            Space Immigrants
    10   Robert and Zoonie                        Space Monster
    11   Lt Ninety and Cmdr Zero                  Flying Zodiac
    12   Space Station                            Spy in Space
    13   Alien Gunman                             XL5 to H2O
    14   Pirates                                  Space Pirates
    15   Unwell                                   The Last of the Zanadus
    16   Fitting an Alarm                         Space Pen
    17   Stealing Plans                           Convict in Space
    18   Building a Weapon                        Wings of Danger
    19   Robert and Steve                         The Triads
    20   Put Out the Fire                         Sabotage
    21   Long Range Receiver                      Prisoner on the Lost Planet
    22   Prepare for Lift Off                     Flight to Danger
    23   Going on Vacation                        Space Vacation
    24   Mystery Wreck                            Mystery of the TA2
    25   Robert in Charge                         Robert to the Rescue
    26   Space Observatory                        The Forbidden Planet
    27   Deadly Robots                            The Granatoid Tanks
    28   Hover Scooters                           Dangerous Cargo
    29   Back in Time                             1875
    30   Robot Freighter                          The Robot Freighter Mystery
    31   Robot Service                            Drama of Space City
    32   Research                                 Whistle for Danger
    33   Venus, Steve and Matt                    Faster than Light
    34   Crashed                                  The Day the Earth Froze
    35   Invaders                                 Invasion Earth
    36   Obsessed Miner                           Ghosts of Space
    37   Robots                                   Trial by Robot
    38   General Ninety                           A Day in the Life of a Space General
    39   Near Miss                                Space City Special
    40   Fire                                     The Fire Fighters
    41   Fireball XL5
    42   Colonel Steve Zodiac
    43   Venus
    44   Professor Matt Matic
    45   Commander Zero
    46   Lt. Ninety
    47   Robert the Robot
    48   Zoonie
    49   Behind the Scenes [puppet hair]
    50   Behind the Scenes [puppet face]
    51   Behind the Scenes [directing]
    52   Behind the Scenes [3 puppeteers]
    53   Checklist (1-41)
    54   Checklist (42-54, foil)


Silver Foil Cards (6:box)

   F1    Hover Scooters
   F2    Piloting
   F3    Exploring
   F4    Venus, Matt and Steve
   F5    Robert and Steve
   F6    In the Lab

Autograph Cards (1 autograph or sketch or stamp  or printing plate pair per box)

  DE1    David Elliott - Director                                Wings of Danger
  DE2    David Elliott - Director                                Planet of Platonia
  DG1    David Graham as the Voice of Professor Matthew Matic
  DG2    David Graham as the Voice of Lieutenant Ninety
  DG3    David Graham as the Voice of Zoonie the Lazoon
  MT1    Mary Turner - Puppetry Supervisor

Genuine Mint Postage Stamp Cards

  PS1    Fly Around the Universe                  97p

Printing Plate Cards (Base, Foil)

   --    8 each (cyan, magenta, yellow, black; front and back)

Sketch Cards (# as SK1)

         Alex Mines
         Andrew Lopez
         Bekah & Adam Cleveland
         Bobby Breed
         Bruce Gerlach
         Clay Sayre
         Danielle Adams
         Danielle Ellison
         Danny Hayman
         Dennis Gortakowski
         Don Pedicini Jr.
         Edgar A. Hernandez
         Graham Bleathman
         J Hammond
         Jack Chattox
         Jamie Richards
         Jason Heil
         Jason Westlake
         Jonty Gates
         Kevin Meinert
         Kevin P. West
         Kitty-Lydia Dye
         Laura Inglis
         Louise Draper
         Marc Ducrow
         Marcia Dye
         Mark Wright
         Matt Stewart
         Mike Hannan
         Mike McHugh
         Paul Cowan
         Phil Hassewer
         Rich Molinelli
         Scott Fellowes
         Solly Mohamed
         Sue Thomas
         Tony Miello
         Vincenzo "Chenduz" D'Ippolito
         Westley Smith

Case-Topper Bonus Pack

   --      1x Artist Sketch Card
              Graham Bleathman
              Louise Draper
              Westley James Smith
   --      1x Autograph Card (# to 75)
   JWC0       Jeremy Wilkin as Captain Ochre
   JWCB       Jeremy Wilkin as Captain Black
   PR3     5x Terminator 2 Promo Card
   PR3     5x The Saint Promo Card
   PR3     5x The Prisoner Promo Card
   PR1     5x Space 1999 Series 2 Promo Card
   PR1     5x Captain Scarlet 50 Years Promo Card

Master Box (sold separately)

   --      Base Set of 54
   --      Foil Set of 6
   --      Autograph Set
   --      1x Artist Sketch Card
   --      1x Pair printing plates
   --      1x Stamp card
   --      Promo Set:
   PR1        Space 1999 Series 2
   PR3        The Prisoner
   PR3        The Saint
   PR3        Captain Scarlet 50 Years
   PR3        Terminator 2

Collectors Binder (sold separately; limited to 300)

   --    Gerry Anderson Collection (album)
   --    Box Design Promo Inset Cards
   B1       Supercar
   B2       Fireball XL5
   B3       Stingray
   B4       Joe 30

Print Proof Set (in Unstoppable Cards 2017 Yearset)

    --    (Base cards 1-54)


B2       Fireball XL5 (binder insert, also listed above)
CCP1     Dealer Promo (The Cyber Cellar)
DTP1     Dealer Promo (Derek's Trading Cards)
EMP1     Dealer Promo (Acme 3000)
GP1      Dealer Promo (Gazza Games)
HC-PR1   Coming Soon (British Horror Collection case incentive; # to 100)
MP1      Dealer Promo (Mitchy9210, limited to 50)
OCP1     Dealer Promo (Of Course Collectables)
PCP1     Dealer Promo (Premier Cards; limited to 30)
PHP1     Dealer Promo (Paul Hart Trading Cards; limited to 50)
PR2      Coming in 2016 (# to 100; incentive with The Lost Worlds of Gerry Anderson)
RAP1     Dealer Promo (Radickal Trading Cards)
RKP1     Dealer Promo (Roman Krause)
RP1      Dealer Promo (Rydeclive)
TCP1     Dealer Promo (Dean Rogers Top Cards)
WEB1     The Gerry Anderson Collection (website exclusive)
YS1      Coming in 2016 (Unstoppable Yearbox; # to 125)

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©2017 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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