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A Tiny Teddy Named Cuds
   MNS Cards / Robert Aragon - 2017

Notes: This series illustrates the popular children's book. Further information 
and images are posted at the Tiny Teddy Press website.

Limited Edition Preview Packs: 9 base + 3 inserts.

No.    Card Text / Description / Title

Base Cards (8-9 per pack)

 01    Cuds searches high and low while thinking... "Wher
 02    When Cuds was a baby he would sit on his seat. Hap
 03    When Cuds plays pirate, he's a good pirate at that
 04    "When my Cuds litt hair is longer than it should b
 05    If a tiny green leaf lands on your tiny black nose
 06    When Cuds is a soldier he marches along to the mus
 07    When you walk looking down you may not see the but
 08    "When you look at the night sky maybe you will see
 09    When I want to think of things I can not think of,
 10    Who is this dressed as a Halloween ghost? Who has
 11    "Leaves that have fallen are lonely you see. They
 12    When the wind picks up and dances with heavenly wh
 13    There are many clowns in this big old world. But t
 14    There is always music in every day we live. It's t
 15    As Cuds crosses the Delaware he wonders what thing
 16    Cuds knows that something yummy is perfectly good
 17    Running is my favorite thing to do! I can chase a
 18    "Sometimes it's good to look up and not say a word


Puzzle Cards

 P1    (in crib)
 P2    (rabbit and tree)

Color Cards

 C1    (clown / lion and wolf)
 C2    (tree / sleeping cap)

Stand Up Cards

 S1    Cuds Scouts
 S2    (SuperCuds)

Robert Aragon Autograph Cards (Combined Hits, 1:7 packs)

 A1    (brown wall)             Regular (1:34 packs)
       Robert Aragon            Blue (1:50 packs)
       Robert Aragon            Gold (1:100 packs)

Sketch Cards (1:100 packs)

       Robert Aragon

Printing Plate Cards (1:50 packs)

       (4 each: cyan, magenta, yellow, black)

Story Book Talking Cards (1:21 packs; rechargeable by USB)



 C1    Coming Soon (white wolf)
 C2    Coming Soon (snorkel)

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©2017 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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