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   Upper Deck - 2017

Notes: Further information and scans are posted at the Cardboard Connection website.

Box: 20 packs of 3 cards + 1 parallel + 1 chase card. 12 boxes/case.

   No.    Title

Base Cards

           Parallels include: Base (unnumbered); Gold Quick Stop Foil (1:pack); 
           Red '37' Foil (# to 37); Autographed by Marilyn Ghigliotti; Printing 
           Plates (# 1/1).

      1    Waking Up                                 unn  foil   37   plate
      2    Quick Stop Groceries                      unn  foil   37   plate
      3    I Assure You                              unn  foil   37   plate
      4    Business Hours                            unn  foil   37   plate
      5    Living Day to Day                         unn  foil   37   plate
      6    Are You Sure?                             unn  foil   37   plate
      7    Jay and Silent Bob                        unn  foil   37   plate
      8    Privilege to Smoke                        unn  foil   37   plate
      9    Who is Leading this Mob?                  unn  foil   37   plate
     10    Credentials                               unn  foil   37   plate
     11    A Pack of Cigarettes                      unn  foil   37   plate
     12    Then Quit                                 unn  foil   37   plate
     13    Be Honest                                 unn  foil   37   plate
     14    Behind the Counter                        unn  foil   37   plate
     15    Two Love Birds                            unn  foil   37   plate
     16    Strange Requests                          unn  foil   37   plate
     17    Get Back Here                             unn  foil   37   plate
     18    RTS Video                                 unn  foil   37   plate
     19    First Dibs                                unn  foil   37   plate
     20    You're Late                               unn  foil   37   plate
     21    Late Fees                                 unn  foil   37   plate
     22    Let the Past be the Past                  unn  foil   37   plate
     23    Caitlin's Fiance                          unn  foil   37   plate
     24    Jay's Dance Moves                         unn  foil   37   plate
     25    Happy Scrappy                             unn  foil   37   plate
     26    Misprint                                  unn  foil   37   plate
     27    What part of Russia?                      unn  foil   37   plate
     28    Taking a Break                            unn  foil   37   plate
     29    Warning on These Things                   unn  foil   37   plate
     30    Getting Married                           unn  foil   37   plate
     31    Such a Downer                             unn  foil   37   plate
     32    Snacks                                    unn  foil   37   plate
     33    Not Allowed                               unn  foil   37   plate
     34    Crack a Few Eggs                          unn  foil   37   plate
     35    Underage Smoker                           unn  foil   37   plate
     36    Highly Offended                           unn  foil   37   plate
     37    Milk Maids                                unn  foil   37   plate
     38    Lasagna                                   unn  foil   37   plate
     39    Not Even Supposed to be Here              unn  foil   37   plate
     40    Hockey Game                               unn  foil   37   plate
     41    Blatant Disregard                         unn  foil   37   plate
     42    Give me a Stick                           unn  foil   37   plate
     43    Another Ball                              unn  foil   37   plate
     44    Employees Only                            unn  foil   37   plate
     45    Want something to Drink                   unn  foil   37   plate
     46    Mid-Backstroke                            unn  foil   37   plate
     47    Going to the Wake                         unn  foil   37   plate
     48    Knocking the Casket Over                  unn  foil   37   plate
     49    Let Me Borrow Your Car                    unn  foil   37   plate
     50    Rationale                                 unn  foil   37   plate
     51    Muscle Definition                         unn  foil   37   plate
     52    4-Year-Olds                               unn  foil   37   plate
     53    Big Choice                                unn  foil   37   plate
     54    Caitlin and Dante                         unn  foil   37   plate
     55    The Tabloids                              unn  foil   37   plate
     56    Yes                                       unn  foil   37   plate
     57    Spitting Water at Life                    unn  foil   37   plate
     58    Working Late                              unn  foil   37   plate
     59    My Mother Sent It in                      unn  foil   37   plate
     60    Bunch of Savages                          unn  foil   37   plate
     61    Lights Out                                unn  foil   37   plate
     62    Weird Talk                                unn  foil   37   plate
     63    To the Morgue                             unn  foil   37   plate
     64    Salsa Shark                               unn  foil   37   plate
     65    Slave Wages                               unn  foil   37   plate
     66    Pay the Good Man                          unn  foil   37   plate
     67    Nothing Personal                          unn  foil   37   plate
     68    Don't Know What to Say                    unn  foil   37   plate
     69    What'd You Do That For?                   unn  foil   37   plate
     70    Friends Fight                             unn  foil   37   plate
     71    Cleaning Up                               unn  foil   37   plate
     72    Here Comes Randal                         unn  foil   37   plate
     73    Dante Hicks                               unn  foil   37   plate

        Character Cards

     74    Randal Graves                             unn  foil   37   plate
     75    Veronica                                  unn  foil   37   plate
     76    Caitlin Bree                              unn  foil   37   plate
     77    Jay                                       unn  foil   37   plate
     78    Silent Bob                                unn  foil   37   plate
     79    Willam the Idiot Manchild                 unn  foil   37   plate
     80    Chewlies Rep                              unn  foil   37   plate
     81    Woolen Cap Smoker                         unn  foil   37   plate
     82    Egg Man                                   unn  foil   37   plate
     83    Trainer                                   unn  foil   37   plate
     84    Heather Jones                             unn  foil   37   plate
     85    Dental School Video Customer              unn  foil   37   plate
     86    Hunting Cap Smoking Boy                   unn  foil   37   plate
     87    Low IQ Video Customer                     unn  foil   37   plate
     88    Meaningful Job Customer                   unn  foil   37   plate
     89    Milk Maid                                 unn  foil   37   plate
     90    Little Smoking Girl                       unn  foil   37   plate


Big Word Cards (1:2.86 packs)

           Parallels include: Marilyn Ghigliotti Autograph (# to 5).

  BW-1     Vilification                              unn      5       plate
  BW-2     Syntax                                    unn      5       plate
  BW-3     Vagary                                    unn      5       plate
  BW-4     Purgation                                 unn      5       plate
  BW-5     Malaise                                   unn      5       plate
  BW-6     Harbinger                                 unn      5       plate
  BW-7     Perspicacity                              unn              plate
  BW-8     Paradigm                                  unn              plate
  BW-9     Whimsy                                    unn              plate
  BW-10    Quandary                                  unn              plate
  BW-11    Lamentation                               unn      5       plate
  BW-12    Juxtaposition                             unn      5       plate
  BW-13    Catharsis                                 unn              plate
  BW-14    Denouement                                unn              plate

Kevin Smith Insight Cards

           Parallels include: Kevin Smith Autograph (# to 5), Printing Plates (# 1/1).

   IN-1    Clerks Clapper                            unn              plate
   IN-2    Clerks by Kevin Smith Second Draft        unn      5       plate
   IN-3    Sundance Film Festival Check              unn      5       plate
   IN-4    Clerks Poster                             unn              plate
   IN-5    Slacker Movie Ticket                      unn      5       plate
   IN-6    Clerks Screenplay Book                    unn              plate
   IN-7    Les Employés Modèles Booklet              unn      5       plate
   IN-8    Festival International Du FIlm Badge      unn              plate
   IN-9    Kevin Smith Photo                         unn              plate

The List Cards (1:2 packs)

           Parallels include: Steve Stark Autograph (# to 10).

  TL-1     (hearing)                                 unn
  TL-2     (hot dog and taco)                        unn
  TL-3     (refrigerator struggle)                   unn     10
  TL-4     (blue wrench and toilet)                  unn     10
  TL-5     (bird house)                              unn
  TL-6     (chicken chase)                           unn     10
  TL-7     (horse driver)                            unn
  TL-8     (shooting and fox)                        unn     10
  TL-9     (floating duck)                           unn     10
  TL-10    (green gargle)                            unn     10
  TL-11    (bread baker)                             unn
  TL-12    (yellow sox)                              unn
  TL-13    (hose chase)                              unn     10
  TL-14    (rooster wrestlers)                       unn     10
  TL-15    (chicken hug)                             unn     10
  TL-16    (binocular squirrel)                      unn
  TL-17    (II bottle)                               unn
  TL-18    (cat lips)                                unn
  TL-19    (chicken coop)                            unn
  TL-20    (HSHP super squirrel)                     unn     10
  TL-21    (planets and pistol)                      unn
  TL-22    (otter on leopard)                        unn     10

Walter Flanagan Original Art Cards (1:20 packs)

           Parallels include: Walt Flanagan Autograph (# to 5).

   WF-1    (clown and clapper)                       unn
   WF-2    Dante's Inferno                           unn      5
   WF-3    Dante - Silent Bob - Randal               unn
   WF-4    (falling eggs)                            unn      5

Autograph Cards (1:10 packs)

        Single Autograph Cards (horizontal)

  AM-DK    David Klein
  AM-KS  x Kevin Smith
  AM-LS    Lisa Spoonauer
  AM-MG    Marilyn Ghigliotti
  AM-SM    Scott Mosier
  AM-WF    Walt Flanagan

        Dual Autograph Cards

  A2-HA    Brian O'Halloran / Jeff Anderson        Headshot (horizontal)
  A2OA     Brian O'Halloran / Jeff Anderson        Scene (vertical)
  A2OS     Brian O'Halloran / Lisa Spoonauer       Scene
  A2OG     Brian O'Halloran / Marilyn Ghigliotti   Scene
  A2OM     Brian O'Halloran / Scott Mosier         Scene
  A2OL     Ernest O'Donnell / Kimberly Loughran    Scene
  A2MS     Jason Mewes / Kevin Smith               Scene
  A2-MS    Jason Mewes / Kevin Smith               Headshot
  A2AS     Jeff Anderson / Lisa Spoonauer          Scene
  A2AG     Jeff Anderson / Marilyn Ghigliotti      Scene
  A2SM     Kevin Smith / Scott Mosier              Scene
  A2-GS    Marilyn Ghigliotti / Lisa Spoonauer     Headshot
  A2SG     Scott Mosier / Marilyn Ghigliotti       Scene
  A2-SG    Scott Schiaffo / Marilyn Ghigliotti     Headshot

        Triple Autograph Cards

 A3-SOS    Brian O'Halloran / Lisa Spoonauer / Kevin Smith
 A3-OVA    Brian O'Halloran / Virginia Smith / Jeff Anderson
 A3-MSM    Kevin Smith / Jason Mewes / Scott Mosier
 A3-SOA    Brian O'Halloran / Jeff Anderson / Lisa Spoonauer
 A3-HOA    Kimberly Loughran / Brian O'Halloran / Ernest O'Donnell
 A3-SOG    Scott Mosier / Brian O'Halloran / Marilyn Ghigliotti
 A3-MOA    Scott Schiaffo / Brian O'Halloran / Walt Flanagan
 A3-SKO  x Scott Schiaffo / David Klein / Brian O'Halloran
 A3-WAO    Walt Flanagan / Jeff Anderson / Brian O'Halloran

        Quad Autograph Cards

A4-OAMS    Brian O'Halloran / Jeff Anderson / Jason Mewes / Kevin Smith
A4-OAGS    Brian O'Halloran / Jeff Anderson / Marilyn Ghigliotti / Lisa Spoonauer

        Big Choice Video Autographs

 ABC-BB    Betsy Broussard
 ABC-BO  x Brian O'Halloran
 ABC-OH  x Brian O'Halloran
 ABC-DK    David Klein
 ABC-EO    Ernest O'Donnell
 ABC-FC    Frances Cresci
 ABC-GS    Grace Smith
 ABC-JM    Jason Mewes [2/3-R profile]
 ABC-ME    Jason Mewes [1/3-L profile]
 ABC-AN    Jeff Anderson [mask]
 ABC-JA    Jeff Anderson [L profile]
 ABC-KS  x Kevin Smith
 ABC-SM  x Kevin Smith
 ABC-KL    Kimberly Loughran
 ABC-SP    Lisa Spoonauer [R profile]
 ABC-LS    Lisa Spoonauer [L profile]
 ABC-MG    Marilyn Ghigliotti
 ABC-MO    Scott Mosier
 ABC-SS    Scott Schiaffo
 ABC-VS    Virginia Smith
 ABC-FL  x Walt Flanagan
 ABC-WA    Walt Flanagan [claw hand grimace]
 ABC-WF    Walt Flanagan [cap]

        RST Video Autographs

   A-BB    Betsy Broussard
   A-BH  x Brian O'Halloran
   A-BO  x Brian O'Halloran
   A-DK    David Klein
   A-EO    Ernest O'Donnell
   A-FC    Frances Cresci
   A-GS    Grace Smith
   A-JM    Jason Mewes [cap]
   A-ME    Jason Mewes [R profile]
   A-AN    Jeff Anderson [outdoors]
   A-JA    Jeff Anderson [videos behind]
   A-KE    Kevin Smith [L arm out]
   A-KS    Kevin Smith [looking up]
   A-SM    Kevin Smith [looking his L]
   A-KL    Kimberly Loughran
   A-LS    Lisa Spoonauer [field and wall behind]
   A-SP    Lisa Spoonauer [shelves behind]
   A-GH    Marilyn Ghigliotti [2/3-R profile]
   A-MG    Marilyn Ghigliotti [face fwd]
   A-MO    Scott Mosier [1/2-R profile, cap]
   A-SC    Scott Mosier [face fwd, eyes up]
   A-SS    Scott Schiaffo
   A-VS    Virginia Smith
   A-FL    Walt Flanagan [1/4-L profile, cap]
   A-WA  x Walt Flanagan
   A-WF    Walt Flanagan [egg]

I Assure You It's Fake Manufactured Patch Cards (1:20 packs)

FAKE-1     I Assure You; We're Open!
FAKE-2     Salsa Shark
FAKE-3     Shoe Polish
FAKE-4     RST Video Inc.
FAKE-5     RST Video Membership Card
FAKE-6     Litter Box
FAKE-7     Happy Scrappy Hero Pup Video
FAKE-8     Chewlies Gum
FAKE-9     Dozen Eggs
FAKE-10    Potato Chips Can
FAKE-11    Gallon of Milk
FAKE-12    Dave's Fruit Pie
FAKE-13    If You Plan to Shoplift, Let Us Know. Thanks.

Sketch Art Cards (1:240 packs; # 1 of 1)

     --    Andy Bohn
     --    Anthony Skubis
     --    Anthony Wheeler
     --    Ashleigh Popplewell
     --    Ben AbuSaada
     --    Brian DeGuire
     --    Brody Williams
     --    Bryan Tillman
     --    Chris Fulton
     --    Damon Bowie
     --    Dan MacIsaac
     --    Darwin Alcazar
     --    David Hindelang
     --    Elfie Lebouleux
     --    Eric Schock
     --    Eric Van Elslande
     --    George Deep
     --    Gilbert Monsanto
     --    Ivan Rodriguez
     --    J Hammond
     --    Jamie Cosley
     --    Jared Lamp
     --    Jason Adams
     --    Jason Chalker
     --    Jason Durden
     --    Jason Flowers
     --    Jason Keith Phillips
     --    Jason Sobol
     --    Jay Tracy
     --    Jed Thomas
     --    Jeffrey Benitez
     --    Joe Hogan
     --    John Sloboda
     --    John Soukup
     --    Josh Dykstra
     --    Juan Navarro
     --    Jun Premiro
     --    Kate Carleton
     --    Leonardo Pertuzzatti
     --    Lucas Pereira
     --    Luiz Scheidt
     --    Marco Carrillo
     --    Marcus Rocco
     --    Mary Bellamy
     --    Matt Hebb
     --    Matthew Brazier
     --    Matthew Parmenter
     --    Matt Santorelli
     --    Matthew Stewart
     --    Michael Duron
     --    Mike Hartigan
     --    Nathan Ohlendorf
     --    Nicholas Baltra
     --    Raymundo Racho
     --    Rich Molinelli
     --    Simone Arena
     --    Ted Dastick Jr.
     --    Wes Bernick
     --    William Withers, II

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