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Colorado Comic Future Stars Series 1
   Dart Flipcards - 1994

Notes: The series, spotlighting young talent in the state, was released as a set 
numbered to 1500. Thanks to David Rosciszewski for the original list!

  No.    Title                              Artist, Home Town

     1   Code Name Monopoe / Alex Rhode     Herman Medina, Denver, Colorado
     2   Coup                               John Gray, Aurora, Colorado
     3   Slaughter                          Christopher S. McIntosh, Denver, Colorado
     4   Carlos Sufuentez                   Brian Manzanares, Westminster, Colorado
     5   Godasent                           John Charczuk & Daniel Clark, Morrison, Colorado
     6   Impulse                            Allen Dilling, Arvada, Colorado
     7   Kuna                               Brandon C. Andow, Englewood, Colorado
     8   Lindrex                            Jason Michael Andrew Swain, Colorado Springs, Colorado
     9   Soul-Crusher                       Jason K. Thompson, Boulder, Colorado
    10   Nemesis                            Eric Englebretson & Jason Martinez, Colorado Springs, Colorado
    11   E.D.D.I.E. / Checklist #1          Ron C. Walters, Denver, Colorado
    12   Paper-Rock-Scissors                Charles & Branden Bendert, and Jack Gray, Denver, Colorado


   --    Rachel Vang ["sample"]

      Work in Progress Collectors Set (1993)

1 of 4   Kiljoy                             Rich Moyer & C.J. Kwitter
2 of 4   Raging Sun                         Rich Moyer
3 of 4   Jake Lamotta
4 of 4   Unknown

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