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(The Western Films of) Johnny Mack Brown
   SDS - 2001

Notes: Cards in this boxed set, featuring the legendary western-movie actor, show 
full-color movie posters on fronts and posters or studio photos on backs.

  No.   Film                                     Variant Poster

    1   Arizona Cyclone
    2   Back Trail
    3   Bad Man from Red Butte
    4   Bar-Z Bad Men
    5   Between Men
    6   Blazing Bullets
    7   Boothill Brigade
    8   Border Bandits
    9   Boss of Bullion City
   10   Boss of Hangtown Mesa
   11   Branded a Coward
   12   Bury Me Not On The Lone Prairie
   13   Canyon Ambush
   14   Cheyenne Roundup
   15   Chip of the Flying U
   16   Code of the Saddle
   17   Colorado Ambush
   18   The Courageous Avenger
   19   The Crooked Trail
   20   Crossed Trails
   21   Dead Man's Trail
   22   Deep in the Heart of Texas
   23   Desert Phantom
   24   Desperate Trails
   25   Trifting Along
   26   Everyman's Law
   27   Fighting Bill Fargo
   28   The Fighting Ranger
   29   Flame of the West
   30   Flashing Guns
   31   Frontier Agent
   32   Frontier Feud
   33   The Gambling Terror
   34   The Gentleman from Texas                 Rip-Roaring Action!
   35   The Gentleman from Texas                 Blazing... Blasting... Action!
   36   Ghost Guns
   37   The Ghost Rider
   38   Gun Smoke
   39   Gun Talk
   40   Gunning for Justice
   41   Guns in the Dark
   42   The Haunted Mine
   43   Hidden Danger
   44   Land of the Lawless
   45   Land of the Outlaws
   46   Law and Order
   47   The Law Comes to Gunsight                (gun/horse/gunfight)
   48   The Law Comes to Gunsight                (horse/brawl)
   49   Law Men
   50   Law of the Panhandle
   51   Law of the Range
   52   Law of the Valley
   53   Law of the West
   54   Lawless Land [photo]
   55   A Lawman Is Born [photo]
   56   Little Joe, The Wrangler
   57   The Lone Star Trail
   58   The Lost Trail
   59   Man from Montana                         (gun/horse/fight/clinch/gun)
   60   Man from Montana                         (him/her/five/gun/horse)
   61   Man from Sonora                          (masks/gun/couple/gun/wagon)
   62   Man from Sonora                          (hands up/couple/fight/gun)
   63   Man from the Black Hills
   64   The Masked Rider
   65   Montana Desperado
   66   The Navajo Trail
   67   Oklahoma Frontier
   68   Oklahoma Justice
   69   The Old Chisolm Trail
   70   Outlaw Gold
   71   Outlaws of Stampede Pass
   72   Over the Border                          (masks/choke/horse/gun)
   73   Over the Border                          (rock/fight/horse,three)
   74   Overland Trails
   75   Partners of the Trail
   76   Pony Post
   77   Prairie Express                          (riders/gun/she/gun)
   78   Prairie Express                          (couple guns/face/riders)
   79   Ragtime Cowboy Joe
   80   Raiders of San Joaquin
   81   Raiders of the Border
   82   Raiders of the South
   83   Range Justice                            (standing/street/woods)
   84   Range Justice                            (fight/gun/dummy)
   85   Range Law
   86   Rawhide Rangers
   87   Riders of Pasco Basin
   88   Rogue of the Range
   89   Shadows on the Range
   90   The Sheriff of Medicine Bow              (tree/dummy)
   91   The Sheriff of Medicine Bow              (face/street/couple)
   92   The Silver Bullet
   93   Silver Range                             (face/riders/table)
   94   Silver Range                             (hgorse/face/gunfight)
   95   Six Gun Gospel
   96   Six Gun Mesa
   97   Son of Roaring Dan
   98   Stagecoach Buckaroo
   99   The Stranger from Pecos
  100   Stranger from Santa Fe
  101   Tenting Tonight on the Old Camp Ground
  102   Texas City                               (couple/wall/street)
  103   Texas City                               (fight/gun/street/couple)
  104   The Texas Kid
  105   Texas Lawman
  106   Trail of Vengeance
  107   Trails End
  108   Trailing Danger
  109   Trigger Fingers
  110   Triggerman
  111   Under Arizona Skies
  112   Undercover Man
  113   Valley of Fear
  114   Valley of the Lawless
  115   West of Carson Cityh
  116   Sest of El Dorado
  117   West of the Rio Grande
  118   West of Wyoming
  119   Western Renegades
  120   Whistling Hills

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