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Alphabet Cards
   Nabisco - 1929

Notes: Cards were found on boxes of Nabisco Shredded Wheat, and promoted a contest 
featuring artwork by children. Prizes were advertised with a banner of up to $200, $250, 
$300, or $700 "every month for children who can paint" and "Children! Color this picture 
with paints or crayons and send to ..." A bilingual version was released in Canada. 

Addresses shown were The Shredded Wheat Company, Niagara Falls, N.Y., or the Pacific 
Coast Shredded Wheat Company, Oakland, California. Later variants added the notice 
"This contest will close Dec. 31st, 1929." A separate series followed without the dollar 
values, already colorized, and reduced length as the contest details were removed. American 
Card Catalog reference is F275-1. Scans are posted at the Vintage Non-Sports Cards gallery.


     A is for Appetite
     B is for Bran
     C is for Crackers
     D is for Doctor
     E is for Everything
     F is for Food
     G is for Grow
     H is for Health
     I is for Iron
     J is for Lasting Joy
     K is for King
     L is for Life
     M is for Mother
     N is for Nuts
     O is for Owl
     P is for Porridge
     Q is for Question
     R is for Roses
     S is for Strength
     T is for Triscuit
     U is for the Union
     V is for Vigor
     W is for Wafer
     X is for Xenophon
     Y is for Youngsters
     Z is for Zero

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